A £20,000 question of outrage at Ibrox…


Depending on who you believe, imminent new signing Joe Aribo’s wages are set to be £20,000, and it’s safe to say this has angered ‘the rest of Scottish football’.

Yes indeed folks, the rest of the SPL and the country far and wide are falling all over themselves to be outraged and disgusted, and occasionally mocking, of Rangers paying that kind of salary for a player.

Despite the fact we paid around £28,000 a week for Carlo Pena.

The truth of his salary? Probably somewhere between £10,000 and £20,000, but it’s a player incredibly highly rated and who was a huge part of Charlton’s promotion to the Championship.

This 22-year old attacking midfielder has given up one of the best leagues around in England’s second-top flight for Ibrox – while the club and stadium are far more impressive than Charlton and the Valley (no offence folks), the division is a heck of a step down and he’ll be facing Livi and not Leeds.

So you just don’t get that kind of quality for buttons, sadly. His numbers last campaign were excellent – 15 assists/goals in 39 appearances. A very very respectable return and thanks to cross-border FIFA rules Rangers get him for very little indeed.

Whether it’s £10,000, £20,000 or £30,000 – if Rangers want the calibre of player who will push Celtic for the title, we need to pay for them.

Jermain Defoe isn’t on buttons either, and while the club must live within its means, it will never push Parkhead without spending a bit of serious money.

Wake up.


  1. If we're paying those wages but not having to shell out on transfer fee so be it, fellas gonna have decent sell on value over next few years so no probs with it

  2. For every player what we value them at is transfer plus salary minus expected sell on fee. If transfer fee is low and expected sell on is high then salary will be high.

  3. Hope we give docherty game time as we are bringing in a player same age same stats and same league on 20k a week when docherty is there already. It would be a real shame if we let him go.

  4. Ye.e.e.s, alright…but the midfield's looking awfully crowded, now's the time to get a decent bomber, I would have thought

  5. £ 20k a week is around £1 million a year over a 3 year contract is £3 million .David Turnbull ,same wages being asked for plus £3 million fee come to £6 million.Our deal seems less by my reckoning .

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