Did Rangers make £800,000 mistake this summer?


Rangers fans were shocked when Declan John was linked with a loan to Swansea City. After all, the Wales international had been one of Rangers’ most consistent performers in 17/18 and following his impressive displays, Rangers made his loan permanent in January this year.

Indeed, it appeared usual left back Lee Wallace was going to struggle to get his place back given the form of the ex-Cardiff man.

Then Steven Gerrard became the new manager and John was gone.

As the site discussed earlier, LB has essentially been a problem ever since – no one player has completely convinced there, and the big Gerrard summer signing of Borna Barisic has been a failure on grounds of both settling in and fitness.

Not only was John gone, but it was a sale rather than a loan, and a sale for a pathetic £800,000. And with his departure went stability in that position.

With the acrimony over Wallace, the fitness and form of Barisic, the insufficiency of Halliday and the ‘he’s not bad but no more’ of Flanagan, the decision to cut John loose seems to have been yet another summer mistake from Gerrard in terms of personnel choices.

And it’s made even more ironic because with Stevie complaining about players for big occasions and attacking half his team for failing on them, John was one of the few who was able to deliver – after all, he’s now a Wales regular and ever-consistent whatever the occasion.

Gerrard clearly said this summer he was going to assess the squad and figure out who wanted to stay and fight, and had hunger, and who didn’t. Are we honestly trusting that Greg Docherty, Declan John and Jason Cummings fell into the latter?

All in all it just seems like Rangers had left back pretty solidly covered in the form of John and Wallace, and now there’s no one player who seems completely able there.

And that’s the choice of the manager.


  1. What is up with you guys at IN today….? Usually your proactive and write some decent level articles but quite shocked at the negativity coming out of you guys atm. The league cup is hardly the end of the road, in fact I'm quite glad to be rid of it. Let move on guys.

    • Glad to be rid of the League Cup, Really? You wouldn't say that if we had beatan Aberdeen and got a chance to beat them for the first time since the cup semi final 2 years ago, and more importantly win a trophy for once! As for the post, it is a bit negative. Barisic is clearly our best option at left back now – we sorely missed his crossing ability on Sunday, even though there was no Moreles or Laff to attack his crosses. We need a proper creative playmaker though to unlock defences through the middle as well; we don't have any good quality playmakers unfortunately.

    • It is the 'diddy'cup after all, they've got to learn from that and be ready for the real semi in the Scottish cup!

    • Exactly right Spark Mcd. It's not worth the extra games and the prize pot of offer is hardly worth chasing. Ofc I always want Rangers to beat everyone but it is a pointless competition really unless euro qualification is now a thing which I believe it still is not.

  2. I'd say no. John was a LM who was converted to LB by Pedro. Yeah he was one of the few successes last season. I'm guessing he didn't step up as required in training, Haliday managed to do enough. Also I'm pretty sure he's not even getting a game for swansea. I'm satisfied with what we've got. Although I'm a bit concerned all the players signed from croatian clubs are out at the same time with out much explanation. Has something happened or been said

  3. Have you guys been smoking pot or something since Sunday? Left back. Gerrard could do nothing about Wallace for some months due to internal investigation. You hailed Barisic as a great signing. He has been injured. Flanagan is reasonable back up so why pay high wages for John when we also have Wallace who has also been injured.You often, correctly, write about the big picture. Go back two weeks ( yes 2). We played great against Rapid and Hearts and you were in raptures. Get off the pot. Stevie is doing a great job. We, as you have often said, are building for future.

  4. Your comments on the left-back position are spot on. Flanagan is not Rangers standard, and Mackay-Steven was leaving him for dead at Hampden last weekend. Declan John was a good player, far superior. I like Barasic, but he is stronger in attack (where he is excellent) than in defence. Is Lee Wallace injured again, and if not why don't we play him? Because he spoke his mind when we laid down to Celtic? Gerrard has made some good decisions but John, Wallace, Flanagan were bad ones.

  5. Jon Flanagan can count CAFU among his admirers.
    hes been Given long contracts by KENNY DALGLEISH and JURGEN KLOPP at LIVERPOOL over 8 seasons and you say (quote) ‘he’s not bad but no more’.
    who the fuck do you think we are ? Real Madrid or bayern munich ?
    we should be flattered to get a guy like this through the door or anywhere near it for that matter.
    this time last year we were courting the likes of russell martin and fucking dalcio for gods sake .
    so id give Flanagan a wee bit more time before throwing him down the pan.
    Declan John was sold for 800,000 because he was the only one out of the pile of shite we had that could gather us some collateral.

    • Agreed, had two posts not even allowed because my opinion vehemently disagreed with IN in another post. Seems we all need to think their way 9r it's 'moderated' I agree a lot of the time with what they say I or I wouldn't read it.

    • John, the buck always stops at the manager. Didn’t see you complain when we praised his every move some weeks ago. As for you Stuart, you’re a valued commenter on the site and being so precious and entitled seems beneath you!

  6. …I am not a Fan of Flanagan

    We should have either

    1. Kept John to Fight with Barisic for LB Slot
    2. Use Wallace as a Backup for Barisic
    3. Got More Money for John and Bought a Second LB

    • No, Not Really but the Funds from Johns Sale would have certainly helped.

      He was Sold Because SG wasnt a 'Fan' and also for 'Personal Reasons' …Which I think is a Load of Bollocks

      1. Was First Choice LB at Rangers
      2. We got him bk in Wales Team
      3. Was Making a Good Wage
      4. Was Playing Well
      5. Was only 23/24 so could have played for us for Years

  7. So Declan John asked to leave for personal reasons. Are we really going to turn in to a club that forces players to stay when they have personal issues that requires them to move back home? Its very unfortunate that Barasic is injured. Hes an exceptional player who will once fit, may integral to our team and how we play. The negativity towards the manager is astonishing and this post is moronic!

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