Exclusive; scandal of Rangers’ censorship at national broadcaster


Rangers fans shouldn’t be necessarily that surprised, but once again the national state broadcaster the BBC has chosen to completely whitewash the U17s stunning triumph in Doha earlier this week against Roma to win the Alkass tournament, failing to even mention the achievement on any level.

It seems pretty staggering that a public-funded group like the BBC would commit total radio silence over one of Britain’s biggest clubs winning an international tournament over the likes of Spartak Moscow, Roma, Real Madrid and PSG, to mentioned just four, but there you go.

We know Rangers and the BBC’s relationship over the past decade has not been the best, but even if individuals have axes to grind in various echelons of each group, the BBC’s job is neutrality and impartiality, and 100% omitting any coverage, footage or indeed a mention at all is quite simply against their mission statement:

“The BBC is a public service organisation. Our five public purposes are central to us serving the public and help us achieve our core mission to inform, educate and entertain. To provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them. The BBC will provide accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming of the highest editorial standards so that all audiences can engage fully with issues across the UK and the world.”


And yet Rangers’ stunning victory in Qatar was absolutely erased from any sense of ‘information’.

If not for Rangers’ own channels, the average punter in Scotland would not have even known this tournament was taking place, far less that Rangers brought the trophy home.

The BBC have clearly failed their own mission statement here – to inform. Neutrality. Completely whitewashing this story from their airwaves is basically censorship and not what they are funded publicly to do.



  1. Who cares IN?Is this where we’re at?Seriously?
    We ban a broadcaster from Ibrox and then complain about they not reporting on us. We have more things to worry about. Honestly.

    • Jim, the BBC are not banned from Ibrox. They have boycotted us. And yes, this is where we're at, seriously. If you don't like it, leave.

    • Jim,

      With the greatest respect, we have enough problems with people outwith Rangers spreading misinformation without "us" doing it ourselves.
      Rangers did not ban the BBC. Rangers banned a single reporter. It is the BBC who took the steps they have.
      Funnily enough though he was banned for telling lies, spreading malicious stories and mis-reporting on Rangers. Looks like they have just dealt with all thatby simply not reporting at all, well at least NOT anything positive.

    • We need to get the chip of our shoulder. If we banned every reporter for Mia leading information there would be no media at Ibrox. Nice attitude IN,If you don’t have the same opinion,Just leave. 🙈

  2. I fully agree with this, BBC is funded by public and is breaking it's own terms of service.

    Fand need to get organised about this and People should write to bbc and complain


  3. Well said IN. BBC have a duty to maintain public service broadcasting. I have complained about Spotscene and received reply today. Huge amount of complaints so I must be patient. I am not in Scotland at present so can’t complain on this issue but suggest you encourage your followers to do as e-Chef suggests. And you are not talking out your backsides on this matter. It is serious.

  4. It's simple just cancel the direct debit.if all fans stop paying they'll soon have second thoughts.lets show these bastards that WATP

  5. The BBC, due to their funding source (UK Gov) are agenda driven and not resource driven. They do not have to sell advertising to exist as other media entities do. Therefore, they are free to espouse and support the pan globalist, socialist dialectic, new world vision, popular in their circles.
    Rangers, quite conversely, represent an 'Old World' ideal and moral set which runs counter those ideals and visions espoused by, and promoted through entities such as the BBC.
    Rangers represent nationalism, love of monarch and the culture that those embody. BBC represent a pan globalist ideal which run full measure against the afore.
    Rangers, as a result, will never, and can never, as a matter of ideological differences, receive equal representation. Doubt me? Look at well covered Celtic are? What are THEIR morals? What do they, and their fan base espouse?
    Ignore them and press on with pride. 'Mon the Gers!

    • Superb point chap, well written & bang on the money! Plenty flash points from Killie vs Filth natch today thst will no doubt be swept under the carpet by the majority of Scottish media! Be all over us like a rash for the fans on the pitch, coin tossing from the stands or a red card! But it's Celtic so nothing will be said

    • Malang Sob we need to step a back we are getting well over excited here. There is no bias towards our team from the BBC look at all our ex-players they have as pundits not to mention the great Kenny macintyre shouting our corner every night he is on sportsound. Things ain't going in our favour just now but things will take a turn for the better soon trust me. We will have the refs back our side before you know it mate WATP .

  6. I want to see our club adopt a more strict attitude, to these biased lot. We should ban the worst culprits, from sending their hacks, to Ibrox. Only give interviews to 'friendlier' publications. Make it harder for them to fill their sports section on the back pages. News blacklist. When I worked in Merseyside, the scousers would never buy the Sun newspaper. All the Liverpool FC ones, anyway. Disgraceful, our young lads, deserve all the press attention, they can get. Getting robbed, out of the spotlight.

    • lets go further than what you suggest joe… I thought if there was any way at all of stopping the B.B.C. from using footage of our clubs matches then that would hurt them more than any ban from ibrox would…just imagine "sportscene" the B.B.C. flagship in scotland unable to show highlights of the old firm or others…It might hurt us a little bit financially to start but it sure as hell would put these c–nts to the sword…at the end of the day we have our own tv channel so our friends overseas would not suffer…ime no lawyer but its on my wishlist…please please please!!!!! by the way I havent commented for a while keep up the good work IBROX NOISE

    • The tramps will laugh at us if we go for the ban. Sportscene survived when we where down the leagues mate that won't work we need to think of something else.

  7. Facts vs Factual
    Fact the BBC are public funded
    Fact they have not reported on fantastic achievement by Ranger's under
    17s victory in a prestigious competition
    False The BBC have never been banned.
    Fact BBC reporter has been banned.

  8. Different way, same.theme. along with 2.1 million EX BBC subscribers, TOMMY TOMMY TOMMY TOMMY ROBINSON and i have STOPPED PAYINGVA LICENSE FEE to help find their pub lunche? abso abso abso, abso fkin lootely

  9. Stopped paying the licence fee a few years ago now as i have said before. The only downfall is i have to look at the wife now when she talks to me.

  10. We have just lost the league this weekend.

    I ‘m not sure what is the worst?

    1) Players continue apologising after every bad result.

    2) or you complaining our only triumph is going on unreported by the BBC

    We are in the “doldrums” and will stay there until there are changes at the top. Sadly, SG has shown he is not the answer – 1/2 way up!

    I only hope that people are not reaching such a conclusion this time next year !

    • At last. Someone talking sense on here.Wednesday is a must win or the season is over. Wake up guys. 2nd place will NEVER be good enough.

    • Spot on mate 2nd place does not exist for me. Should we get put out the cup on Wednesday the manager has to go. That would mean our season over and finished by the middle of February and that is just not good enough. Only my opinion.

    • Bigbaws and big jim spot on guys I have slated as well recently for what I thought was constructive critism and hurt the sane answers.

  11. Can I just say, I am not a fan of the BBC, but until this week I had never heard of the tournament. How many people had? Honestly?
    BBC do not usually report on the unders, so I think it is hard to read anything bad into this. Let's complain when we have something to complain about. After all, how many of these tournaments are there and who has won them all before? I don't remember reading about them before.

  12. I think we are really losing the plot, u17's had a wonderful achievement for the club, whether it is reported by the BBC or not, move on. Far rather we should be patting our team/manager for winning games and bringing on younger players through the ranks, but we aint, why…. Mr G is crap J

  13. Sorry IN, but you are complaining that the bbc Didn't report on an u17 side won a tournament noone had heard of before.
    Is this how far we have fallen that we are getting out knickers in a twist over a u17 tournament.
    We have more worrying things to focus on like the teams inability to score without Morelos

    • If you don’t like what we have to say, yes, it is. That is no insult or aggressive invite, it’s a suggestion that if you don’t like what’s on tv, use the off button. That is your right.

    • I enjoy coming on here IN and given MY opinion but surely if it’s different from yours you shouldn’t be asked to leave. I didn’t see your response to bigbaws!No,That’s right you let him off for saying the same as me. Grow up!

    • IN, I have to agree with Bigjim here. The whole point of a comments section is so people can air different opinions. I have agreed and disagreed with many on here, yourselves included. I think people should be encouraged to disagree, respectfully, politely and giving their reasons.
      If people only comment on articles they agreed with, what's the point. Certainly not going to be worth reading

    • SWH, you're agreeing with someone who is trying to censor the site. Think about what you're agreeing with and the paradox you're creating. And Jim, you're trying to dictate what we should and shouldn't cover. We make no apologies for suggesting you either tolerate our choice of content or leave. It's not really more complicated than that.

    • IN,I am not trying to dictate what you should cover on this site. That is up to you to decide but surly I can disagree with you and not get told to leave,I just felt we had bigger things to worry about. Let’s draw a line under this and move on.

    • IN, I was going to comment further, but my point is exactly the same as bigjims. No to censorship, no to aggressive responses. As you both say, line drawn

  14. Anyone who disagrees with this statement, if this was a Motherwell, Partick Thistle, Livingston etc. U17's team you can bet your bottom dollar it would have made their news.

  15. The BBC has decided it's stance on US not the other way round so fuck them ! Well done to young lads I applauded them loudly and well at the game. Our priority is to try and get to the Cup Final and continue to hope the other teams in this Mickey Mouse League step up and give the overrated Rotten Mob a challenge !!! Killie were shit The Rotten Mob were also shit yesterday's match was a joke again !! It's not paranoid to say they all don't try a fucking leg unless the Famous Blue Jerseys are facing them….Clarke the snake is conspicuous in his acceptance and silence on the red card and Broon twats challenges… sickening

  16. All that you say mate is true but if that's the state of the game or the league up here where does that put us if you slated the rest like that. If we trail behind beasts from the east as you say just where are we then.

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