Split at Ibrox – the truth revealed…


The inconsistency of Rangers this season has been a real blight on our campaign. Winning against Celtic in December then losing to Killie. Struggling v Cowdenbeath but overcoming Aberdeen at Pittodrie.

It’s been a mixed batch – but the standout truth is Rangers’ biggest failings have come from poor results against top six sides. Aberdeen, Celtic, Hibs and Kilmarnock especially have been Rangers’ bogey sides, and it’s been the losses and draws to these sides that brought Steven Gerrard’s season into the patchy side of life.

So when it was time for the Split, Ibrox Noise, and most fans in truth, didn’t have high hopes of picking up many points, and saw a real battle for second ensuing, with the likelihood of failing a real possibility.

And yet we go into the final match of the season having conceded just one goal and beating every side with almost universal ease.

To say this split has been a stroll is an understatement – no one, apart from a little Hibs renaissance, has had anything like an answer to Steven Gerrard’s Rangers, and we’re almost bewildered by how easily we’ve put away every side we’ve faced since the division divided.

If our side had had this level of performance and consistency earlier in the season, there is no doubt we’d have won the title. No doubt at all. Or, at the absolute least, pushed Celtic every inch to a likely final-day decider.

Brendan Rodgers then Neil Lennon’s side this season has been garbage. It’s that simple. It’s only due to how poor everyone else has been, including our inconsistency, that they were able to win the league – Celtic’s rubbish was still better than everyone else’s, and we accept that point.

But this split performance is a glimpse into the future, where this Rangers is capable of delivering, how good it has the capacity to be.

No one in this division has been able to keep up with Rangers – six wins on the bounce, every one of them richly deserved and form smooth and reliable.

It took a season to get there, but the split has been the real testing water of Gerrard’s vision.

And it’s passing with flying colours.


  1. I`ve said it before forget the results against the top six, beat Livvy and 10 man Dundee away and ST Johnstone at Ibrox and we would be a point ahead going into the last game.Hopefully lessons learned for next season.

  2. We slipped up on so many unnecessary points this season where Celtic scrapped through with a last minute win. I think our performance mainly against Aberdeen and Kilmarnock was the real cause of this. Cannot take away the improvement we have seen in Rangers this season though. Beat that manky mob twice, and finished second. But consistency and a very bad run in the cups has let us down.

  3. Good comments agree with most I would add that our inconsistent games were close to not being so we lost or drew through some bad luck too.

  4. Without underestimating the points lost when the buffalo got his jotters, one mistake from Tav against the manky mob, when we were flying, caused a three point swing. A draw in that fixture and a helicopter Sunday could have been on the cards. But all things considered its onwards and upwards for next season.

  5. A couple of things to point out:
    1. You say our performances against the top 6 hasn't been good enough. But beat Kilmarnock next week and NO ONE has a better head to head record against us.
    2. You say Ceptic have been rubbish this season but they will finish the season with more points than last year.

  6. One nil would have done me 3 points was all I wanted to shut the beggers up. Can't wait for next season proof that we don't need to buy anyone now let's just go with what we have nothing to fear. Hope they give green teeth the gig but cant see that happening now . WATP

    • We need at least another 4 players over and above Jones and Hastie. Let's not forget that this is the same players that have let us down so often this season.

  7. We have been inconsistent since we have came up to the SPFL. Albeit I have reservations on Gerrard delivering the title, it does please me that he had identified the inconsistency and said he is going to fix the problem. Previous managers just shrugged their shoulders and couldn't explain why we couldn't win our games!
    The summer window is so vital this year, so vital. I'm hoping we can get the marquee attacking midfielder we need, as well as 2 CBs, 2 FBs and 2 strikers.
    Beating Celtic twice this season was a big statement. But they wont be sitting on their hands, they will bring in quality to push for 10 IAR, and we have to better them. This is where Mark Allen will hopefully earn his corn!

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