Steven Gerrard has made a dramatic announcement to Rangers fans


Steven Gerrard has strongly implied he is going back heavily into the transfer market following a horrendous display at Hampden.

The Rangers boss was disgusted with his side’s showing, accusing them of lacking bottle, and told them if they don’t improve they’re being replaced, but given the topsy-turvy nature of this season so far it’s not unreasonable to assume he will go into the January window anyway.

Speculation is rife that Ryan Kent will be made permanent next month, and given Ovie Ejaria’s growing importance and Lassana Coulibaly’s improved showing yesterday they too might be personnel Gerrard looks to secure long term, but he is clearly in need of further enhancements with a Rangers team which is going in the right direction, but isn’t there yet.

He said:

“What I’ll assure everyone is that won’t be our last semi-final. If it means I have to go and buy better quality players for when we get to this stage, that’s what will happen. If the players that we’ve got now don’t improve and start showing the quality we need in the final third, my job is to go and find the players who will. Otherwise, we are never going to win anything. The players need to bottle this. Instead of going into a dressing room and being quiet with your head in your hands, self-reflect, take responsibility for your part in it and let’s move forward together.”

It seems that while we’re all mostly happy with the work done in the summer, it isn’t enough – it’s a Rangers team that doesn’t yet have the bottle to deliver consistently on the showpiece occasions.

We were deeply impressed by the displays in Russia and Osijek, but they are fairly isolated – and Europe is a different animal to domestic.

Gerrard is not happy with what his men are producing on the big domestic stage, and it’s easy to see why. And he clearly wants better in January.


  1. Get Steven Davis back ASAP. We need a midfielder with a bit of class and compusure. Cummings and moult aswell to play in a 2 upfront. Make it happen Stevie G!

    • Absolutely Stevie, it has been staring us in the face the lack of creativity and Davis would give at least give a couple of years service as still only 32. Young really, considering how up to date care and diet enhances the body

  2. totally agree,stevie d,the man from ballymena,wants back im sure.
    he has the vision and skill

    make it happen please.

  3. another clearout is going to fix it ,dont think so ,think we need old heads men not boys . dont fancy gerrard to fix this his signings so far have been dire ,best player in team is 20 year old boy ,not even ours .another shambles if we lose another couple league games its all over for mr gerrard .rightly so ,the money hes had to spend there all sitting in stands or on bench ,

    • Don't be silly, the best player by far is Goldson who has barely put a foot wrong, McGregor, Barasic, let's be sensible. Sadiq was a mistake, playing Morelos against Ayr was a mistake but he was on a yellow and would probably of been booked against the sheep so then missing the final. So I can partially see why he was played then. I am happy with what the gaffer has and is doing. It was a poor result but not the end of the world. We have a step g team that hasn't yet found its rhythm. Consistency is key and atm we are either fantastic or awful no grinding out results. I think we need a strong midfielder which if Dorrans could stay fit would be spot on. So what do we do cry like babies? Get Davis in till the end of the season and get Moult signed.Job done.

    • Come on man, can you not see that we are never going to get better if we don't have a settled side and the same manager for a few seasons. Imagine Man United got rid of Fergie after his first season or 2 (they finished 11th FFS). The manager needs a couple of seasons to build an established squad. 11 games unbeaten in Europe, only 3 defeats in all competitions. Aberdeen got lucky with the sucker punch. Me t time they will have to deal with a proper striker

  4. Come on. It’s work in progress. If Lyle or Morelos had been available and Dorrans/Arfield fit we would have crushed them. Of course it’s work in progress and we are always going on about bringing on youngsters. Gerrard is trying to get that balance right. The team has been very unsettled since his arrival. No fault of his. Personally I don’t like signing players when they get old as they might just see it as a pension. There are exceptions. But the club appears to be on a sound footing now so further funds will become available.

  5. In my opinion, i'd have let far more of them go, from last season. There's a plain lack of courage and still making the same 'last season' mistakes. Showing the same, last season lack of courage. Another clearout is needed. If that's the best they can manage, then that 'best' is just not, good enough. Heads must roll.

  6. Really disapointting result , cant pin on Sadiq he played within the system laid off some nice balls, still awkward and needs to learn how to extert his size. Look like he clicked his heels and got a little shove from the defender. We had many opportunities to score should’ve been 3 or 4-1. Need to work on set pieces – Tavernier doesn’t need to take all set pieces – too predictable and he failed to lift the ball many times, and when he did was too strong . Flanagan needs to develop a left foot. It’s a good squad they just need to quit pressing.

    • No Flanagan needs to play on the side he has always played on, the side that made him a standout in the English top flight. Tav needs to be stripped of the Captaincy and either moved forward or dropped! Gerrard made the exact same mistake as Warburton, Pedro and Murty with regards to Tav and it has backfired already enough times. Flanagan was a standout in RB in the EPL, Tav has always been a liabilty in RB….not hard to see what needs done! – Gerrard doesn't seem to have the ballox to change it though after making Tav captain, who by the way is probably the worst Rangers captain in the history of our club!

    • Nah disagree mate, Tav is a good player and barisic should be on the left what he was bought for .. Flanagan can fill in when necessary as it's a long season ahead

    • So true William. Tavernier is one of the worst right backs I've seen in watching Rangers for over 50 years (yes, I remember Davie MacKinnon and Kirk Broadfoot). He flatters to deceive as he can be good (only) going forward against low calibre opposition. Worse, for some totally incomprehensible reason, SG made him captain. However, he is not the reason we lost on Sunday – there is a complete lack of creativity in the team. We had Jack, Coulibaly and Ojaria in the middle: In my view, the first two are good players but not creators. Ojaria looks good with his touches, flicks and ability to glide past an opponent but none of this is ever in the right place to hurt the opposition. Candeias works his socks off, but is a journeyman. Admittedly, we've been unfortunate with the absence of Murphy and Dorrans but the net effect of all of this is that we've only got Kent to create.

  7. We hardly made many chances but what i thought was our major problem….our desire to score goals seemed ridiculous…all we seemed to do was just pass the ball around and thats not good enough when you are NOT putting your oppositions defence under threat.
    this is basic…dont score goals,you dont win games…over to you, steven Gerrard..

  8. We did expect to beat Aberdeen yesterday , in respect of SGs 1st season we never expected miracles. Talking about him being gone and his signings being dire ? Get real. Before yesterday we’ve heard continuous praise for his signing of Goldson, Couillibally, Kent , Ejaria to mention a few. He chooses the players and picks them to play , it then becomes they’re jobs to perform and that team he put out there yesterday should have beaten Aberdeen but didn’t. Ultimately results fall on the manager but the players have to accept responsibility for they’re performances , and SG coming out and saying if those performing under par will be replaced then that’s his perogotive and his job. If he didn’t say that people would probably have a moan about that. SG will be at Rangers for years to come I’m sure, and I’m sure we’d all agree and feel that further investment in January was always likely anyway. Get behind them , not on top of them. Onwards we go, I for one have plenty faith in Stevie G , certainly more than any other manager we’ve had in the past several years.

    • Well said Paul. Yesterday was very poor but let's not get too carried away. We are a work in progress. I would love us to win something this year but never felt it was likely. We have come from the pits of previous seasons and are another year or two from winning trophies. I too have plenty of faith in the manager. We have to put our trust in someone and can't keep tearing everything up every 6 months. We are undoubtably much better now than we were last season.

  9. Aberdeen didnt really deserve the win either though. Sat back, got a lucky corner and scored. Thats football. If we'd got the goal they'd be moaning how their team had done nothing of note… but look how much it means to them to get a lucky win.

    Stevie G will get it right. We are hard to beat. Just need a bit of luck keeping our creative players fit and free to play.

  10. Remember, we have three players who can play in the hole and create – Arfield, Murphy and Dorrans. 3 is enough for one position. Unfortunately, all were injured. It happens. We move on.
    Tavernier had a bad game. Not his first or his last. He creates more than he costs us, don't think he was to blame for the goal we lost yesterday, on balance he is worth it.
    Even Sadiq was clipped for the yellow card he got. Wasn't looking for a penalty. If we had been offered this position in June, we would have taken it. let's all just chill a little. next June is the time to judge.
    David might, only might, be an answer for 6 months but at his age not long term. To the people who want him, when was the last time you saw him play consistently, as in 6 months, at the level he was at when he was bossing it at Rangers or Southampton ?
    Not recently

  11. Midfield hasn't found the right balance all season. What is Coulibaly's best position? Holding midfield or further forward?

    Ejaria looks good but plays too deep to hurt anyone. If he can glide past players on the edge of the box the way he does on the halfway line then he'd create a hatful of goals.

    Arfield – I wonder if he and Jack could form a defensive midfield partnership. I know he's played further forward in his career but some midfielders move back as they get older and he could be one with his fight and dig.

    Jack is the only midfielder playing in a position I am happy with. I'd play Arfield next to him with Ejaria further forward supporting Kent/Morelos/Candeias…

    Coulibaly needs to sit out a few weeks.

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