Has SFA chief just put Clare Whyte’s foot in it?

Has SFA chief just put Clare Whyte’s foot in it?

SFA CEO Ian Maxwell has finally spoken up on the ongoing Compliance Officer fiasco, and in the true spirit of Scottish football has attempted to bog his statement down with as many big words and formal jargon as is possible to deflect attention from the content.

However, the key part of Maxwell’s comment is the following:

“Contrary to opinion, the Compliance Officer does not offer any judgement on any incident. To reiterate: the Compliance Officer does not decide what action is taken, she simply refers unseen incidents for consideration in line with the terms of the Protocol.”

Where do we even begin with this – first off, no one, to our knowledge, ever strictly accused Clare Whyte of making judgement calls on incidents – and yet now we know that she does.

Why? Because Maxwell, in his wisdom, just confirmed she does – ‘refers unseen incidents’ is the exact same as using her judgement to make a call on what is and isn’t referred to the panel.

No one ever alleged that any compliance officer, be it Whyte, Lunny or anyone else before them made the direct subjective call over incidents – only that certain incidents were brought to their attention and they then decided whether or not those incidents would be passed to a panel. Not the outcome, just the due process.

Now Maxwell has admitted that her job is to refer unseen incidents – no mention of delegating this task to others, but that Whyte’s direct action is to pick and choose the incidents which get picked up and the ones which don’t.

And while most of the top six have had rancour with the process this season, the lack of any bans or citations for Celtic players has been notable.

All since the changes. Changes Maxwell appears to be denying.

Is Scottish football the worst-run ‘first world’ FA around? We think so.

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  1. Just to clear things up…..Kilmarnock f.c. and their manager wish Rangers f.c. and the SFA to investigate sectarian abuse directed at the Kilmarnock manager on Wednesday evening at Ibrox……but the same club and manager don't wish the SFA or Celtic f.c. to investigate sectarian abuse and a coin thrown incident with one of the Kilmarnock players at a match prior at the weekend …no wonder Rangers feel unfairly treated

    • Totally correct all tims together,have you noticed they only start there shite when they get humpted trying to distract that there team are pish fannies

    • How can she put her foot in it when there is 0% accountability. Right or wrong in any decision, who is accountable. It doesn’t matter if it’s ourselves or any other team.

  2. They still haven`t cleared up who refers these unseen incident to her in the first place.They always keep this part of the procedure vague. Even Stewart Robertson didn`t clear this up .If they are unseen , who sees them ….aliens ?

  3. The sfa are completley bias towards Rangers 100% & its not as though its not noticeable because it Cleary is.

  4. The whole system in Scottish football as a whole is an absolute shambles 😣

    Mr Liewell and those of a green and white persuasion have too much pull within the SFA corridors

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