The truth about Kilmarnock’s horror pitch


Once again on Sunday Rangers find themselves on the modern-day torture device that is the Kilmarnock pitch.

That the SPFL allow 3G pitches is already laughable, that a top-flight league consents to plastic pitches is absurd in senior professional football, but what sets this example apart is that the nature of the pitch at Livi and Hamilton is rarely brought up in the same way.

All three, Livi, Killie and Hamilton are 3G and artificial, so what sets Killie’s apart?

A source told Ibrox Noise:

“Livingston and Hamilton’s pitches look and feel like actual grass – they’re effective simulations of the turf. Kilmarnock’s barely has any ‘grass’ on it and is more like a carpet. It’s totally unacceptable”

Just ask Martyn Waghorn and Jamie Murphy – it definitely ended Murphy’s season and it could have ended Waghorn’s, and these two are by no means the only victims of Killie’s appalling surface.

As we say, they are not the only top flight side to opt for this solution, but Livi and Hamilton, hardly swilling in cash themselves either, at least selected a high-quality and well-maintained artificial pitch, which rarely sees complaints from opposition teams.

But Gary McAllister couldn’t help a thinly-veiled barb at Killie’s painful pitch at his presser today, and it’s no wonder.

Mercifully star man Scott Arfield won’t be in Kilmarnock, and if we’re brutally cynically honest, we’d rather field a weaker team of less important players and possibly miss out on the win than risk a stronger team who could end up like Jamie Murphy.

How Killie get away with this is unreal.


  1. 'Normal grass' doesn't grip a players boot so bad it takes one of our vital players out of action, for the best part of season. If they REFUSE to put in grass, then SFA must allow teams to play in flat sole training shoes. Then our players won't suffer such injuries. On a pitch that's 'exactly like grass.'

  2. I've got to say I've seen a lot of these pitches with my involvement in amateur football and the best of them are indeed very good. But that's where they should stay, amateur football. It is an embarrassment to this country that top clubs cannot, or choose not to sustain a grass pitch. If they choose not to then deny them access to the Premier League like we used to. The sad thing is I played on the grass at Rugby Park a few times and it was always regarded as one of the best in the country.

  3. Agreed IN,, I would also field a weaker side, give all the fringe players a start. Protect our best players for next season.

  4. 100% Do not risk our best and do as the Sheep Shagger's did with the Rotten Mob last season to carve us up for 2nd . It would be very satisfying to see those bastards not in Europe as I think Hearts will make a good account at Hampden . Billy Bowie will put grass down for next season hopefully Hamilton will get relegated and then the bent SFA have to tell Livingston to change .

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