“Sad atmosphere”? – What Borna Barisic REALLY said about Rangers….


In yet another attempt to undermine everything Rangers, the Scottish press has resorted to inaccurate translation of Borna Barisic’s words to the press in order to perpetuate a myth that the mood is ‘sad’ at Ibrox.

The Croat international was speaking to the media before his nation’s upcoming 2020 qualifying double header, and admitted his start to life at Ibrox hadn’t been the best.

But on discussing the mood in Govan, what the 26-year old actually said is quite a bit different to the despondency the press would have you believe. They claim:

“Rangers are a massive club with huge expectations, but the last few matches we have not been at the standard required at Rangers so the atmosphere around the club is sad.”

What he actually said:

“We know that Rangers are a big club with great expectations. The last couple of games we haven’t been at the required level so the atmosphere is a bit shaken, but we’re all right.”

BIG difference between shaken and sad, ladies and gentlemen. One suggests players are angry, shaken, will get over it and want to make amends, the other implies the mood has gone depressed and the outlook is gloomy, which is massively worse.

Not like our home-grown press to make things up, is it? Almost like one got it wrong, and the rest just copied the story without bothering to double check.


  1. whats new it happens all the time like the Morelos incident on saturday all the media had photos of Alfies arm up towards cowardfoot not one of the studs into the back of his ankle by that piece of shit also just read no action for Cowardfoot so it is in order to run the studs down the legs as he did with Ryan Jack also if it was Morelos he would have been given a ban There is an agenda with the media and the spfl towards our club

  2. 100% media against us 100% SPFL both Teams and Clubs and last but not least SFA !!!! It's so glaring and obvious now they don't even hide or disguise it.