The multimillion dilemma for Rangers and Steven Gerrard


Last summer Steven Gerrard had a reasonable budget of around £10M, and sadly most of it was squandered on players who didn’t work out for one reason or another.

This summer Rangers fans have put pressure on the manager to deliver the title, and evidently while great strides were made in the split with regards a team that can produce that, Rangers aren’t the finished article yet and more signings are needed.

But what of this ‘stellar’ signing that we’ve waited so long for?

Ever since SG got the gig, we’ve waited for a big name worthy of his own to join Rangers – the biggest name we got was Jermain Defoe, and in his and Stevie’s defence he certainly is a big name and has fairly well done the business at Ibrox.

But he’s certainly not aged as one for the future and his career is nearing its end, so how much clout we can give his signing, a loan deal in itself, is up for debate.

But to get the marquee signing we want, the big name, or the exciting talent is evidently going to take money – and we just don’t know if our club is willing to go the path of paying big cash for anyone yet.

We’ve obviously heard about the £12M for Ryan Kent, albeit how accurate that is is open for debate, but even if it is, we’d be very surprised if our board sanctioned it, even with the potential Morelos cash.

But the reality is a £5M+ player or two is the only way we upgrade our squad to the level of something that can push Celtic. Indeed, some think big big spending this summer to the tune of £20M is more like what we’ll need, and there’s an argument for that.

Even Walter Smith’s triumphant second reign from 2007- still saw the grand master spend upwards of £30M on players – a manager needs the tools to deliver, no matter his own motivational skills.

But of course it must be within our means. We know the dark place of 2012-. We know how much we suffered from financial mismanagement and we cannot go that path again.

But balancing that up with spending the big cash to get a squad that can overcome Celtic has become key, and a base demand from supporters now.

Eight years without a title has got too much for many now, but in order to reverse it, the money and the calibre of names has to go up.

Or second best is the best we will do for quite a while.


  1. Last season S.G had to change the whole squad with the budget he had (which remember also includes wages ) .He had to do this quickly due to the Euro qualifiers and his success was measured by qualification for the group stages and the amount of cash that actually brought in.The money wasn`t squandered as you put it although admittedly it was a mixed bag .I would expect that we pay money and bring in a quality centre half , attacking midfielder and striker to go along with frees and low budget signings like Hastie , Jones , Stewart and possibly Edmundson .I would like a path to the first team to be available for the likes of the McCrories , Houston , Barjonas , Rudden and Middleton who are at the age to break in and stay in.

    • The only big paid-for signing 'successes' were Katic and Goldson. And they hardly shone like Beacons either! Kamara was basically a free, while Barisic, Lafferty, Murphy, Grezda etc just didn't work out.

  2. Hard to blame Murphy, SG, it anyone except Kilmarnock fur Murphy not working out.
    Here's hoping he comes back as good as he was before Kilmarnocj's pitch crippled him

  3. This is where the Mark Allen and the scouting team need to earn their corn in identifying top talent as basement prices! After all, that is why we have a scouting system. Unfortunately I have seen nothing from them in terms of fresh talent in the world who could come to Rangers and produce the goods. Instead what I see is lazy high risk scouting by bringing in mediocre Scottish players.
    January window was poor. This transfer window is the most important one in our history. Get it wrong, as we already have, then we give Celtic 9IAR on a plate!
    Scouts, pull your finger out!!

  4. Katic and Goldson are down to MA, are they not? 12m for Kent, is simply taking the… Who came up with that figure? He's good, but not 12m, good. Well the board, better sort something out, because there will come a point, where coming second, is just simply not tolerable. Fan-mutiny and dropping off, of numbers buying season tickets, may result. Our patience is not, endless. Having to watch Celtic get the dreaded '10IAR' might, be that catalyst. But know this, Dave King…8 years is a long time to NOT, be winning titles. 10, is even longer. Just saying. Eventually the fans will get fed-up, with the culture of second best. This season has been a perfect storm of bad circumstances. I also don't understand how Celtic's injuries were a fraction, of what ours have been. Bad luck or are teams being exceptionally 'dirty' when playing against us? I don't know, but I do know our fans are not the kind to suffer 'endless mediocrity.'

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