A £2.5M reality at Ibrox


Steven Gerrard’s recent admission that the club have not received a recent bid for Alfredo Morelos, in concert with his concession that the only bid the club ever received for him was a pathetic £2.5M bid, said to have been submitted either by Nice or Marseille, does beg the question of how much the talk of multimillions for the Colombian striker is complete hogwash and how much is actually legitimate.

True, Stewart Robertson confirmed we expect around £20M for him, with the way his football stock has risen this season, but of course the negative circus around him and his appalling attitude have only hindered his value and in truth we at Ibrox Noise now only hope for a good fee rather than expecting.

We praised highly the idea of that ballpark Dembele figure earlier this year, but the red card against Celtic for us killed his value stone dead, as did his omission from Colombia’s CONCACAF squad, and while we would still love to get big cash for him, we don’t have the same lofty ambitions as we did.

So, despite the media hype about big fees for the striker, what is the reality? One £2.5M bid in SG’s time, rejected out of hand, similarly confirms our ambitions of getting over £10M might be overly lofty. Chinese club Renhe allegedly bid £11M of course, and it was highly-publicised by the club as rejected out of hand, but nowadays we’d probably bite your hand off for that.

Morelos brought this on himself. Repeatedly, and in a sense, Steven Gerrard’s staunch defence of him which finally ended at that Parkhead sending off certainly didn’t help.

We have to hope against hope that some foreign rich side with more money than sense hands us a fortune to take this kid off our hands, because if only £2.5M has ever been bid on Morelos in two windows, it doesn’t bode well for making a fortune off him.

Roll up roll up, two for a pound…


  1. We as a club needed him to be included in that Colombian squad and at least perform if given the chance during the tournament, any good performance at a major summer tournament would have gained interest and pounds, his appalling disciplinary record has not only hurt his own career but our future as well.

  2. I'd rather keep him. No way can we replace 30 goals. If we want to stop 9 in a Row we need Morelos. Otherwise 20 million.

  3. All of these claims that he is going for 20M have always seemed a bit silly.
    There are multiple factors to be considered with the player. Two of those most important are his disciplinary record and quality of opposition.
    Morelos has been suspended during all phases of the season (cups+league=11 games total). Regardless of whether he had issues at previous clubs…he has them now.
    Nothing will kill interest like disciplinary issues.
    Combine that with the quality of SPFL teams, which many consider to be of a low level and you have recipe for 5M TOPS. Most major clubs will not touch him with a barge pole…let alone pay 20M!
    Yet, the delusion that fans have for the value of their player will never be trumped by reality.

    • Strong opinion considering SPL players have been heading out the door for £8-£20M. Morelos has been recognised by Columbia coach and has played well scoring in Europe. Imagine a league were he isnt volleyed up and down the park every week with shambolic refereeing standards. Hes frustrated in Scotland remove that element from his game you have a great talent.

    • Bohemoth-How many of those who have sold were forwards with more than one red card…if any?
      Jobs are jobs. Employers of any stripe do not want individuals whose action are or could possibly cost them.
      Morelos' attitude, regardless of goals scored IS a detriment.

  4. Well said Wotta.

    Morelos, Defoe and add 1 more who can contribute unlike Lafferty/ or the 10 who can score goals

  5. Gotta keep him if we don't get a good offer. Bamford went to Leeds for 10 million and is pish. Morelos is a 20 million plus player, no question. We need to set a precedent.

  6. Unless we get £10m+, then we should keep Morelos. Despite his appalling disciplinary record, we wouldn't have got 2nd place in the league had it not been for Morelos goals.

    Of course Defoe can certainly score as frequently as Morelos, no doubt about that. But I can't imagine Defoe playing 50/60 games at his age, so as well as Defoe we need another striker we can be sure will score goals consistently. Morelos ticks that box, and maybe … just maybe he will have learnt to be more disciplined. Just like Ryan Jack learnt after he got 4 red cards in one season.

    Going to be an interesting summer, and I wouldn't bet against Morelos being with us next season.

  7. £20m is obviously a joke figure and always has been. Celtic got lucky with dembele as he has experience of England and was scoring for fun with the French u21. When Griffith scored 40 goals for Celtic in a season, no one was saying was a £20m striker and rightly so.
    We will keep him for next season for no other reason than the board would look like fools accepting £4m for a player after saying they want £20m for him

  8. Ross McCormack was a £15M player not long ago and isnt he loaned to Motherwell atm. Football has moved on even if Scotland is still skint

  9. Anyone that thinks we should take less than 15m is clueless about football and what Rangers need in terms of money to replace Morelos to build for next season or keep Morelos and build the team around him.

  10. I have more trust in Defoe than Morelos the guy is a liability and cost us big time this year by being completely stupid. Take the 2 to 3 million quid being spoke about that way we have trebled our cash because we ain't even going to get close 5 million for him let's face it we are deluding ourselves to think other wise and will only have the manky trampy beggars from the East End laughing at us.

  11. Shut the fuck up dick, you obviously know fuck all about football or Rangers for that matter with these ludicrous ideas and thoughts you come out with

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