“Hypocrisy!”; the £10M and £20M questions being asked by Rangers fans…


We’ve been seeing a lot of buzz over Ryan Kent’s quoted fee, and one of the most increasingly-common responses we’ve received is how we can possibly oppose £7-£10M for him but argue the case for £20M+ for Alfredo Morelos.

It’s a reasonable question isn’t it? How can we not look hypocritical moaning about Kent costing that much when we want well over double for Morelos?

Well, first up – we’re Rangers fans. We want the most for our assets and we want to pay the least for new signings. Welcome to basic commerce 101. If we enthusiastically went around throwing full-price at clubs for their quoted sums over potential signings, we would be up in arms as a support that our board was throwing irresponsible amounts around and weren’t getting the best deal.

That’s all a given. Anyone in our support who wants to be ‘fair’ or ‘consistent’ to the point of taking less for Morelos or paying more for Kent probably misses the point.

But… let’s take their rationale more seriously. Two players, both up for POTY this season – worth the same, surely?


Alfredo Morelos has 29 goals and 11 assists in all competitions this season. Ryan Kent has a combined total of 14. There already is the proof in the pudding for you. If you want further break down – the striker has more assists (11) than the winger (9).

Not happy yet?

Ok, how many caps has Kent won for England? How many times has he been even called up? Remember, he’s 22, just like Morelos. Now, how many for Morelos for his nation?

Not happy yet?

Ok, how did they both do at the highest levels? Morelos managed two goals and two assists in the UEL qualifiers. Kent managed a single assist. Kent was also injured for some of the group stage and Morelos managed two goals and one assist. Kent managed 0 in 3 appearances.

Not happy yet?

Ok, how did they both do against Celtic?

Ryan Kent managed that legendary assist in December and boy we loved it. Morelos has missed open goals and hasn’t managed a single notable impact on any level against Celtic. Kent wins.

You happy now?

In short, Kent’s impact both in numbers and on the pitch are miles behind Morelos. Morelos is two players, but the one that causes hell for opponents appears far more often, while Kent’s best side has really only surfaced a few times this season.

Why do we want £20M+ for Morelos and scoff at Kent’s asking price? Because one of them is a better player, that’s why.


  1. Completely agree. Morelos has done more and we don't want him to go, so the price reflects that. Kent is not wanted by his club and if he goes elsewhere, this season may be the high spot of his career. Kent's price is inflated because he is owned by Liverpool and English clubs have vast resources.
    Also, as you say, we need to buy low and sell high. Simple fact.

  2. Morelos certainly is worth much more than Kent, but that would seem to be reflected in the rumoured valuations of £15-20m for Morelos and £7-10m for Kent.
    Whether we get £20m for Morelos remains to be seen, because neither player has had the opportunity to perform consistently well at a high level. So in that sense, both still have to prove their ability at a top level.
    £7 to 10m is peanuts in England, so probably a fair valuation for a player who on occasions has shown flashes of potential. But the price is way out of Rangers reach, and if we did have that amount of money then I am sure we could get better value spending it on a couple of players.
    I am hoping that interested parties don't think Morelos is worth £20m, and Rangers refuse to sell for less.
    Just a thought…Liverpool could sign Morelos and give us £15m and let us keep Kent. That would work for me.

  3. So if your throwing Kent aside due to Alfie why is he at our club and why try and get him for loose change. If that's the case talking like this Kent should be nowhere near our club.

  4. Morelos has the potential to be worth £35-50m Kent will never be worth more than £10m IMHO.
    Morelos is a one in a 100 player at Ibrox, we have seen 10 Kents in the last 10 years.
    Murphy, Candias, even Josh Windas was on a par with Kent.
    The boy is good and is a first pick in the current squad but if Murphy was fit he'd be struggling to get in the team.
    Middleton offered similar stats and performances to Kent at the start of the season.
    A skillfull, tricky but somewhat inconsistent winger is easy to come by, a 20+ goal a season (even in spl) striker is like rocking horse s**t, remember he also doesnt take penalties or freekicks, he's one who adds a good number of assists too.
    Both are worth what someone will pay, but thats also heavily dependent on what the parent club will accept.
    We will get £20m for Alfredo, Liverpool will probably get £6-7m for Kent.
    We cant refuse £20m, Liverpool spend £7m on a training camp.

    Alfredo will go to a top club, kent wont.

    Personally I desperately want to keep both.

    • Oh dear Kent is already at a top club in Liverpool you fool. And as for Morelos going to the top a don't see Real Madrid Barca or Any of the Manchester clubs chasing after Morelos or even watching him. This is now becoming ridiculous and embaressing with 50 million now being quoted. We are becoming more obsessed with the quotes for Morelos than the beasts from the east.

    • Scud, try to be polite. He says Kent will not go to a top club. He doesn't say he is not at one. the discussion is about where Kent will end up. If you are claiming he will stay at Liverpool and become a regular, then your point is valid even if your manners are not.
      But I have not seen anybody voice the opinion that Kent will not be sold. It seems unlikely he will move to another top 6 club in the Premiership. In which case the fool is not the unknown person.

      I agree there is a variation in the definition of a top club. I do not see Morelos moving from Rangers to a top 10 or 20 club in Europe, one of the elite. What happens will depend on how well he does at his next club. But the comment said £20m for Morelos, not £50m. So let's try and stay calm

  5. Lets put this useless arguement to bed! The bigger picture is this,,,,,

    Sunday 27th January
    Livingston 0 Rangers 3 = 3points

    Wednesday 23rd January
    Kilmarnock 2 Rangers 1 = 0 points

    Wednesday 27th February
    Rangers 4 Dundee 0 = 3 points

    Sunday 24th February
    Hamilton Academical 0 Rangers 5 = 3 points

    Wednesday 20th February
    Rangers 5 Kilmarnock 0 (Killie with 10 men)

    Saturday 16th February
    Rangers 0 St Johnstone 0 (1 point)

    Saturday 9th February
    Kilmarnock 0 Rangers 0

    Wednesday 6th February
    Aberdeen 2 Rangers 4 = 3 points

    Saturday 2nd February
    Rangers 4 St Mirren 0 = 3 points

    Saturday 16th March
    Rangers 1 Kilmarnock 1 = 1 point

    Tuesday 12th March
    Rangers 0 Aberdeen 2 = Out of the cup (now twice by Aberdeen in one season)

    Friday 8th March
    Hibernian 1 Rangers 1

    Sunday 3rd March
    Aberdeen 1 Rangers 1,

    Kent was a nobody until he played for Rangers. We exposed him to the world via Europe, Sky and BT Sports. Gerrard is using us for Liverpool to profit. What do we get if Kent is sold for 10m elsewhere???

    The team as a whole is failing!!! We will struggle at Parkhead, I fear the worst!! Our team are one game wonders. Win one important game, then drop tools for the rest!! Inconsistent inconsistent inconsistent!!!

  6. Would use another word for your article Hypothetical!!

    Imagine, Davie Cooper or Jim Baxter were playing today, not trying in any way to compare to the players in your article, but, what would they be worth in today's market, a lot lot more. Why, because both delivered over a long time. Whether we have to pay £7M for one and receive £20 or £30M for the other is also Hypothetical, as soon as you receive a large sum, it goes straight back out on either good or hopefully better players, but hey Gerrard is still to be proven on his ability to spend well and that is me probably being Hypocritical J

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