Gerrard’s secret weapon – revealed?


The new formation Steven Gerrard has deployed has been a remarkable success. Yesterday’s performance against Hibs may have been a bit of a toil in the end, but the first half was fairly polished and furthermore against a side who have had the Indian sign over us all season.

But one thing stood out even beyond McGregor’s idiotic red card, McCrorie’s cameo in goal and Steven Davis’ outstanding MOTM performance – Ryan Jack’s increasing development into an effective attacking midfielder.

This season saw his starting out as a rudimentary DM. And he got increasingly impressive over time in the role – admittedly he peaked during the European run, but he was still extremely useful thereafter.

A bit of a form dip ensued this calendar year, but not enough to warrant dropping, and Ibrox Noise mentioned how he’d never be especially creative when we discussed our lack of a good 10.

Over recent weeks, Ryan Jack has defied that – yesterday’s lob pass perfectly onto Davis’ toe for Defoe’s winner summed up the astonishing growth of Jack from a deep-lying number 6 into a genuine possibility of a 10 or 8.

His vision, awareness, and positioning now all appear to have attuned themselves into the needs of the trequartista, and while he’ll never really be a dribbler nor have impressive pace, his ability now to look forward and play men in has been something he’s really evolved under Steven Gerrard.

There is literally no better man to learn the role of the ‘Steven Gerrard’ than the man himself – older fans will know in his younger days, the 10 or 8 slot was Gerrard’s position – an advanced midfielder who got up regularly to assist and score. As he aged he retreated into more of a 6, but in those earlier times he was way more dynamic.

Well, he’s passing it onto Jack, who has not only incorporated range passing and awareness of team mates’ positions into his game, but goals too.

We don’t know the future of Graham Dorrans, and we lack many other useful 10s right now – but the way Jack has kept on delivering in that slot under both Stevie and this new formation may well be the solution we didn’t know we had.


  1. Can't argue at all with your assessment of ryan jack ibrox noise.
    Totally in tandem with you here.Our current midfielders are playing out of their skins just now.You're correct ibrox noise,ryan wears the rangers no.8 jersey and is playing like a no.8.The now match fit,superb steven davis wears the rangers no.10 jersey but is playing like a no.6 in his new midfield role,which most definitely suits him at his age.He's our andreas pirlo,as he's playing magnificently,as our deep lying playmaker.He's most definitely pulling the strings for us and is doing it immensely for us.A mention also for scott arfield who is the more forward thinking midfielder,of the three.He's the most attack minded and makes very clever runs,
    off the ball,as well as on it.He's the one who gets beyond our striker,
    several times during a game and is our best scoring midfielder, currently at ibrox.He's had a superb season.Glen kamara also superb and always looking to steal possession and play a pass with his head always up.Augurs well for the future.Our midfield especially,is looking the part under steven gerrard.Long may it continue.

    • Don't think Hardie has done enough with 7 goals and one assist for Livi. Do you think if he was a Livingston player that we would be showing any interest in signing him. I don't.

    • Rob, I think that is a good way of putting it. I like Hardie and want him to succeed. But I would not be suggesting we buy a striker with those stats, although I would note he has missed half a season and his goals per minute played are not too bad.

  2. Ryan Jacks post match interview – He said coming second is a good season?!!
    F**k right back to Aberdeen if you think second is a good season at Rangers son!!
    This kind of mentality will alway bring lazy and inconsistent performances.
    We need to rid mediocre players and stop buying in mediocre players like Hastie!
    I'd put Docherty in front of Jack every day of the week, and then some!!

    • Jack is mediocre but you would play a boy who played for Hamilton and now on loan to Shrewsbury who are sitting 18th position in a 24 team league in the third tier or English football behind teams like Wycombe, Oxford,Burton etc. How does that make him better than Jack except that you prefer him for no real logical reason whatsoever? Hastie isn't even in the door yet and you are writing him off? Well done you..

  3. You know Will, the whole of Britain laughed when Leicester signed Jamie Vardy from non league (at the time) Fleetwood Town! So your point is taken but agree to disagree.
    I have supported and watched Rangers over 40 years. I would like to think I have an eye for a player who would meet the required standard to win the league from Celtic. I have watch Docherty quite a few times and what impresses me most about him is he works tirelessly from box to box. He runs back to help the defence. He fills in the gaps when fullback push up, he doesn't ball watch. He has a great, calm temperament when under pressure, he has the heart of a lion and strong as an ox, and a bloody good shot at goal in him and is a winner. So yes, I would put him in front of Jack, as he has done nothing but frustrate me with his inconsistency this season!
    If any player comes out and says 2nd is a good season at Rangers, the just leave, they just don't get it being a Rangers player!

  4. It's good to see Ryan Jack has finally realised it is possible to pass the ball forward now and again and is looking like an improved player as a result. I still think we need 2 quality midfield players and he'll struggle to get in the team if we do.

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