Gerrard vindicated over controversial summer exit – did Rangers dodge a bullet?

Gerrard vindicated over controversial summer exit – did Rangers dodge a bullet?

Last summer one of the first things Steven Gerrard did was to let Wales left back Declan John go.

Fans were absolutely astonished, including ourselves, that we’d dumped such a good player and at such a low apparent price.

Swansea ended up with him and of course Gerrard secured the so-far disappointing Borna Barisic.

However, while many argue Gerrard made an error letting the ex-Cardiff man go, his time at Swansea has been a litany of injury and loss of favour, and the defender has only made 8 appearances in England’s championship since his return, making us ask the question;

Did Gerrard get that one bang on?

Sure, it’s not exactly worked out well via the alternative – the Croat he brought in has been a flop, Lee Wallace has faded from the picture, Lee Hodson isn’t good enough at LB and neither is another Gerrard signing Jon Flanagan.

But if John’s time back south is anything to go by, Rangers may not have lost an awful lot by letting the international go back to Wales after all.

In fact, while Barisic has by no means blown us away, the fact he’s managed any assists at all beats the 0 that John has made – it’s not quite silk over cotton, but it has vindicated Stevie’s call to let the flanker move on.

Indeed, John complained about his tough time at Cardiff originally – now with Swansea he’s not getting it a lot easier.

He excelled in the SPL, perhaps, and struggles in the Championship – but either way his exit doesn’t seem to have hurt us as much as it initially seemed to following the protestations at him being let go.

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  1. Doesn't matter, Gerrard is a complete dud now and has to go ASAP, things are that bad the now, this season has been a disaster and I don't care that we are second or had a run in Europe, the dhims have had their worst season in 7 years, goes to show how the rest of the teams are that they can't even put in a challenge in this pub league

    • Is it a pub league? Why do people have to continue to put Scottish football down all the time? It does nothing to improve the image of the game. If we were top of the league, you would probably be happy as larry. Slagging off Scottish football makes our claim to be the most successful club in the world with our record number of domestic titles sound totally hollow and makes rangers football club sound foolish. If you don't like Scottish football, fair enough, but do us all a favour, stop moaning or fuck off and watch queen's park rangers.l

  2. I was never that bothered when John was let go. For me he was symptomatic of our team last year, i.e. nice enough player but far too lightweight and easily pushed around. More than anything this season we had to toughen up and he had to make way.

  3. John wasn't good enough and either is Barasic. The latter, needs getting rid of this summer. Along with the NI three and others. The club and our cause first, players second!

  4. One could argue he has replaced one leftback question with another one ?

    What really was the purpose of his left back dealings?

    The replacement of Windass was more important – did he not score 19 goals or so last season?

    He was certainly not replaced by a “key opener” – was he?

    How many defences has SG failed to break down?

    Lots of strikers on against Aberdeen (played out of position ?) – 2 shots on target & no goals – beyond poor. Aberdeen had 4 attempts and scored twice ….

    We are too busy “crying” about decisions going againstus & injuries – time for the tough to get going & knuckle down.

    This was not a one-off. It is a recurring problem.

    Football is not rocket science – does no one remember the Rangers teams of the early 1980’s – wining wasn’t the issue it was how many goals we would score …. . This season why did we beat Motherwell 7-0? Why the recent run of three games 14-0?

    If we are stuck with SG, given the Board’s previous failures to get the right manager then SG must be “coached” to be a better manager to stop him repeating the same mistakes in games where teams put up the “low block” or as Souness would say defend deep against us. He needs a mentor how to actively change the game.

    Otherwise we will still be talking of his failure this time next season & we will have to change the manager going into the 10 in a row season …. when we will need divine help!

  5. I see some mad timmy bastard has started a rumour in the evening times that our manager has walked but was stopped by McCallister and Robertson. They are saying he has lost the dressing room and will walk after the next 2 to 3 games . Just what are those bheasts from the east all all about .

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