Gerrard reveal; at odds with Rangers’ board?


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard today appeared to drop a big hint that the decision not to give Celtic a guard of honour was the board’s decision and not his.

The boss was speaking at his presser and confirmed there will be no guard of honour, but cleverly avoided expressing his own opinion on the decision, albeit reading between the lines may have found slight disapproval of it.

He said:

“My thoughts are not important on that subject. The club have made a decision on that and they’ve decided there won’t be a guard of honour so I think my thoughts on it are irrelevant. I’ll follow what I’m told to do by the people that are in charge of the club.”

If we look at the grey area of what Stevie is getting at here, he seems to be slightly hinting that he doesn’t agree with the decision – if he endorsed the decision or at least was neutral he would surely suggest he supported the decision and the reasons for it, but his outright refusal to commit one way or the other was rather telling.

For what it’s worth, we’re split 50/50. Sporting Integrity (ha) wise it’s a poor move – it is bad sportsmanship and there should always be a guard of honour for the victors, like in the gentlemanly way we see in rugby.

But football isn’t gentlemanly, let’s face it, it’s not got a lot of etiquette and it’s extremely petty minded and immature – and the SPFL and Celtic themselves have disgraced themselves this season multiple times and hardly deserve some dignity and grace being given them.

But then doesn’t refusing the guard then suggest ‘we’re as bad as them’?

Your guess is as good as ours, folks.

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  1. It might stick in my craw a bit but I would give them a guard of honour. Then thrash them! Rangers must rise above the motley lot who run Scottish football. Scottish football desperately needs Rangers and we must set high standards. Be better than them.r

  2. We're both as bad as each other, tbh. But giving that lot, a guard of honour would really stick in the craw, of we, the people. With the likes of that smug top-hat Broony, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Aye, right! No danger.

  3. Show the bheggars fuck all respect, remember when their fans hung effigies…. That clown Brown giving the gets fans the get it right up ye, no the Dhims get nothing, zero zilch and hopefully we pump then on Sunday

  4. Where's the issue here. ??

    SG Wanted a Guard of Honour.
    The Club Owners AND 99% OF FABS SAY NO.


  5. The guard of honour is a recent thing. This whole debate is ridiculous. Its only been done a handful of times in the last couple of decades. Keep the rivalry fierce- it is one of the few highlights still in the Scottish game.

  6. I'm happy to be petty minded and immature and tell etiquette to take a small holiday. Give them feck all except a good thumping. Should we lose tomorrow what kind of etiquette would be shown to the Rangers players and fans by that shameful Ned of a Celtic captain?

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