Sunday, 21 October 2018

Rangers defender reveals potentially worrying insight about team mate

 Article by: Kirsty

Us here at Ibrox Noise have a hatred of these plastic pitches and we haven’t been shy in saying so. So when we tuned into the coverage of today's game we weren’t overly optimistic of a winning result; more on that later guys.

Then in the build up of the game came a Q&A with Joe Worrall, who incidentally today proved why he was being picked over Katic. Anyway, he was asked the usual questions, some were funny others were standard. Then came “Worst person to be stuck in a lift with?”  His reply was;

“Probably Morelos. 1) he can’t speak a word of English and 2) he’d probably beat me up. He’s an angry little man”

This answer bothered me folks. I find Morelos a dichotomy. Sometimes I love him, others I very much dislike him and his petulant attitude. Now, we know that Morelos’ grasp of English is pretty null and void but to not speak any English at all just strikes us as being a little disrespectful.

We aren’t expecting him to hit us with some Shakespeare but a little goes a long way. When players join foreign clubs they want to feel included, to settle in. Learning the club's language just seems to be what players do to ingratiate yourself in that country, culture, and climate not to mention the basic ability to completely communicate with your team mates on the pitch.

To be able to have a one to one conversation with your manager is standard.

If he still doesn’t speak English what does that say about his commitment to the club? Yes he recently signed an extended contract until 2022 but if you aren’t willing to try to learn a few words of your current club's language then that doesn’t strike me as something amazingly positive.

He was probably our best player today so it’s not all doom and gloom. His goal was very good and his little heart gesture to the fans was equally as heartwarming.

But come on Alf, try and learn a little so you can join in with the rest of us.


  1. Wtf does it matter??.....Will he be here in 12/18 months? long as he keeps making and scoring goals I couldn't give a fuck if he talks Swahili......such a fucking negative "story"......does ma fuckin box in!!

  2. I've been to Spain 20 odd times and don't speak a word of Spanish. So what! As long as he's scoring goals and assisting I couldn't give a flying **** what language he speaks. Ps, I think Wirral's comments were firmly tongue in cheek.

  3. Joe Worrall's comment that Morelos can't speak a word of English would seem to be a contradiction to comments made by others at Rangers, who have said that his English is not very good. Not very good would certainly be different from not a word of English.

    Surely to goodness after almost a season and a half, he can speak at least a few words. I would certainly hope so, but its an interesting comment from Worral.

  4. Well u see the gaffer speaking to him no bother so if he only knows Scouse but keeps banging goals in that's what counts

  5. I think, as others do, that Joe was having a laugh. Others have said that Morelos' English is poor, or improving. That is not Nil. But an angry little man, yes I agree.
    If Morelos wants to play in England, and he has made that quite clear, then he is going to need English. I would be happy to sign up as his English tutor. I will get him up to an acceptable standard to leave in 8, maybe 9 years :-)

  6. I seen TAV speaking to him [albeit sloooowly] in English the other week

  7. Nobody has slated Morelos more than me, this past season and up until recently. The thing I realised yesterday, is that he gets heavily man-marked and targeted physically. The opposition teams know he can be a hot-head and go in extra hard, against him. He's Columbian and maybe not use to the harsh physicality and dirty tackles of the Scottish game, so there's that, too. He does work hard, just gets cheated out of his reward, often. I also noticed that there are still, not enough men pushing into the box, when the crosses are going in. Can't just leave it to Morelos, every time. They need to support him more. Hamilton were sitting deep, so I think we got what we deserved in the end. I thought Ejaria, had a better game. Really tried his best.

  8. I wouldn’t read to much into it. Even the players se to view the q&a as fun. Even waghorn asked holt why he was so small on it


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