When Scotland decided Ryan Jack wasn’t good enough


When Alex McLeish announced his Scotland squad for the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers, it felt like the recent marginal progress with respect to the NT and Rangers had been completely obliterated and even a former Rangers manager (and boyhood bluenose) had been swallowed up by Hampden in totally omitting any Rangers player from the squad otherwise.

In particular, the absence of Ryan Jack sent alarm bells ringing – in outstanding form, having an outstanding season overall and a truly legitimate pick for Rangers’ player of the year, and yet Scotland completely overlooks him in favour of…frankly anyone else.

Rangers sit second in the table, a tonne ahead of Aberdeen, and yet McLeish’s squad is filled with Aberdeen, Killie, Hibs and even Hearts players – but not a single one from Rangers.

And it’s the omission of Jack which we have to look at with absolute astonishment and no small amusement.

Some might make a pretty weak argument that Rangers lack many legitimate Scottish players who would deserve call ups. We’d painfully disagree. Jack, McCrorie, and even Andy Halliday could all have very worthy shouts for a call up – but McLeish seems, like all his predecessors, completely against using Rangers players.

It is true that Rangers don’t actually have a tonne of Scottish players – two are long-term injured, one is completely frozen out and one just retired (albeit none of the other clubs mentioned are exactly teeming with home-grown talent either). But a Scotland without Rangers players continues to be a blight on our NT and to omit one of the very best for reasons unknown just smacks of an agenda.



  1. One minute he has “broken” his foot then he is playing the next game against Hibs followed by the Aberdeen replay & roundly slated?

    Was he carrying the injury – what about the squad to help carry the burden.

    PS Does any caring Rangers fan care about Scotland – ask Alan McGregor – it went to the “dogs” long ago when they “p….ed” on Rangers?

  2. I think it speaks volumes of where we are player wise and is a bit of an embarrassment that Rangers do not provide any players for the national squad. As a first pick you claim Ryan Jack should be in there but I have some reservations about him. I think he slows our build up with too many sideway and backward passes. He has shown recently that he can do good things going forward but generally is far too cautious.

  3. IN he'll be your player of the year then? We are miles away from the quality needed player wise. Kamara better than McRorie? Absolutely! Tierney even with his wrong foot is a better option at right back, class player regardless who he plays for. Sandy Jardine was such a brilliant right back he forced Danny MacGrain to left back for Scotland, one of the best full backs in the world.

  4. Sad thing, the article appears to centre on the fact that while we are second, it is teams from clubs below who are picked. Always remember my dad saying, Scotland are good when Rangers are good as there would be 4 or 5 players in the squad. It is and will to an extent still be the case, we are not good and probably a reason why Scotland have been poor over a good few years (last 6 or 7 in particular. In addition, let's face it, we are pretty rank at times (last night for one). J

  5. "Sandy Jardine was such a brilliant right back he forced Danny MacGrain to left back for Scotland, one of the best full backs in the world." I think otherwise: Two good players, perhaps even great players, but McGrain was superior … and could play well at left-back. Given that, Sandy would not have merited as many 'caps' if McGrain had not been so versatile

  6. Of course Jack should be in the squad . The Scottish football system SFA SPFL give us no respect I hope Scotland get humped every game they deserve nothing from Rangers who graced that Jersey with pride and solid support in years gone by ..they have selected short memories the twats . Big
    Mc Liesh on his Retirement Fund good luck to him…. the rest can go a fuck off

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