An Open Forum for Rangers fans


After a disappointing result in Govan, Ibrox Noise decided to keep our thoughts to ourselves for now and open a forum in this piece to you, the valued reader.

Following the concession of our prized 100% record at Ibrox, and the loss of yet more points, it’s safe to say Rangers are on a bit of a precarious run, but we felt instead of throwing our opinion of what was good, bad, and indifferent tonight, we’d like to hear your views instead.

The wider support has been through the mill the past six+ years, and a 12 wins of 24 record for Steven Gerrard isn’t the most inspirational number to persuade us the route back to glory is straightforward.

  • What did you make of the match? 
  • What did you make of the team selection? 
  • How is Gerrard doing in your eyes? 
  • Which players are standing out for both right and wrong reasons?

We’ll start to cover things tomorrow but we’re really fascinated to hear what the fanbase themselves think.

Over to you Bears and Bearettes.


  1. Another very frustrating match, as, despite having the majority of possession, we were very poor, yet again, in the final third, and never really looked likely to score more than maybe one goal. (yes–we might have got a second–but we were not creating enough clear cut chances. We desperately need a new right winger, a top class striker, and a genuine creative player who can lay on the correct killer passes for those near goal. That is NOT HAPPENING. We also desperately need Barisic to get fit at left back, as tonoght's left back was useless and cost us the goal. Gerrard needs AT LEAST THREE QUALITY PLAYERS IN JANUARY. He should sell BOTH MORELOS AND TAVERNIER to raise the funds necessary to bring in more quality than we currently have. Gerrard needs to be more ruthless. There is no time left for niceties–it is time to start winning ALL rhese important games.

    • Couldn't agree more. A Lack of cutting edge is making it too easy for teams just to sit in and frustrate us. Still 3-4 quality players short of challenging for the title. I think Gerrard knows this and will seek to strengthen in January.

  2. if this guff keeps happening week in and week out it wont take long for US the FANS to know this aint Anywhere close to getting better,than the previous managers failures.We are RANGERS and Should Strive for More Glory than drawing with Killie at Home Unacceptable and Deeply Worrying.

  3. The biggest issue I am having is with defence. Nothing’s changed from last season. Still averaging losing a goal per game and league titles are not won with this statistic. That needs to get down to around 0.7.

    Ever since Worrall came into the team the defence has been all the poorer for it compared to the start of the season. He’s on loan. There’s probably a good reason he can’t get a game at Forest and right now the lack of clean sheets give you the answer. Tonight was a perfect example where a 1-0 score line would have won us the game.

    For sure I will give Gerrard the benefit of the doubt for now… new manager, new players and new venues. All of that a contributing factor and understandable there is inconsistency. Tonight up against the team with the best league record in the 2018 calendar year so taking that into consideration along with this new team no surprise a draw was the outcome. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

  4. A lot of similarities to Warburton in that the team starts well and then the wheels come off. It's the same failed system beloved my Warburton Pedro and now Gerrard with one striker and two wingers all teams need to do is surround our one striker and that is our goal threat done for. There are no goals coming from midfield because there to busy passing it about on the wings with three or four players involved on the wing trying to cross to one striker who is well covered.Tacticts need to change with two strikers and one winger or another attacking midfielder to support a striker. Two wingers don't work.

  5. very poor match no reaction what so ever ,team selection all wrong again as mr gerrard had to make changes ,not impressed with manager ,stand out player halliday, kent ,they put in a shift ,rest very ordinary ,going to be long season cant understand why katic has been dropped as he is a goal threat for us brilliant at corners ,were looking like a team losers ,

  6. Our players need to stop running at defences with the ball at their feet.Its too crowded already.Every opposing team knows to double up on our fullbacks. I would play Middleton as striker and sicken him with early through balls on the ground. Lafferty or Morelos could feed off him. He is lightning quick and a 6 ft+ defenders don't like such an opponent. We are too predictable. We need more swiftness, directness and determination to score goals. We need vastly more speed from a striker. Middleton could do that, but only if given that early ball. That is the combination we should seek.

  7. It looks like he's coaching from the Mark Warburton handbook! A style of play that seems naive and overexcited. Players all running around the opposition box getting in each others way, never having to do much with the ball because there is always a team mate standing 2 yards away. Problem with that is that no one is then forcing the issue, making enough penetrating passes, making enough dangerous runs in behind and so on. There is a huge difference between being decisive and clinical or just running around making lots of passes, and unfortunately for us we do too much of the latter, as it was with Warbs! We really shouldn't need our fullback bombing up 5 yards behind the wingers for the whole game, we don't need our strikers running out to the shyline all the time to help the winger find a wee 2 yard useless pass, we dont need our attacking midfielders running away back into our defensive midfielder position to take the ball and we dont need our centre halves running 50/60 yards from our defence into the opposition half to make a two yard pass!It just kills our own game plan doing that! Teams have always sat in against us, but we found a way through by making the right passes and the right runs at the right times. Now its just passes and runs at any time hoping something happens. Teams like Aberdeen and Kilmarnock are playing against us the way Walter used to play against Celtic at parkhead by letting them run themselves ragged and then hitting them with a sucker punch..

    Let's hope Gerrard can sort it..

  8. Right I'm not saying a want gerrard to get grief bur thus is becoming very worrying. Just seems like we don't have the cutting edge to get past teams like Aberdeen an Kilmarnock yet we play a very good spartak off the park without again taking our chances. I think n I might get slated for this but I think we let a player go who would have been perfect for the number 10 role which I'm sure you will agree we need. The player I think would have been perfect for this role is none other than Mr windass himself. I know a lot of fans didn't take to or like him. However he was played put of position for every manager he played under up here. As much as yous might disagree but I think the lad had something and playing him in his cotreat position would have helped bring that out of him. I also can't see why Katic is dropped for worrell. I'm sorry but I just don't rate worrell at all. I think he breeds nervousness in the defence. It's no coincidence since he came into the team that the defence has started leaking goals on a regular basis. I just find it weird how the players can raise they're game in Europe but are struggling in the domestic front at the moment. Is stevie prioritising europa league over our bread and butter or is it the players that feel they just have to turn up on the domestic front? Hopefully a few new faces in January and we will be good to go. Here's hoping as we need to keep building and try n stop 10 in a row. I would take stopping 10 in a row over winning even the europa league. I know the chance of Europa league are zilch but if you offered me one or the other then it would definitely be stopping 10 in a row.

  9. Wtf is going on with big Nikola,he doesn't play for a good few games then he gets thrown on at Hamilton on a fucking plastic pitch which he has said it causes him severe pain,then when he fucks up he's hauled off,we haven't seen him since,ive watched worral intently and noticed he's fucking pish,tonight he was partly at fault for their goal and nearly gave them the winner because he thinks he's Sergio Ramos,what the fuck has he got on Stevie g,whats happenin with Grezda ?,he should be getting constant game time and maybe he would have scored against Spartac,why isn't young Glen not starting same with Rossiter,Andy Halliday best player on the park tonight,if this was anyone else apart from Steven Gerrard we would be calling for his head…No Surrender…

  10. We're going backwards at the moment,we've lost confidence and we need to get that back quick,is there actually a good team in there with this group of players i dont think so,more changes in january again or is it here we go again i dont know

  11. Blame Flanagan, blame Worrall, blame the entire team but one thing sticks out in my mind. Unless you have 18 world class players squad rotation isn't working. A settled team confident of playing with each other has got to be an option. Anyone can see that Flanagan very often tries to turn to his right foot when he has the ball so no good at left back. Worrall goes home at the end of the season, or before, Goldson and Katic are both here for the long term so get them back together. Take the money for Morelos, a liability, and Tavernier,not a good right back, and use it to sign quality. If us fans could solve all the problems we wouldn't need a manager but since we have one he has to start listening.

  12. Exact same record as caixinha after 10 games, sacked one year ago after a 1-1 draw with Kilmarnock and having been knocked out the league cup.

    SG is a famous footballer, but not necessarily a good manager. He won't last until Christmas but the damage will have been done. No Murty to take the reigns so who next? And how to rebuild another full squad in the summer?

    He has to go.

    • Behave……and get who? Tommy Wright? Derek McInnes, Sam Allardyce? Alan Pardew? Gerrard will turn it around.

    • £14m losses, £55m over 6 seasons. That's why McInnes didn't take the job in the first place. Appoint another reserve league manager with no experience, or stick with SG and finish bottom half with another route by Celtic at Ibrox.

    • Liem or what ever your name .. Mc Innes was not offered the job because of his ' dubious' so called assistant …No Surrender Your time is coming lol

  13. I think we are way too predictable. Since Livingston everyone bad Hearts and Spartak have set up the same way. Sit back defend the wings and frustrate the play. Our central midfield moves left or right every time. No penetration pulling wide players from the wings. Every man back to defend against us and tripling up on Morelos. Job done. It's like watching Malta play Spain 10 defenders for 90 mins.

  14. Poor result again but unlike the semi final I can't fault Gerrard, as soon as it was clear a change was needed he done it early (halftime and 55 mins). The players are to blame, defence was ok apart from their goal, definitely struggling without a genuine left back. There is zero quality middle to front. when it comes to opening up a defence, we are too slow, too predictable and too reliant on Morelos for goals. Halliday was our best player when he was in midfield. Lafferty and Morelos don't make a good partnership but I think they need to work at it because I think having 2 upfront will be more effective. The next couple of games we should drop coulibaly, worral, Flanagan. Kent needs a break. I'd bring in katic, Rossiter, Lafferty and mcrorie. We need to get through to January still within touching distance then sign some creativity and a goalscorer.

  15. I think Gerrard is doing a great job. Yes I was super frustrated with the performance last night as most were. I have been a little concerned with the Worrall/Katic situation, but I do feel that worrall is growing into a solid defender. Not much beats him on the air and he is sturdy when facing defenders. The goal last night was no one bit Flanagan’s fault. His tackle was weak and the finish was sheer class. If we had Ramos and Pique as centre backs it would probably still have been a goal. I am urging fans to be patient. Yes it is true that the results have been frustrating and yes some results have been downright poor. 12 wins in 24 isn’t overly inspiring however Gerrard inherited a broken team the best managers in the world wouldn’t have been able to bring in 12 players that instantly work and challenge a team that has had domestic dominance and the associated funds for the last 7 years. I think Gerrard will buy well again in the January window and he needs at least another year in the job before we can start fully criticising. We are unbeaten in Europe at the minute, which tells you we’re going in the right direction. The hysteria need to calm down when we drop points because until we are back to our best we can’t expect to win every game. We are nearly there just be patient.

  16. Flanagan tries too often to get the ball to his right foot so no good at left back. Worrall here for a holiday. Goldson and Katic proved themselves as a double act. Unless you have 18 world class players squad rotation doesn't work. Get a settled team on the park and let's see the difference.

  17. IN Its not really rocket science whats wrong !!!
    We need a board and a Chairman that wants to see Silverware
    We have to spend Money BIG MONEY and its patantly Obvious that Our Chairman either does,nt have the money or is not prepared to spend it
    I have been disappointed in the Lack of accountability asked of Mr King
    He has overseen some absolutely embarrassing situations at the Club and i think the Judge in South Africa was 100% correct in his assessment of his character
    Quality in the Team is not there -Winners are not there and fans Turning out week after week are being sold down the River with False Dawns
    Whatever you think of Celtic they have spent Millions in the Transfer Market
    and have proved they have quality & winners a double Treble proved that
    If we think we can beat them with like of Haliday Eraja worral and Lafferty to name a few then we are in for a disappointing time
    The only Way to stop this continuous Rot (which it is) is to buy Quality any other way will not work
    Fans have to be more Voiciferous against Mr King or else we are all responsible for the continuing downfall of this Great Club
    Does anyone want a Treble Treble ??? Well if we do not spend 10-20 Million then that's what we will get

    • Rob Rob 57 I,m not the Chairman i,m not the man who Promised Success and Trophies and club getting back to where they should be
      Hes had his chance let him make way and the sooner the better his stewardship when it end will be Remmembered for the Lack of class and Trophies

    • Make way for who, or what?
      We announced a loss of £14m this week because we HAVE invested heavily in the team. The bottom line is that we don't have anyone with £20-30m to invest in the team and probably never will have. What we need to do is invest gradually and slowly (unfortunately) improve the team year on year.
      It's no use sitting on the side shouting that we should invest £20-30m on the team. Why not make it £100m then we can sign Ronaldo.

    • Rob Rob 57 you make 1 good point ie improve the Team Gradually
      Well do we see any sighn of Improvement -No – Some fans are thinking second Place is good enough !!! Not for me
      Reality is we are still miles away from where we belong
      Buying Average Players and getting Loan Signings is not going to work
      For all your Loyalty Rob rob 57 you will be rewarded with NOTHING
      Fans Have to start asking more of Mr King and that includes you Rob
      Or else Treble Treble then 10 IAR Is comming
      Get your head out of the Sand

    • Scim Bob, you think there has been no improvement? You think our defenders are no better than Kiernan? You think our midfielders are like Black? Seriously? Second place, this season, would be an improvement, buying time to strengthen again for next season. Yes, we all want to win everything and marry supermodels, but in the real world, that would do.

      If you don't have £20-30 million or know someone who does, how can you criticise the £14 million the board have spent, or the money given to Gerrard.
      Instead of complaining, offer something constructive. Who do you want to buy, how much will they cost?

      So Scim, what is your answer? What?

    • Well said Bob…….. truth is losses of £50m give or take since 2012. Where has that money gone??? Whose pockets has it lined? If someone told you in 2012 we'd accumulate roughly £50m in losses would you be happy with what we have on the pitch currently? Would you be happy with the background structures? With the Retail situation??

      Wake up and smell the coffee people….. we're being taken for a ride yet again. Kings lies are keeping the money flowing from us the fans. I for one have had enough……. this latest set of accounts has pushed me over the edge and until the rest of us pull our support of this charlatan our debts will continue to mount for no discernible improvement in the product on or off the park. #havehadenough

  18. It was all little disappointing to only draw with Kilmarnock but lets get this into perspective please Real Rangers Fans, Contributors, we were unlucky not take the 3 points and we are still 4th only 4 points behind the Rotten Mob . We are a much better football team from last season in nearly all areas with cover in most probably apart from LB. Apart from the Semi Final it has been a much better improvement . We are short of the class and stability especially, that the Rotten Mob and others have as the CORE to their team and Steven Gerrard is searching for this , unfortunately it will take time and probably 2 more transfer windows . Don't be lulled into this believe that we will comfortably be able to beat everyone out with the Rotten Mob cause we will have to be better to do so.. The 'others' they only play when they play us 8/10 behind the ball and more aggressive and dirty … 3 Killie players booked within 9 minutes last night … 3 players booked for the Sheep Shaggers again in a short spell it a depressing statistic that tell us all What Scottish Football Feels about us and only us !!! The only way is to keep supporting and keep believing , no one can disagree that when is comes together its good !!!! I still think Steven Gerrard is the man to take us back to the top . He will get as much backing as the board can give him that's for sure . Keep our nerve and stay strong WATP

    • Come on mate, your totally making excuses now! – We could also say we were unlucky not to get beat when their player was through 1v1 with the keeper. We are a much better football team than last season really? I remember this time last year Pedro getting knocked out the league cup and drawing with Killie….remind me how exaclty we are a better team? Have we beat Motherwell yet? Aberdeen? Celtic? So to suggest we are MUCH better football team from last year is deluded to say the least mate. Short of class and stability that others have at the core of their team? Like who, Kilmarnock after losing their best midfielder this season to Celtic? Aberdeen with their 10 new freebies and loan players? v us with £10m spent?

      Rangers aren't the only team who has had to rebuild or bring players in. The difference is we had money to do so! So to make excuses as if we don't have teh right to compete with the dross in the SPFL is just wrong. If Steve Clarke had this Rangers team I can bet my money on it we wouldn't be losing silly goals, we would have a stable reliable team, we wouldn't be chopping and changing players constantly or playing players out of position. And finally, as for players getting booings for being heavy with Rangers….Always has been and always will be, Was worse under Souness and Smith….they still managed 9 in a row though!

      It's great your defending the team, but you need to take the blue tinted glasses off mate. Europe has been our saving grace…But take our SPFL form alone and we are no better than Warburton or Pedro and Gerrard is making exactly all the same mistakes as those two. WATP

    • Let's put this in perspective WH. In 1998 Dick Advocaat took over at Ibrox and spent £36m to rebuild the 9 in a row team. In his first 11 matches he drew 1-1 at Pittodrie and LOST 1-0 at Fir Park. 4 matches later he went on to lose 5-1 at Parkhead. The rest is history. How does that record compare to Gerrard?

    • Good point RR,but for me mate the difference is you could see a team there with proper tactics, leaders in the middle, players not chopping and changing week to week for no reason. I just don't see it with this team. Or to put it better, I don't see anything in this team different from Warbs and that isn't going to take us back to the top. Better calibre of player yes but still same style and problems i.e. headless chickens, no leader in the middle, no goalscoring creative number 10, useless subs, leaking goals to easily, sitting to deep when teams come at us…listen I may be wrong and let's hope I am because we can't afford another clear out so Gerrard has to work out. Fingers crossed. I hoped when he came in we would see something different, akin to Gers teams that have took us to glory over the years but what I see is a Gers team closer to the teams that failed under the last two managers than anyone wants to admit…all the best pal. WATP

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