87% of Rangers fans polled want 22-year old back in the team….


As Kirsty’s article earlier discussed, around a dozen+ Rangers players are currently away on loan with other clubs, and following Steven Gerrard’s comments recently on Greg Docherty, his situation has become even more in the spotlight of late.

We won’t cover our affections for the holding midfielder on this occasion you’ll be delighted to hear, but equally we ran a poll a day or so ago asking if you the readers and fans wanted Docherty back as a permanent first-team player running our middle like the titan we believe he can be.

With the form he’s in at Shrewsbury, the man has certainly become a major talking point, with many still questioning the decision to let him go out on loan and it seems not only is that in doubt, but fans have made their mind up about whether or not he should be in our XI.

In aforementioned poll, a stunning 87% of respondents wanted Greg Docherty back in our midfield. Only 13% didn’t consider him good enough, and in one of the most overwhelmingly one-sided polls we’ve ever run, it does seem the massive majority may consider his temporary exit an error.

He could well return in January, and we hope he does – we’re glad to see you readers agree with our assessment.


  1. It was not an error to loan him to Shrewsbury. We wouldn't know about his true ability if he hadn't gone as SG would not have been playing him. Good judgement on the part of SG I'd say.

  2. Not a bad observation Sam Lolo ! But I for one do really like him as a potential fixed player in Rangers growing revival . He's young he's Scottish and he can really play .

  3. I agree Sam. If he had stayed and not played it would have hurt his confidence, he wouldn't have had the chance to impress and he may not be the best we have….right now. Who would we drop for him?
    I think he us in the right place but would have preferred a 6 mth loan then similar one league higher in January.
    Have faith in manager though😀

  4. Going down south and experiencing a different environment and footbal culture can only be good for Docherty. My only concern would be that he's playing in their 3rd tier and not really being challenged at the level he should be playing at. Still I think it's only going help with his development and is going to be much more valuable to him than spending most of his time sitting on the bench as is happening with McCrory.

    Whether it's in January or next summer Docherty will come back a better player and will have a big future with Rangers.

  5. Absolutely Love Doche!

    …Has the Potential to boss our Midfield for the Next 10-12years and be a Future Captain for us.
    …Has The Potential to be a Midfield Boss for Scotland

    Looking Forward to Him Returning!

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