SFA decision may have cost Rangers £2.3M


Steven Gerrard and Rangers are up against it for the final seven matches of the season, following striker Alfredo Morelos’ four-match ban by the SFA. The hitman’s 800th red card of the season at Parkhead, in concert with his previous four, have led to a four-match ban, with a two match ban on top of the standard one for accumulation.

Which ultimately means for the next two matches v Hearts and Motherwell, as well as the opening two of the five-match split, Rangers lose Scotland’s top scorer as well as his assists.

Words fail on the cost of Morelos’ stupidity, and it’s clear now with Rangers’ horrible form (despite second half resurgence yesterday) that second place is heavily on the line.

Currently the gap to third is a decent sixth, but just one bad result potentially cuts that significantly depending on other results, and Rangers’ record this season against Hibs, Killie, Aberdeen and of course Celtic is ghastly, meaning the split could be utterly terminal for Rangers’ hopes of securing the runner’s up slot. Only Hearts have yielded good results this season for Stevie’s men and thankfully Levein’s men’s recent form has been patchy at best with just 2w in the last 7.

In short, Rangers face Hearts twice, Celtic again, Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen. And all season Rangers have, in total, 4 wins (Aberdeen, Celtic and Hearts x2) in 14 matches in the league (Celtic x 3, Hearts x 2, Hibs x 3, Killie 3, Aberdeen 3) versus these sides.

To suggest the split could be very, very damaging for Steven Gerrard’s man is an understatement, and now to do a portion of it without 30-goal and 11-assist man Morelos is a gaping chasm.

With Kyle Lafferty and Jermain Defoe Rangers’ only options up front for the next four matches, there is one hell of a void now and we can seriously say finishing second is far, far from certain putting the £2.28M for second place at stake too.

Whether both will start as a pairing or Gerrard will stick with his one up front for the next four we couldn’t possibly guess, but with just four wins in 14 in the league v the likely top 5 opponents, our work is seriously cut out to secure Europa League football next season.

Thanks very much Alfie!


  1. Mark my words we will finish 2nd. They say luck evens out over season . Aberdeen, Hibs and especially Killie have been very lucky against us. Get behind team. Starting on Wed.

  2. If we didn't have Alfredo we'd be in a much worse position than are we now. we cannot put the weight of carrying Rangers on a young Alfredo why don't we get behind him!! Rangers should be looking after him and getting him the support he needs to manage his anger don't forget he's only 22 years old….I was dick when I was 22!!!

  3. Alfredo needs counselling it's as simple as that. He should have been fined on his 2nd sending off (Ufa in Russia) for his ridiculous antics and Gerrard has waited until his FIFTH. Poor management although Alfredo has to take the can. I think if Alfredo can get the help we persevere unless we do get a serious bid. Scunnered but I'd keep him unless the offer starts from 12 million. 12 million is money that can be used to buy Kent and McCburnie at Swansea who would score 25 goals nb.

    • McBurnie?? Are you having a fucking laugh?? Overrated, pish, struggles to get into a poor Scotland team and you think this is the answer because his granny once supported Rangers? Get a fucking grip on reality not even close to being good enough for us

  4. Morelos is young and very stupid showing no signs of growing up. He has turned rangers into a circus. His four match ban should be used to try out the alternatives and make yesterdays game the last he plays for us.Take whatever money is on offer at the end of the season and put that money to improving the team where we can keep eleven on the field. I could never get my head around the coverage the prick got/ gets. It was summed up by IN once that 'he did everything but score'. That sums up many of his outings but what's the point in him being a striker if he can't score. Like yesterdays game. Nope, get rid, and even if De Foe or Lafferty don't run around as much at least we should end up with eleven on the field at full time (i know lafferty is not scoring).

  5. As Don notes, how many of us were sensible at 22? I wasn't. After yesterday's first flush of anger had faded (How many Rangers fans had an immediate wash-my-hands temper tantrum) I agree with Coco. We need to keep working on him until either he changes, or we get offered money we can't refuse. By money I mean enough to get decent replacements. Would be happy with Kent and McBurnie, although would go for Shankland as well as a backup. Can't believe we have let Halkett join Hearts on a free, that's a couple of million wasted. Money we could have put towards filling other jerseys

  6. The madman is not Scotland's top scorer it's Dobbie. We need to bin him sharpish. As for you trying to blame the SFA for us not finishing 2nd in the league your way of the mark with that. Was it the SFA that made Morelos kick out at players and elbow them no so let's not act daft here

  7. He has to go and I would also like to see us signing ikpeazu from hearts and a strong centre half/leader which is sadly missing in this team,in fact we actually need a new defence altogether…..watp

  8. We're still a better team than Kilmarnock and Aberdeen without morelos …try not to be so negative…sounding like a sportsound / sportscene pundit…see they all missed poppydodgerTierney literally clapping in Alfredo face on Sunday…their hatred of the Gers continues….as dirty tricks f.c. get praised

    • What the fuck has Tierney not wearing a poppy got to do with a football game. A don't wear one never had never will fuck the poppy and any other charity they are all a con. Charity begins at home for me all day long WATP.

    • Then you should be ashamed of yourself. Whatever life you have now you have because of the sacrifices of others. If you can't acknowledge that then you are an arsehole.

    • Spud what a sickening post you have put, now you have convinced everybody that you are a Tim and get to fuck off this site and go read your celtic view ya plastic fucking paddie

  9. Having watched a video of all Morelos,s sending offs it’s hard to believe he has been fairly treated. His first at Aberdeen was rightly recinded. But why was he sent off. A small minded linesman drew it to the refs attention. But he was deliberately attacked by McKenna who received no punishment at all. Same yesterday. Two yellow cards would have been right decisision. But Brown? Nothing! When he was sent off with McKenna he most certainly deserved no more than yellow card. Other two could easily have been yellow cards. Why then? Shamefully Scottish players have been diving and making most of nothing. And refs and linesman. Gets them in papers. Small people with big egos. No wonder Scottish football is at rock bottom and a laughing stock. Who did Scotland lose to last week ? Rangers have to rise above the rest. It’s Scotland’s only hope. Celtic, and Aberdeen, have been six free years thanks to the incompetence of SFA and corrupt legal system . And achieved nothing. Get behind SG and players and stop moaning IN.

  10. Just when you think we are getting some decent discussion TRD sums up how petty we can be, if we had a full back half as good as Tierney we would be in a significantly better place, Morelos has let us down, we should get shot of him and Tav and a few others who can't hack it, trouble is we also have a pretty poor manager (great player, talks a good game) but is pretty much lost as a manager J

  11. This might be the time to play 442 diamond again. I think a 4 of McCrorie /Kamara dm. Jack LM. Davis RM. And Arfield CAM. With laff and defoe up front may work extremely well.

    IMO it failed the last time as arfield was shifted right and kent as the 10. Both Defoe and laff do better with balls into feet and i think defoe will thrive off knock downs from Laff.

    Bit of a gamble for the split. But it's got to be better than shoe horning laff or Defoe into morelos's role.

    That midfield should dominate any team

  12. This season was finished before Christmas last year, lets be honest. I don't see the point moaning about it now, the season is finished. I have always said January window was the key to this season as it was obvious Gerrards team was not going to cut it in the new year, and I was right!! We have players who are getting paid 4 times as much as those in all teams other than shellic,,, yet, they play the same sub standard shite as they do. Even if we did have a full team available, they still would struggle in the weeks to come! We have struggled with inconsistency since we returned to the SPFL!! This season has been no different other than one solitary result against the beggars! And then the whole team dropped tools afterwards, FFS!!!

  13. Yeah Sure we would be in a far worse position without Morelos Goals,

    But if we get offered £12-15mill this summer, then We should Take It.

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