Stevie and G-Mac ‘announce’ Rangers budget – and they don’t agree…


Gary McAllister and Steven Gerrard have slightly blurred Rangers’ summer spending budget by sending differing messages about how much Rangers have in the kitty.

Gerrard, a number of weeks ago, admitted he had no idea how much he would have to spend, and that discussion would be upcoming:

“I think that’s probably a question you’d have to ask the board or Dave King. I don’t know exactly where we stand in terms of budgets and stuff just yet but I’m sure I will in due time.”

Meanwhile his assistant McAllister suggested there would never be an exact number at all!

“I don’t think it comes down to a number – any player we’ve tried to get here the board and owners have been very supportive.”

Interesting contrast – Gerrard clearly expects a ballpark figure, a barometer to work with so he can figure out what to prioritise and how to prioritise it, while McAllister suggests it’s simply a case of anyone we want to go for, the board will back.

Both answers are certainly useful – it’s nice to know that these discussions will happen, and Gerrard will know what he’s working with, but equally that the discussions will be open-ended and the budget will try to support whatever Stevie aims for.

Because to build a squad capable of winning the title next season will take more than a few free transfers and loans.


  1. Please guys let's get this into the proper perspective. We need to win the SPFL end of…a run in Europe would be good and hopefully we can do that however looking around we surely can tune up the squad using whatever means the board gives along with Season Book Money …that's where we are. I think Steven Gerrard has learned a lot from this his first season. I see the Sheep are trying to get Main …that's the level they are at …hopefully the Jambos win the Cup so they don't get any more cash !!! As far as the Rotten Mob goes they will move on quite a few for a few Bob Ncham Teirney …they will probably buy 3 or 4 decent players however Thier defence and centre midfield is pish and ageing so…. We need to concentrate on building on the squad we have..mostly a good age with scope for improvement .. Hastie Jones can easily play at that level and give any team problems. Onwards Bring it Back On !!!!!

    • If Celtics defence is crap, what will it be like if the get a few players in. They didn't even concede 20 goals in the league. If that's a poor defence and they strength en in the summer we will need to improve big time.
      I thought this was our chance this season as by all accounts Celtics team wasn't at it this year

  2. Gerrard will have a figure to work with but why would he tell everyone what that is. The Blue pound is already valued highly in Scotland without other teams knowing how much we have to spend.

  3. It's not what you have to spend, it is how you spend it. Everything else doesn't matter. You could keep your views going for months with this pish. All that matters is how SG spends whatever King and the board give him. Everything else? Irrelevant!! Your opinion, my opinion and anyone else's opinion, irrelevant!!

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