Saturday, 23 February 2019

New height of bias as SFA reveal their true colours

It’s not often a decision is taken at the highest levels of the SFA with sole and obvious intent of p*ssing off Rangers and our supporters, but the call to rescind Daniel Bachmann’s red card undeniably falls under that category.

While initial camera angles were inconclusive, later analysis clearly showed Bachmann’s upward arm motion had caught Glen Kamara, intentionally or not, and the red card was merited.

While Kilmarnock’s Steve Clarke was falling all over himself to deride the decision, it did become conclusive when multiple angles of the offence surfaced.

And anyone objective and without any kind of bias one way or the other would have adjudged that accurately and without prejudice.

Unfortunately, the SFA have once again shown a clear agenda against Rangers, with Bachmann’s appeal successful despite the clear and tangible guilt on his part, where all appeals launched by Rangers players with the same merits have failed miserably.

We hate sounding paranoid and decrying every decision, but when a perfectly valid red card conceded against Rangers is overturned, we really have to object.

We can’t tell exactly who authorised the overturn, whether it was an independent panel again or Whyte herself, but either way, this decision looks like it was made quite simply to annoy Rangers.

The SFA really are an astonishingly badly run group – and if you add evident agenda to the blatant incompetence it only makes matters worse.

Does this decision directly affect Rangers? No – but we now know from past experience if it’s a Rangers player who appeals, he loses. Other teams have a strong chance of winning. Regardless of the merits of their appeal.

And, to quote Steve Clarke, again; that’s the biggest ‘joke’ of all.

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