76% of Rangers fans polled have made a massive statement – overwhelming….


Following his latest ridiculous red card and subsequent reported four-match ban, Rangers fans have now officially run out of patience with star striker Alfredo Morelos and confirmed in their droves that he can leave this summer.

The Colombian hitman ran out of lives yesterday, and after yet another calamity on the pitch, Ibrox Noise ran the polls to see how many fans favoured keeping the ex-Helsinki man, and how many were happy to now sell.

The numbers were overwhelming and absolute.

Of the respondents polled, a stonking 76% of Rangers fans wanted to see Morelos in someone else’s colours next season, with only 24% believing the club is best served holding onto the 22-year old.

Of course, the price has to be right – and we know this kid is worth decent cash. Hopefully a lot of it. And the sooner the summer window opens and rich teams start bidding on him, the better.

It’s time to move on from Alfredo Morelos.


  1. Tav out the door also. Talks a good game but doesnt ever step up in big games as a leader. Would buy better options over the likes of Ryan Jack and ffs cut worrall loan short! Too many 'good' but not great players that are scared of old firm and cup games. Making a terrible celtic side look competent. Embarrassing for fans to put up with brown laughing his way off the park. Get Davis fit and sharp and get men In…get things sorted!!

    • I agree Tav is not the leader we need, but in a back 3, or with McCrorie in CDM, we have cover to allow him to go upfield. Remember, more assists than any of our attacking players.
      I agree there is no point in playing people we are not keeping, like Worrall, Coulibaly and Davis. Kent we still want. Play youth and/or players who are the future. Spend Morelos money carefully and we can do this

    • I dont think tavs stat is a good thing, you have to ask the question what are the midfield doing? Candieas works his ass off but cant change a game the way youd like a winger to. Arfield is way over valued by the fans and offers us little to no cutting edge. Just tidy players all over the park that dont win games. Kent has a bit of flair and would be an asset but likely wont stay. We have a thin squad so these players arent being questioned and dont get dropped. Maybe this is what we beed to get used to in the financial climate but we need more mental strength. Not someone who shouts a lot and talks a good game in a press conference

    • Bo, I agree that we need more strength in depth, our bench was weak yesterday. I think that SG has worked out who is worth keeping and who isn't. Personally, I would take the captaincy off Tavernier but keep him, until we have enough midfielders who can do their job of creating chances and goals.

  2. Yes I agree however I'm a bit dismayed we all new they would target him knowing he is hot headed so why oh why did we play him who can remember tery hurlock I think he lasted two seasons and then he was gone . We did nothing to help ourselves we played into their hands I get the destinct feeling we are running scared of the Green half of Glasgow we through the scotish cup away so we didn't have to play them now we are without morelos again in crucial games if he can not control his temper we either drop him till he does or we get rid for the greater good of the team we have alternatives but we just need the gumption to use them come stevie either play the youngsters or we are always going to be the bridesmaid to the green half or is that what you want you promised so much now your struggling to deliver we believe in you just believe in yourself

    • You may be running scared of Celtic, but I don't think any Rangers player who played the second half yesterday, or any Rangers fan who watched, is scared of them. I can't wait for the next game. They are scared, look at the antics Brown has to resort to, to try and hide the fact that his legs are gone and thuggery is all he has left.
      We will do them at Ibrox, their time is over

    • Correct Brown is done overthehill, him and tye little rocket man lemon had it all worked out 2 fannies the gether,theyll be found out soon and out the door
      When you cant play you need to cheat to win
      We see hows laughing then donkies

    • AGW what a ridiculous statement to say we shouldn't have played Morelos on Sunday. He is our top striker and to suggest we don't play him because he can't behave himself is crazy. What do you suggest? We just keep him for games where we think the opposition won't try to wind him up?

    • Christ naw. cannot understand what people see in him. Pay for him when we could have had Halkett for nothing? letting him join Hearts was stupid

  3. The league has gone before yesterday, forget Morelos leave him in the stands, start blooding some of our more promising younger players.

  4. Yes Morelos shouldn't have reacted – but a red card?? Brown sneakily fouls him off the ball and then goes down like a wee lassie when Morelos retaliates. Why does Brwon continue to get away with this type of behaviour?
    As for his antics after the final whistle which could have caused a riot, what will happen about that? NOTHING. Absoutely pathetic.

    • So why was Morelos kick on McKenna a red card when Brown's wasn't? Can anybody answer that?
      Three people stabbed last night in Glasgow, but Ned Brown won't think that has anything to do with his antics.

    • Browns a tosser and a disgrace of a captain for Ceptic. If our captain behaved like that I would want him out of the club. A complete lack of class and dignity. Thomson and Stewart on Sportscene last night said they saw no issue with Brown taunting the Rangers fans at the end of the game. What if some idiot decided to take action and invade the pitch. And who's to say what type of retribution irate spectators (I won't call them fans) took on innocent people on the way home. That's in no way to condone that type of behaviour but you can't dismiss Browns behaviour as having no effect outside the ground.

  5. Morelos might have got sent off but that's not the reason we lost the game,our defending is criminal ,two passes straight to the opposition two goals,tavernier might be able to take a penalty and some good crosses but he just cannot defend he nearly cost a goal before he gave away the winner,we had chances in the second half to win that game but no composure in front of goal.

  6. I'd rather work to iron out the issues with a 22 year old who scores 29 goals while missing a lot of the season. He has a problem with discipline. He is not unchangeable (Gazza was a hot-head too), we might not be able to change him but I'd rather try to rather than sell him cut price when he has a bad reputation. I understand the disgust at this actions, I too have lost patience with his behaviour, but I've calmed a bit and I wonder if getting rid might actually be a major regret in future. He hasn't learned his lesson in the past but this shock might be sore enough to jolt a change in his outlook on life. Cup half full. And by the way, the gap has closed, was clear to see in the 2nd half if not the scoreline/table points. I look forward to next season.

  7. Get rid of Taverner, Candeias, Barisic, Jack, Davis and Defoe…..These people don't have what it takes to make Rangers the Best in Scotland….. Gerrard also has to have good look at himself…. He plays a wee dwarf striker against celtics' two 6ft 5ins central defenders and gets us to fly HIGH BALLS up the middle….. This game was screaming out for LAFFERTY, but e wasn't even on the bench…. Does Gerrard actually do his homework on teams we play against?

    • I agree on Davis and possibly Defoe, if we have better options. But our bench was weak yesterday. Do you think our bench would get stronger without those 6? The leading assister in the league? How much of our small transfer budget would you waste paying the first 4 off? Then who would you bring in to replace them?
      I would rather we keep the first four until they can't get a place on the bench. I would sell Tavernier if we get a big offer, to fund buys. Apart from that, we can't afford to pay them off

  8. morelos price has now sunk we will be lucky to get a few mill on him now it makes me sick . who the f started this shite that he was worth 20mil i will tell you what but
    his agent and others! have build this player up to be and be true to yourself we know
    he is not to bright (fact) but hey you listen to the hype now BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Listen we have a duty to look after our team the league is gone we lost games we shouldn't when you have one individual who's temperament is suspect you don't put the person into a situation where you get him sent off cause that's what we did we let him down we knew through the week they would wind him up he isn't the best striker their is no I in team we have an inept skipper and nine other inept players who need to prove themselves for next season we could have used Glenn Middleton and lafferty up front .

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