“A stitch up” – SPFL put Rangers right in it?


Rangers’ 2019/2020 fixtures have just been released and we can’t contain our mirth at where the SPL have elected to send us on the opening day.

If ever there was a sign that the powers-that-be really don’t like us it would be sending us to the one SPL ground we couldn’t win at all last season, in the league.

And of course, despite their loss of Jordan Jones and their manager Steve Clarke, Killie’s disgusting horror pitch will be Rangers’ destination for the first day of the new term and we can’t help wondering if it’s in the hope we slip up.

Sure, we sound paranoid, but of all 11 grounds we could have gone to, last season it was Scotland’s (briefly) second best team at who Rangers’ record was horrible in recent seasons in the form of Pittodrie, this time it’s Killie?

Call us crazy, and many have, but this looks like a classic stitch up. A test that heavy on the opening day?

It looks to all intents and purposes like the SPFL wants us to fail before we even start – although nothing would shut them and Scottish football up more than Steven Gerrard defying our recent record there and winning at Rugby Park for the first time in the league in… forever.

If there had been one ground we’d not have wanted on the opening day, Parkhead probably aside, it would have been the atrocity that is Killie.

But let’s go there with Jordan Jones in our colours now and take it to them.


  1. At the end of the day, we all play against each other home and away.
    If we want to show we are potential title contenders we need to win these games whether its its 1st, 2nd or 3rd fixture.
    No point being paranoid.
    We know what we need to do to win the league. Win as many games as possible, regardless of where and when they are.

  2. Who gives a fk where we go or when or who we play? If the team are gonna do anything this season fk the rest of them, bring them on and smash them simple as that, time to stop moaning and groaning about everything else and concentrate on what our club does- if we're good enough we will best them it's as simple as that . WATP !

  3. I think your reading far too much into this. We have to play them at Rugby park at some point and despite not beating them there in the league we did thump them in the League cup.
    Despite the disgraceful pitch I don't think we have too much to fear. I look at it more as an opportunity than a stitch up.

  4. It is beyond me why they even allow teams to have plastic pitches installed, in my opinion such pitches should be banned. We have rules sizes of pitches width and height of goals etc why not what material pitches are made from.

  5. In my opinion plastic pitches should be banned. we have played football on grass for over a century why change something that has worked for over a century. We have rules about the sizes of pitches which must be within certain dimensions, also width and height of goals etc, why not what material the game is played on?

  6. Tin foil at time, we were always going to get am away game, with a 40% chance he would be against another top 6 team. At least they will have a new fake pitch for next season, and no doubt will be adjusting to the new gaffers style, i reckon it's good to get this one out the way early, also good to get them at home so early, by all accounts we're ahead in terms of preparation for next season

  7. It's becoming embarrassing the amount of moaning some of our fans do about who's against us and if day we have to play these teams at sometime so who cares if it's 1st game or not if we want to win league's we have to get on with it and do the business no matter when we play teams or wherever we play them to many of our fans are sounding like other lot across city

  8. He is correct last season we played them 3 times away then one time at home last season we played more times on plastic pitches than Celtic I expect more of the same this season

  9. Instead of writing paranoid conspiracy articles you could perhaps concentrate on the bigger issue – the lack of any real quality signings to make a real difference to the team.

    Celtic will add quality, we seem to be adding more decent players when there is a desperate need to bring in one or two players of real class. So far I don't see any of the players brought in really making any difference other than adding to the squad.

    Gerrard said he wouldn't be making many additions and understood we needed quality not quantity, bit concerned club is doing the exact opposite.

    • So you'd rather we attack the club than the authorities? Also, if you actually checked the site out more than selectively we've already discussed precisely what you're moaning about anyway. Maybe it's you the one who's paranoid, not us.

    • Once again E chef you show negative to us. We have made som decent signings so far ….are you with or against my friend

    • Quite Bill. E-chef is one of many we’ve had our eye on for some time. Scud has a few friends, we think…

    • I'm sorry IN and BillB, I totally agree with E-Chef here. It is plane as day the players brought in are no where near the quality required to take the league back to Ibrox. It would be naive to think Celtic won't bring in the quality to achieve 10 in a row!
      Gerrard himself stated he needed "Marquee" signings to deliver. To date, I fail to see such signings.
      You might intimate that E-chef is of the east end persuasion, but I do agree with his assessment!!

    • Both E-chef and GersJimbo seem happy to accept that Ceptic WILL bring in quality players, i.e. In the coming weeks, but seem reluctant to accept that we might too. The fact is they haven't and we haven't but the window isn't closed yet, indeed it's barely just opened. Have some faith.
      The truth is that we also need to boost the squad with good solid (mostly young) professionals with potential and that's what we've done. Who's to say that Jones, Hastie, Edmundson etc. won't go onto be great players with us and leave for millions.

    • Robrob, I'm far from happy to accept Celtic will bring in quality players, but that's the reality here!
      I accept the summer window is far from over. However, thus far, the signings we have already secured are no where near the quality to advance us to win the league, for example, Greg Stewart?! my goodness me, utter nonsense!
      As I have said before, if the Rangers board and Gerrard are happy for Celtic to win 9 and 10 in a row just so we can develop young players, then tell us that's the plan, because looking at the current state of play, it's obvious to me, thus far, we will be fighting for second next season.
      But I agree with you Rob, window is still open, but we need to sign better quality if we are to prevent Celtic winning 9 in a row next season!

    • I agree that we need to bring in better quality but we also need to bolster the squad. I think we have signed some good promising young players and our squad will be stronger than last year. I'm hoping that Edmundson will be better than Worrall, Im hoping that Aribo will add much need attacking flair and goals from midfield, I'm hoping that Davis can continue his end of season form, I'm hoping that Ojo shows his stats were better than Kent because he is a better player, I'm hoping that Jones proves to be more consistent than Kent, and Im hoping Kent resigns and improves on his good performances of last season, Im hoping that Stewart can repeat his stats with Kilmarnock in the first half of last season when he gets his chance, and if Hastie stays Im hoping he shows that he is indeed a good prospect.
      If most of those things happen we will be fighting for first a long way ahead of third place.

  10. If that was a concern in the players minds the league is already over. Time we stopped pretending these teams are decent and start wiping the floor with them. Our squad (more so this coming season) is far superior

  11. The establishment is hoping we pick up injuries on the plastic,fannies


  12. Guys its shocking that you have nothing else to write about. Where we play on the opening day means nothing. Beat Kilmarnock on the opening day and we are off to a flyer. I do hope the new pitch thats been laid is better than last one as the quality of football has been shocking.

    • It may seem trivial but who we play in the opening match is important. Just cast your mind back to last season when we were handed 3 away fixtures, at Pittodrie, Fir Park and Parkhead, in our opening 4 matches. We never won any of them and were 5 points behind after just 4 matches. That WAS important.

    • Most replies have been defiant NS stuff. Failing entirely to grasp the bigger picture. You’re one of the first who does Rob.

  13. Only A few years ago we rightly laughed at our unwashed friends from the east when they constantly claimed that "the establishment" was the reason for all their failings. Every time a decision went against them they saw "the establishment" at work. It was pathetic, but funny to watch. Let's not go down this route. They all might hate us but there's no bigger picture here.
    We've got Aberdeen, Celtic and Hibs at home in the first 2 months. It gives us a perfect opportunity to make a huge statement no matter who we play on day one.

  14. We need to pump them good. That will be a good start to our season and if any more of our players, get injured on their 'pitch from hell' we should take legal action. With what happened to Murphy, I reckon we'd stand a good chance. We're not taking any crap, this season.

  15. If we want to win the league then we cannot see an away trip to Killie as any concern.

    Fixtures are set by computer, not a committee. The paranoia here is incredible and something I'd expect from the great unwashed.

    The first 10 fixtures look more favourable to us than Celtic. I would expect us to be 6 points clear after 6 games, which heaps loads of pressure on Lennon.

    Regards our signings. Who of the new guys would get into the eleven who beat Celtic at Ibrox? Personally I think none, which means we have only added depth and have not made the starting 11 stronger….yet…

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