Last night revealed the truth about Alfredo Morelos


If nothing else has shown Alfredo Morelos’ importance and value to Rangers, his four-goal return to action last night was it.

In his absence Rangers have managed four goals in three matches, but bear in mind two of them were Morelos’ own goals against Aberdeen before the red card and ban. So, in reality, without him, over two and a half matches, two goals.

Last night he came back and Rangers managed five of them, four being his.

Morelos has his moments, and he has a lot of them – he will continue to let his team down, self-destruct, and be a nuisance more to his own team than the opponent in some matches, but when Rangers’ Colombian hitman is in the zone, he is quite simply unplayable.

It’s true that he’s not the most graceful striker, nor the most clinical or clean of shot – we’ve seen more scuffs, misses and blocked shots from him than we’d care to remember, and he isn’t going to glide around the penalty box like he’s walking on air.

But when he’s in the mood, his pure brute force, power, pace, energy and nuisance factor override everything else and he scores goals against teams who just can’t keep him at bay.

Alfredo Morelos is like a pressure cooker – he explodes frequently in both ways – both in the self-combustion that sees his discipline record have more cards in it than a deck, and in the way that destroys his opponents when he lets them have it.

Last night we got the latter. Aberdeen saw both of them.

If nothing else Alfredo Morelos will continue to entertain, infuriate, amaze, frustrate, anger, while banging a few away and annoying the life out of any given defence.

He has the tools to go to the top of the game – he is so very close to making it there too.

But for now, the rollercoaster that is Morelos will keep on keeping on at Ibrox.


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