Rangers linked with controversial move for 24-year old – should Stevie go for it?

Rangers linked with controversial move for 24-year old – should Stevie go for it?

If there’s one thing Rangers do not lack, it’s midfielders. We’re bursting at the seams with top quality middlemen, and it’s with hesitancy we report on the Lewis Macleod story.

Having been recently released by Brentford, the now 24-year old obviously was a major standout during the early stages of Rangers’ Journey, and even back in our state of disrepair we could command around seven figures for the playmaker.

He didn’t want to leave, us fans didn’t want him to go, but we technically needed the money – and naturally, when he did depart our shores, his subsequent injury blight at Griffin Park which effectively lasted his entire time down south suggested we’d dodged a hell of a bullet.

But, years on, and this wonderful graduate of Auchenhowie is now an experienced senior player, and while his time in the Championship was completely destroyed by injury, it similarly took Jordan Rossiter around three years to secure fitness and consistency.

So don’t write off Macleod just yet.

But the question is do Rangers truly need yet another quality addition in the middle of the mark?

With how Scott Arfield has been of late, the creative areas at the front of midfield sure appear accounted for, and the central berths are positively throbbing with quality players now.

We do not want for anything here. But, as a free transfer, a return home? It would be a romantic story, back where he belongs – but whether Steven Gerrard could find a place for him given the competition around him is another story.

Our heart says yes but our head says no, but it’s Steven Gerrard, and of course Lewis Macleod himself who makes the final call.

We’ll see…

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  1. I like Arfield, but he is not going to play every game and he is 30. We need options and if MacLeod is good enough, let's take him. he never wanted to leave in the first place

  2. Not what we need to win the league. I do however wish the lad all the best wishes and luck in the future.

  3. Get him up for pre season to prove his fitness .If he is fit he can give us creativity that we currently lack and an alternative to, or cover for, Arfield .If his fitness is dodgy is should be no thanks , we don`t need another Rossiter /Dorrans /Grezda .

  4. U are saying
    "But the question is do Rangers truly need yet another quality addition in the middle of the mark?"
    I dont think he is quality anymore which is a real shame

    • How do we know? It is a low cost gamble. The truth is, the players we need we can't afford. If they are of proven quality, then we will be outbid by one of the 50 English clubs who have more money than us. So we can't deal in proven quality. We are left looking for scraps.
      MacLeod has personal reasons for wanting to play for us, as Arfield had. Others will want to rebuild a career gone wrong, or to raise their profile to get a move to a richer club(Morelos) That is the world we live in.

  5. McLeod gave us hope and joy at a time when there was very little of either around our club. We all wish he had been able to stay and that his story was different but that didn't happen. He needs to come back and have a couple of seasons back playing 1st team football in the SPL or Championship before we should even consider taking him back.

  6. I'm getting increasingly concerned with this seemingly relentless quest for 'budget-bargain' players. We get told they'll be 'fill-ins' but with no, huge top-marque signings, on the horizon. Is this the Rangers board, trying to scrimp and save their way, to winning the forthcoming season?? That will not, work.

  7. Sorry but no. We need four quality players and not in midfield or in the wide areas Defence and a twenty goal plus striker.
    And if we were talking an Arfield type midfielder, I'm with Robrob, Greg Docherty fits the bill, is our own player and has no injury history.
    And we need to jettison the dead wood!
    Winning the league requires quality not multiple mediocrity.

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