Confirmed: much-hyped talks with Steven Gerrard have taken place…


Yes, we’re still banging on about Eros Grezda. We’re getting close to boring ourselves with it as well as you lot but there’s just one more thing we need to say.

If nothing else, his agent has indeed confirmed today that those hyped-up showdown talks with Steven Gerrard did indeed take place and … were absolutely no help to anyone at all.

Ives Cakarun (you’ll probably know the name by now) has been mouthing off to the media today, and revealed a number of things, but the fact that he confirmed the chat with the manager had taken place was slightly enlightening.

He said:

“We’ve spoken to the club and at the moment he is still part of Rangers.”

In other words, Steven Gerrard confirmed he’s not going to Portugal, mutually with the player and his agent, and while they wait for a buyer or club he can even be loaned to, for now, as a matter of fact, Eros Grezda remains in our shirt.

Well, sort of – in our shirt on the bench anyway if he’s lucky enough to get a place there.

We don’t know if we’re being too harsh on the boy – we’re sure he loves the game and just wants to play football, but we can’t help wondering if he’s made a horrific choice on agent, one which a kid many years younger in Nikola Katic sussed two years ago and switched from.

We hope Grezda finds some peace in the right team, preferably with the right agent, but evidently that’s not going to be at Ibrox.

NB: hopefully this is the last time we’ll talk about him. But we can’t guarantee it…


  1. I still say give the boy a chance … I remember many years ago when ally McCoist came to intoxicating and his first season was a complete disaster and everyone was saying bin him but look how that turned out …W.A.T.P

  2. If he 'loved the game' as you guys say, he'd fight as hard for the Rangers, as he does (evidently) for his national team. Agree with Neil, get rid, asap.

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