Meltdown – but Rangers fans may be surprised at these Gerrard stats


So we’re deep into February now and many of you will have seen our assessment so far of the season. However, it’s probably about time we backed up the claims with numbers.

So, just how well is Steven Gerrard actually doing at Ibrox compared with his comparable SPL predecessors Mark Warburton, Graeme Murty, and Pedro Caixinha?

Let’s take the overall SPL league win percentage:

Mark Warburton: 50% win rate.
Pedro Caixinha: 55% win rate
Graeme Murty: 55.5% win rate
Steven Gerrard: 60% win rate

As you can see, despite us all losing the plot over yesterday’s miserable afternoon, Steven Gerrard, SPL-wise, is the most successful manager we’ve actually had since Ally McCoist’s thunderous Rangers fell apart after the loss of Steven Naismith.

It does and doesn’t feel it, no? At times we look like we’re back with Our Rangers as normal – but results like yesterday then feel like they undid everything as did the depressing draw with Killie earlier.

Gerrard flirts with giving us what we crave, seemingly delivering a convincing and familiar Rangers, before it then crumples in a heap and a horrible result or two put us back to square one.

It’s a rollercoaster, but as a wise man once said:

A rollercoaster keeps moving forward.


  1. A rollercoaster will only keep moving forward until someone puts the brakes on and yesterday was another prime example as once again Gerard was clueless with his formation, 2 holding midfielders at home to a team that at this moment in time are one of the poorest teams in the league and even after 15/20 mins gone in the game we could all see that his tactics/formation wasn't working and done fuck all about it and if we lose on wed then our season will be over and I don't believe stats will come into it regarding Gerard's win percentage, just my opinion….. watp

  2. Winning 60% of your games does win you anything, still a loser – beside wrong bench mark.

    Try Walter & Graeme Souness

    Graeme Souness was rookie in his first year. He learned on the job.

    Sadly, SG doesn’t appear to be learning. He keeps making mistakes.

    What would the other previous managers done with SG’s resources this season, if you are comparing resources.

    Board responsible for list of poor managers ….

    Next ….

  3. Celtic win 1-0 – Brown scores in 90th minute & sent off presumably celebrating.

    Another wasted season – well done to the board. They are too busy fighting Mike Ashley and continue to take their eyes off the road.

    Maybe time to change the top after these repeated failures …..

    Action required not words !

  4. Theres a big problem at Rangers when you cant beat a diddy team at ibrox,this is the same team that was beaten 4-0 last week ffs

    Fuckin joke paid for fuckall again welcome to the ibrox hotel check-in relax do fuckall and get paid great life🤸‍♀️

  5. Trying to think the last time the same team played 3 on the trot. Gerrard is fuckin about, no consistency and that alone will never make for a successful team.The clue is in the word team, itll change yet again against Killie, no fekin consistency equals no team

  6. I wonder if the board think Mr G is doing well, are happy with the standards being set or what they actually want Mr G to achieve with the team this year. I suppose we can only continue to try and improve, it just seems a slow slow process, if we don't win on Wed night, not much to look forward to other than a miracle J

  7. No doubt S.G has made mistakes both in tactics and signings but he has brought in a better standard of player and has improved things .Remember we are disappointed about not challenging for the title , last season we were fighting to stay third and just made it.Comparisons with Souness are bogus,he didn`t have to contend with a Celtic with massively more resources or the fallout from being out the top division for 4 years ,which is still affecting us .He needs another couple of transfer windows to get the squad better balanced.

    • So his win % is just a little better the Pedro, with a better standard of player.
      How many players has Gerrard brought in 18/19.
      You want him to have another couple of windows to what? Bring in more players who are either too many old or no good enough.
      Apart from mccrorie, what other players have improved this season?

  8. What about Aberdeen’s resources ?

    What about Kilmarnock’s resources – they can’t even afford a real pitch & they are both right there up beside us ?

  9. i for 1 will be staying well away after what i seen. and i have been told a story!
    about money! if its true we will be at square 1 again. (get king out) a F shambles.

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