Rangers midfielder confirms bizarre revelation about striker


A short while ago we ran a piece on Alfredo Morelos’ English, and lack thereof, given defender Joe Worrall’s testimony that he didn’t speak a word of it.

A lot of replies suggested Worrall was tongue in cheek, joking, and not being literal – well, team mate Andy Halliday has today backed Worrall up and confirmed Alfredo Morelos speaks not a jot of this country’s tongue, which is perplexing and borderline unacceptable after well over a year of being here.

Halliday confirmed:

“Alfredo is hilarious, and he doesn’t speak a word of English, how is that possible?”

As some replies did rightly say, it probably doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t speak a word of English, as long as he plays well and keeps putting the ball in the back of the net.

For what it’s worth, we find it insulting, disrespectful and extremely arrogant to not bother learning your employer’s country’s tongue, especially while living there for almost a year and a half.

That said, while we’re extremely disappointed by it, as long as he continues to play well, contribute well, and keeps the on-pitch attitude on the up and up as he has been doing of late, we will lay off the issue because his playing ability and contribution on the turf is his real currency.

Just would be nice if he could properly talk to his team mates.

As Halliday added:

“I would love to know what Alfredo does in his spare time. It would be great to see him go to a Nando’s or a coffee shop and order anything and speak to somebody who can’t speak any Spanish whatsoever.”



  1. There was a video clip recently of a young fan asking morelos for his top to which morelos replied "yeah, no problem" so he must speak some English! Give the guy a break ffs!

  2. Well, maybe he's just too much of a dumbass to learn another language, most footballers are thick as shit generally speaking – most likely he's still getting to grips with Spanish lol..

  3. Couldn't care less if he cant speak a word of English or not, have you been watching him play? I know Brits who have lived all over the world for 10+ years and cant speak a word of anything other than English.

    If Morelos was hopeless on the pitch we might then be looking for the cause and the communication could be highlighted as one of them, however is very evident that not being able to speak English is not a requirement to be able to play football in the UK at a high level.

  4. I don't care about him not speaking English. I DO care, about him losing the rag and costing us, that way. But to be fair, he's managed to tone it down, of late. RFC should get him a private tutor.

  5. Some people are too easily insulted these days if you ask me. Why the hell would Morelos not speaking English bother anyone. I'm pretty sure Halliday's Kazakh patter is pretty piss poor

    • ….Kazakh is a cunt of a thing to learn…..worked there for a while…..kinda hybrid Russian language…….can't remember a word of it now…😂……..

  6. Get a grip, who cares what language he speaks, he speaks with his feet and he is damn good at it. Sometimes I wonder why I read this blog.

  7. It is a very well known fact that brains and football have generally not mixed too often so don't see the fuss the guys mibe not too bright lol

  8. I can speak good English, (I was learned proper, like) do you want me up front?
    Hell No!
    As long as he can do what we are paying him to do, I am happy. Sooner he learns English, sooner he is off to Englandshire. I have already offered to give him an 8 year training course:-)

  9. I’ve saw Instagram clips of him speaking English and as mentioned above some fans have too. The fact SG has worked with him and helped change his onfield antics, attitude etc suggests that there is communication. He also expresses a desire to one day play in the EPL so I’m pretty sure he’s learning. You can see on the pitch too that he shouts and talks to other players and he’s not doing sign language. I feel perhaps some of the players are having some banter with the press by means of winding them up to see if they actually print something rangers / Morelos related only to be made to look the fools they are. I say that also in regards to today’s other IN story where rangers not being praised for our current EL run. Would be funny making them look like prats

  10. doh, call me homer.
    Could’ve been fun then haha. Morelos and Kent linking great so far tonight, perhaps he’s teaching him some scouse

  11. He can speak Swahili for All I Care

    As long as He keeps Working Hard/Scoring Goals…Who Cares?!


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