Incoming Morelos bid tripled; reports


Reports today claim French giants Marseille are set to bid £16M for Alfredo Morelos, triplicating their original £5M bid and finally ending the circus around the Colombian.

Assuming this report is accurate, and Rangers accept the bid, it puts to a stop the entire soap opera over the former Helsinki man, and Rangers, Steven Gerrard and our fans can finally move on from the whole affair.

Managing Director Stewart Robertson stated some months ago that he would expect £20M for Rangers’ star player, or at least a bid similar to what Celtic got for theirs in Moussa Dembele – and just like Dembele it appears the serious interest is coming from France’s Ligue 1, with the Velodrome giants seeming to be the front runners, following links with Eintracht, Betis, Leipzig and Dortmund to name just four.

We will see how this story develops but the sooner it’s done and he’s sold for big money, the better.


  1. If this is cosha and marseille are willing to give us £16million for our striker alfredo morelos,then IMO we have to grab it immediately.We have to cash in and strike on him,
    when the iron is hot.I really rate morelos very highly,but every player has their price and if that's offered to us,then its far too good an offer to turn down.We bought him for £1million from helsinki 2 years ago and would stand to make a profit of £15million on EL BUFFALO.No brainer for me, especially as we just don't know if he'll learn from his problems with indiscipline.That £16million would allow steven gerrard to make our first team so much better again,than he already has.If true my message is,"goodbye and good luck alfredo". Thanks for the memories.

  2. And take the hothead McGregor with him. McGregor was lucky to be only red carded twice this year. If we can’t tolerate a youngsters temper then surely an old stager like Mc Gregor is a bigger liability.

    • He is nearly as old as me. And I saw Jim Baxter make his debut. Alan was a name popular in old days. Like me McGregor is a grumpy old man. He should stick to sending emails on his iPad. We need young blood.

  3. I'd grab the 5 million, he's not worth 2.5 million let alone 5. Plus the fact Big Mick Ashley will be looking for his money from the car boot sale we were running all season.

    Take the money now.

    • Aye 29 goals this season and a load of assists and he's not worth 2.5m? Away and boil yer heid

    • Another 10 million and we could buy Rogic…way back to hanging around playgrounds separate entity fc fan

    • "Seperate entity fc" 😂😂🤣😂🤣

      Best football cuss I've heard in ages. I'm using this at work with my unwashed colleagues…!!!

  4. Move him on..marked man in this country he'll never get a fair deal in any 50/50 decisions…….

  5. Or we could keep him until someone meets the actual valuation we put on him. He has a long contract and has been the best player in Scotland all season so we should not be pushed into a quick sale .Also , just to keep the facts straight, McGregor has only been red carded once this season .

    • But he was cited and given 2 match ban. Same thing really. We were lucky. His stupidity at Aberdeen could have cost us the match.

  6. Best player in Scotland, worth £16M, firstly he is possibly the worst because of his discipline, second we would bite a clubs hand off for £5M simply because we need the money and secondly, if Gerrard is half a manager he would never play again for us and finally if you really think he is so great how do you actually excuse what he does, go on tell me his action in his last sending off was ok, might well have cost us the game and the title…. J

    • Nothing Morelos has done from a disciplinary point of view is acceptable. That doesn't mean we should accept £5m when £16m might be available. Like it or not he is a huge financial asset for us and Gerrard will need to accept that and do what is necessary to realise that asset.

  7. Agree, move him on. He's not a bad player. He's just not adapted, to the Scottish game and is too easy for the likes of Broony, to get a rise out of. I reckon he'll be some player, in a few years. But we need income. Best of luck to him, wherever he goes. If Marseille has bid 16m, i'm sure there will be others trying to beat that price. So could go over 20m. Highest bidder, wins.

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