Dumped Ger might be scratching his head…


We can’t be the only ones wondering? While we admit Halliday is no left back, he did more than admirably when he had the shirt and certainly didn’t let his team mates down.

And yet, while it justifies itself via results, he has been a strange casualty of Steven Gerrard’s shakeup and hasn’t really had a look in since Jon Flanagan took his place weeks ago.

In his ‘defence’ Flanagan has been mostly decent – regaining much of his early season form – but he too isn’t a left back, and is out of position over there.

Meanwhile as we know Lee Wallace is done, and Borna Barisic only made the bench (like Halliday) yesterday.

It’s a strange one, and we’re not even necessarily critical of it – results justify every decision Gerrard has taken recently and this system (more on that later) has picked itself.

Halliday is a Bear through and through and will do anything to be part of the club. He’d be a cleaner if need be – he’s that loyal. So he won’t mind not playing as long as the team is doing well.

And it is doing well, despite a scratchy second half yesterday.

But there must just be a part of him wondering why Flanagan, hopeless at Cowdenbeath in January, got his place back ahead of him.

But, as long as we do keep winning, the ends justify the means.


  1. Flanagan got his place back because Halliday the daft " bear through and through " got stupidly sent off after the Celtic game and suspended.That left Flanagan as the only fit and available left back to step in .The defence have conceded only 1 goal in that time and Flanagan though not great has been solid . Just like Morelos , its right that Halliday should not walk back into the team but wait until results or performances justify the change.

  2. wlgers is correct. Halliday lost the jersey, Flanagan didn't take it.
    Love Halliday, but like Morelos, he has to wait and hope. I suspect it will only get harder for him next season as we strengthen.
    But he will always be one of us

  3. I would rid of all dead wood and replace with those who will deliver the league!
    Been saying this for years,,,, still no change! and I doubt it will ever change until Gerrard goes,,, Hastie??!! Really!!

    • He not deserve a chance? He has scored more goals than our current right winger Candieas in a third of the games playing for a rotten Motherwell team..He is costing buttons and will possibly become a good player if not he will leave for no less than we got him for..no brainer. I'd be more worried if there was a kid in our division who scored 6 or 7 goals in 13 games and we Didn't look at him! You seem to think Rangers are unique here. Every top club in every division looks at the best young players in their division as a low cost option that could have big returns..Say Hastie went to Celtic and became a 15 goal a season 5m rated player, I bet you would be banging on about why we always miss these type of players.

  4. Haliday lost his place as did morelos for their sending offs. Haliday knows he should just have walked away at the end the game with the east end beggers so he only has himself to blame for losing his place as has morelos. But Shagger will come straight back into the team. Andy may have played his last game for us.

    • Pretty sure Souness didn't think the same about Stuart Munro Rob! These 'utility' or 'weaker' players have an important role in even the best teams.

    • IN, if you have the ability to amend spelling and grammar mistakes in your posts, can we have the same, please? We all make mistakes, personally I like to correct them when I notice them. I think pretty Souness would approve 🙂
      And Robrob, I have to agree with IN, utility players are valuable. Ones who would die for the club even more so, their value can be seen on the training ground, the bus, in the changing room. They help create an atmosphere, a standard of expectation for newcomers

    • The difference with Stuart Munro was that he probably played with 7 or 8 of the finest players ever to grace the Rangers jersey. We don't have that now and every body has to count. We won't move on until we replace players like Andy Halliday with better quality. Harsh but fair.

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