Righting the Rangers wrongs – SG’s secret weapon v Killie


Following a few critical articles, we’ve certainly taken the feedback on board – we won’t apologise for anything we’ve said, nor retract any of it, but we do respect the fact some of you haven’t been terribly thrilled with what we’ve been saying. Ibrox Noise certainly isn’t for everyone, and it hurts us to be critical as much as it winds some of you up to read it.

We are Rangers supporters through and through, but it doesn’t mean we blindly praise absolutely everything.

However, after some disappointing performances and results recently (which, incidentally, is what led to our moods worsening) Steven Gerrard and his squad have a chance to right it tonight, in what is theoretically one of the hardest matches we’ll have all season.

Sitting in a dreadful fifth, and only avoiding sixth on goal difference, Rangers have the strong advantage of Ibrox tonight, with one of the best home records in the league.

However, Steve Clarke’s men are one of the country’s in form sides, having not lost since the middle of September, and sit deservedly on their own in second place.

Stevie Gerrard has a huge advantage in this match though – having already worked under Clarke in their Liverpool days, he knows how the Rugby Park coach thinks and operates, and if any other current manager who played under Clarke will have a bigger step ahead due to knowing his methods better, we’d love to know.

So that helps – Gerrard knows his opponent extremely well, albeit it didn’t help a lot at Parkhead!

Nevertheless, it’s a huge crunch match – victory will take Rangers level with Killie and it’s effectively a top of the table clash.

Gerrard needs to get the team right, up, and motivated, and the players need to show up in the way they didn’t on Sunday.

A lot of wrongs need righted, and we hope we were wrong about his recent comments.


  1. It's definitely a game we should expect to win, although Killie have been doing extremely well and will make it very difficult. But at home, as long as we play close to our potential, we should get three good points. If we could score an early goal, that would mean Killie couldn't just sit back for 90 minutes. Looking forward to the game!

  2. A dreadful fifth is not how i would describe Rangers season.
    Yes you lot [ with all due respect are being over negative] However i do understand it somewhat in the sense that we largely command games but do not score enough, even though we have scored more goals than any other team. I felt more angry with the 1-1 draw at Pittodrie in first game of the season than Sunday. We desperately need VAR and no plastic pitches but hey ho it is Scotland and you will always find 100 people who would sit and counteract or disprove what i have said.

  3. IN , Love your posts and the comments they pull in. Great discussion pieces and we dont agree all the time but the site is friendly and comments are rarely ripped apart. There is a freedom on this site to be a fan and share you feelings and for that i thank you.

    Really looking forward to tonight , need a massive statement from our players after the weekend. hoping for a clean sheet and few goals. 3-0 prediction. Watp

  4. Said it in previous articles and was shot down, but I'll say it again anyway – Steven Gerrard is Mark Warburton mk 2.

    Similarities are frightening.

    Changes the team for no reason every game – Check
    Plays his faves week in week out regarldess – Check
    Built a team with all the gear and nae idea – Check
    Ineffective substitutions – Check
    Can't change the shape – Check
    Players out of position – Check
    Stands on the touchline like a lost schoolboy – Check
    Has a team that likes to run around passing it 2 or 3 yards to each other dozens of times before they decide to try do something with it – Check.

    Worrying times Bears….

    • Seeing the game tonight thinking ave seen this before somewhere. It's the same style with a better team. Worrying indeed. I expected much more tonight. Why was McGregor dropped ? Don't get it. TBF to fods he had a good game but it upsets the balance in defence.

    • Yeah for me it's slowly looking like a Warbs style team Martin. Can't fathom all these changes from game to game. It's the kind of thing you see in under 19's or reserve football. Needs to find his best 11 whatever that may be and stick with it for a number of games..

      Fingers crossed he sorts it out, and fast mate!

    • Getting Sick of This Shit Now!
      Warbs, Murty, Caxinha…Now SG

      Honestly just Don't know what to say anymore
      But agree SG is Warbs Mk2 😬

  5. thing is, Stevie G has put his faith and forceful comments on players such as Tav when in truth Tav for example has good strengths he also has major weaknesses, just like Morelos. Your articles continue to be spot on, WH comparison to MW 2 is also pretty spot on to.

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