Rangers at the centre of yet another controversy…


Sure, Kilmarnock had a man sent off, but last night’s colossal win over Steve Clarke’s side was one of the most one-sided matches seen at Ibrox in years, with 5-0 barely doing the home side justice and the stats for the visitors telling the whole story.

However, there was a lot of incident and a lot to chew through to get the full picture, and we have to begin with the sending of Killie stopper Daniel Bachmann.

True, Rangers were already one up and cruising in this one before the keeper was sent off, so we’re not absolutely sure just how much the decision hurt Kilmarnock beyond their already rather weak start, but the incident has been extremely contentious.

Having viewed it from a few angles, it is absolutely unclear who exactly made contact, if anyone, with Glen Kamara.

The Finn was sandwiched between Bachmann and Rangers’ old friend Alan Power, and as the keeper raised his arms like any goalie, Kamara hurtled to the floor, while Power similarly had his arms wrapped around the ex-Dundee man.

Was it a red card? Bachmann is not looking at Kamara and frankly neither is Power – both appear to be holding their position, and we’re not convinced at all that that Bachmann is in the wrong.

The footage we have is ultimately rather inconclusive and Steve Clarke may be right to call the red card a joke, but equally he may be wrong too.

If we’re honest, the keeper doesn’t seem to attack Kamara, just raise his arms, and Power doesn’t seem that aggressive either, just ‘attentive’. Only Kamara knows how much contact there really was, and ultimately we don’t think the card change the game much anyway given how far ahead Rangers were by the time the keeper took a bath, but nevertheless it wasn’t exactly clear cut.

It looks, at the worst, like Bachmann may have caught Kamara accidentally with his elbow, but only Bachmann and Kamara know how much contact there really was.

All this incident highlights is two things; how poor Scottish referees are, and how hard their job actually is.

What do you think – red or not?

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  1. To be honest, I have watched it several times and still can't tell. So not sure how Steve Clarke can!! Mind you, not sure what linesman and/or ref saw either

    • Darren, I was shocked Fredo wasn't sent off for that incident. After all, he was io the pitch, so it must have been his fault…..

  2. I understand from the highlight of the game the commentator suggests the referee consults his linesman.

    Certainly I thought the goalie seem to bring his left elbow down off Kamara’s head before “raising his arms again.

    Sorry if the goalie had been Mcgregor, BBC Scotland, would be “hanging” him out to dry again …

  3. The linesman fecked up. Clearly didn't see it, but gave it anyway. Kamara was playing for it, there was a corner just before it where the exact same thing happened and Kamara held his head instead of going down.

  4. Shouldn’t have been a red – however, the keeper knew exactly what he was doing. So did Kamara. More fool the keeper but all this theatrical nonsense is cheapening the game and it’s whats stopping me from watching most EPL games these days.

  5. As much as I hate Michael Stewart I do watch sportscene to hear what pish they spout about our team, they showed a different angle on sportscene and it's 100% a red card, his arm is already up, not coming up in the air like keepers do, already up both arms when his elbow is then pushed into kamaras face and he does push it, he knew what he was doing but didn't bank on kamra going down, however soft I don't care, under no circumstances is anyone aloud to have their arm, hand or elbow in your face, red card all day long, and as that stewart prick said last night even though he felt it wasnt a read when u act like the keeper did he gave the ref and linesman a choice to make, he only has himself to blame and even at that we were winning no problem last night so they can stop their hard done by story telling, killie 0 shots on or off target is all u need to read to know that rangers turned up last night and when we do all teams will struggle to play against us at ibrox

  6. In one of the angles you can see the keepers elbow go out towards Kamara, you cannot tell if there is impact but there is intent, the keeper knew what he was doing and where Kamara was, Dorrans saw it right away while commentating and called it, once you carefully watch it back you can see the elbow go out before the arm goes up.

  7. He elbowed kamara, no doubt its a red! If morelos done that would he have got a red?? Of course he would! Consistency!

  8. Having seen this I would say it's barely worth a red card but it does show intent. Taken by a fan at the game. twitter.com/WilliamvanOranj/status/1098381181341626369?s=19
    The keeper had on arm raised then dropped his elbow turning into Kamara. You would only see the intent from this angle. Guessing the goalie ref spotted it, intent there so yeah a red although Kamara made a meal of the contact.

  9. As usual the anti Rangers mob doing everything in their sad existence to deflect another fabulous victory and performance from us……bbc more intent on complaint from kilmarnock manager regarding sectarianism than the game itself…….did anyone hear the same manager complain about the treatment of one of their players when they played during the week?

  10. Shouldnt have dropped his arm down and motioned his elbow towards his face. As simple as that!I dont think it is a red as the force isnt there but the intent is. If the plan is to move him out his way, why use his elbow at face height. bottom line. push him out the way like other keepers do.

  11. Just saw a video on the blue sea of Ibrox on facebook showing it from a different angle and its definitely an elbow to the face . Check it ou

  12. Clear as day that it was a red card. If any of our players did that, they would most certainly be off!!
    Keeper clearly elbows Kamara in the face, therefore he had to go!
    Steve Clark deflecting his 5-0 defeat by throwing his toys out of the pram by attacking our fans and the officials. He has no dignity or class because Rangers beat his team 5-0. He is a Celtic man, and that's why he is so hurt and angry.
    He even disrespected Morelos (again) by saying in his childish rant, Morelos and his 4 goals, bla bla bla,, how bloody childish. Nothing about how Rangers just purely pumped his team, utter wean!!
    Did he expect coming to Scotland for fans to give him an easy time?
    Sore loser, and if he feels that strongly about fans shouting at him, then either grow up or ship out back to Chelsea.

  13. This ends any red card question..

    • Clear elbow in face …

      I presume that elbowing a Rangers player in the face is still a red card offence?

      What is the game coming to what we have to referee our own games?

  14. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2131246170277155&id=100001753794359 3 game man all day long, lookd like a red from the broomy rear, this confirms it. Linesman made the call

  15. Once again the forces of a certain hatred evil surface when we win very handsomely It's a red card all day long had it been Greggsy it would have been exavctly the same . Please cut the crap Clarke you are not the only manager to be called a Fienien at Ibrox please don't insult our intelligence. The Rotten Mob and their Green Brigade Scum do much worse everyweek including last week's abuse to Boyd . It's not right on both sides but it goes deep over lots of years and cannot be flicked like a switch !!! Awesome by the Famous Blue Jerseys last night ….Bring on the Sheep Shaggers

  16. Such a shame last week that Clark brushed aside the sectarian abuse to HIS player; the vile coin throwing trying to hurt HIS player and the obscene vandalism, to talk about football, but fast forward to last night and he condemns RFC on ALL fronts – he really has to get a grip on reality and condemn all not just one he hates.

  17. Whether made contact or not is not the issue. His intent was clear. Why else did he bend is arm in a direction of Kamara. This is football not ice hockey. Play the ball not the player.

  18. This wasnt even the biggedt contraversy imo. Steve Clarke coming out with his "dark ages" rant were he makes out that secterianism only exsists on our side of the fence. Was really good (and a little surprising) when Kris Boyd came out and went "umm gaffer, celtic fans done it to me last week".

  19. It's very clear from some angles that the keeper knew what he was doing. My comment at the top was before these came out. Would like to hear Clarke comment once he has seen them. As for his sectarian outburst, while I agree it has to stop, where was he, and the BBC between Sunday's game and Wednesday night's game?
    Grumpy, can't find Boyd comments on BBC, not sure why:-)

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