New height of bias as SFA reveal their true colours


It’s not often a decision is taken at the highest levels of the SFA with sole and obvious intent of p*ssing off Rangers and our supporters, but the call to rescind Daniel Bachmann’s red card undeniably falls under that category.

While initial camera angles were inconclusive, later analysis clearly showed Bachmann’s upward arm motion had caught Glen Kamara, intentionally or not, and the red card was merited.

While Kilmarnock’s Steve Clarke was falling all over himself to deride the decision, it did become conclusive when multiple angles of the offence surfaced.

And anyone objective and without any kind of bias one way or the other would have adjudged that accurately and without prejudice.

Unfortunately, the SFA have once again shown a clear agenda against Rangers, with Bachmann’s appeal successful despite the clear and tangible guilt on his part, where all appeals launched by Rangers players with the same merits have failed miserably.

We hate sounding paranoid and decrying every decision, but when a perfectly valid red card conceded against Rangers is overturned, we really have to object.

We can’t tell exactly who authorised the overturn, whether it was an independent panel again or Whyte herself, but either way, this decision looks like it was made quite simply to annoy Rangers.

The SFA really are an astonishingly badly run group – and if you add evident agenda to the blatant incompetence it only makes matters worse.

Does this decision directly affect Rangers? No – but we now know from past experience if it’s a Rangers player who appeals, he loses. Other teams have a strong chance of winning. Regardless of the merits of their appeal.

And, to quote Steve Clarke, again; that’s the biggest ‘joke’ of all.


    • The English league mate what division do we start in because we ain't being parachuted into league 2. Do think a team like Morecambe or something like that will take a powder just to let us take their place no way. So that only leaves us with about 3 or 4 divisions to go through before we get to league 2 can our fans survive or put up with that I don't think so.

  1. As you say from the initial camera angle it did look soft but from the alternative angle and in close up ,there was a definite motion of his left elbow into Kamaras face.The SFA are again causing controversy by this decision , if it was ruled not excessive force or violent ,then fair enough but why then was Morelos` appeal not successful .They are asking people to support their refs but they have just overruled Alan Muir and left him open to accusations of winning the tie for us.This continued rereffing our games to change any decisions that go for us is a disgrace and makes a mockery of Maxwells statement which is almost as non understandable as the decisions .

  2. Is anybody surprised this happened Really !!! It's bent bent bent and no matter what we try to say in mitigation of anything will be accepted or implimented . The only way to stick it right up these bastards is to keep winning . I also say once again to Rangers Fans to boycott away games and all things SFA Scotland etc. No Surrender

    • why not were british ,allways will be ,were fighting against non brits about time we are helped against this lot this goes deeper than football ,eastenders and rest scotish football dont support the people who fight for us ,we have got plenty evidence in last 8 years , lets go mr king .see where the rest scottish football die without rangers , lets start with boycotting away grounds , w,a,t,p like it or not

    • We are Scottish Stevie1 and we should play in the Scottish league. Nobody on here said anything about this when Buffalo got let off or when shagger got let off. Let’s all calm down and do our talking on the pitch.

    • Your mind is going for wander mate we ain't never going to see any English league. We are stuck up here we either like it or lump it . We just have to get back on track and get tore right into them .

  3. I don't think it'll be too long before our fans decide to boycott away games and vote with our feet if this shit keeps up. Scottish football must look a complete joke to anyone outside of this country.

  4. The Celtic SFA strikes again. Celtic man, Steve Clarke (yes he is a Celtic man) throws his toys out of the pram, and the Celtic SFA compliance officer rescinds the red card for an offence that was worse than McGregors and Morelos!
    The biggest problem is Neil Doncaster and his Celtic sympathizers. We clearly need to raise the SFA to the ground and rebuild with equal representation for all clubs and not just one, Celtic and whoever supports them! If we don't get this change, then we will continue to watch our team suffering injustice time and time again!!
    Our club really needs to stand up for itself more!

  5. English league? The TV companies will decide that but not likely any time soon as the English simply don't need us. Could we start in the lowest English league and try to work our way towards Championship or even EPL? It would take a generation. The only real power we have to change the system in Scotland is to stop thousands of Rangers fans attending away grounds. That would have a massive impact however it would require an organised approach from all fans.

  6. We are only receiving 2000 tickets for Aberdeen game. The best way to damage the so called opposition is for us to have success. By taking away cup wins and European qualifiers from other teams over time will shut them out of finance that they desperately need. That is where we hurt them. We have a tremendous buzz around some really promising young players and they are well worth supporting as an alternative to some away matches where ticket allocation is a stopper.

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