Yet more Celtic shame as Rangers punished…


Celtic yesterday released a statement with regards the upcoming Old Firm fixture, one which will see a continuation of the dramatically reduced visiting team ticket allocation, but it was the absurdity of the message being sent out which both amused and disgusted us here at Ibrox Noise.

To cut a long story short, Rangers fans are to be given a police escort from the Velodrome to Parkhead, on the grounds of ‘safety reasons’ – but the reality is this is further pettiness from Celtic over the aforementioned cut, and an unspoken concession on Celtic’s part that due to their fans’ appalling behaviour this season (how many fines?) Celtic and Police Scotland don’t trust them not to cause trouble as the visiting fans pass.

Rangers supporters are to be herded like cattle because Parkhead chiefs and the security forces can’t keep the home supporters in check.

Barely covered in the media, Celtic fans had a riot outside their stadium some weeks ago in January when Airdrie visited in the cup, with fans having a fight and bottles being thrown – and if bosses can’t trust them around Airdrie fans, the hierarchy sure can’t trust them when their mortal enemy arrives so Rangers fans, who aside a few naughty songs have mostly behaved themselves this season, get punished for Celtic’s fans and their stadium’s complete lack of facility to deal with this.

It’s segregation of a truly embarrassing level and boils down to Celtic’s inability to keep their thugs in line.

And their continuing aggro over Rangers prioritising their own fans.


  1. Its the Green Brigade to blame, the absolute dregs of society, and your right, the scum cannot be trusted

  2. We remain correct in cutting their ticket allocation to prioritise our own fans. The next step is to move them to another part of the ground so they are out of camera shot. We can't complain if they have done the same in return but frankly I don't care.

  3. I thought it was us who started this, reducing away ticket allocations? Doctor King never gets these things wrong.

  4. The fact that police Scotland consider that we need a police escort on safety grounds is a sad reflection on Celtic and their supporters. Really does make them look like low-life!