First summer Ibrox casualty appears certain


It appears to now be official – Joe Worrall is finished at Ibrox. The whole saga was an odd one – Nikola Katic playing well, replaced by another team’s player of around the same age for the majority of the season, before Katic mysteriously regains his place, possibly following the infamous Worrall Celtic tape.

Either way, Katic has become a regular starter again, and while the defence is some way off watertight, just one goal conceded since and including the win against Hearts which set this run off (although that was Worrall’s last appearance) is a pretty stonking record for it.

And almost all of it is without Worrall who hasn’t played a minute since Hearts.

It’s clear Gerrard is preparing for life without him – whether that’s voluntary or forced is not known, but either way, Rangers are back to the early season defence which served so well in the initial campaign.

Sure, it doesn’t seem quite as impenetrable as it did, and Katic has certainly made a few errors – we’re also not convinced Goldson is the right alpha to lead him. But nevertheless, the stats don’t lie and our defence is functioning very well indeed.

But we do see new talent coming in this summer. It just almost certainly won’t include Joe Worrall.


  1. It was never the plan he stay. SG needed cover and a loan was one way. No doubt guaranteed games were involved.

  2. IN rave about the manager, yet continually question his decision making with stupid articles like this one.

    • This article is agreeing with the decision. That's irrefutable. Stop trolling this site Ket.

  3. If I remember correctly, Katic dropped out the team because of injury which also saw him miss out on one or two Croatia under 21 games. That was when Worrall came in and pretty much stayed there with a contribution of some excellent performances, some dreadful performances, and some ok performances. But it is interesting that our defence has been conceding fewer goals since we reverted back to the same back five as were using in early season. Katic and Flanagan have both done very well since being recalled.

  4. Playing katic who is comfortable as a ball playing centrehalf and also pretty solid in the air is a no-brainer. He also supplies more threat going forward than Goldson and worral

  5. No worries on Worrall ! Katic has real potential and he is a Croat with big heart no fear . Would like to see him try RB

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