Monday, 29 October 2018

Is Stevie Ger really saying this? Rangers' manager drops huge hint

After the fallout from yet another dramatic away-day disaster for Rangers, manager Steven Gerrard has again held his hands up and admitted he might have got the match wrong.

We at Ibrox Noise decided against doing a ratings article on this occasion, as it wouldn’t have helped anyone, but Gerrard’s score would have been extremely low sadly, and the Rangers boss has, like he’s done a few times before, suggested he’s made mistakes and played a part in the Mess in Mount Florida.

Speaking after the match he said:

“We didn’t deserve to score. I pick the players, I sign the players, I pick the game plan so I’ll take responsibility for this."

It is at least decent to have a manager who has the dignity to know when he got something wrong. To be willing to put his head on the chopping block and be accountable following years of arrogance of managers who ‘knew best’.

Furthermore as a rookie boss Gerrard will get things wrong – he is learning on the job so learning to take criticism and hold responsibility is commendable and admirable.

However, he must remember not to saturate bad results by doing this every time. He did make mistakes yesterday, absolutely – but the players really let the club and their manager down too. And while he has rightly called that as well, he should be careful not to lay on the ‘I got it wrong’ rhetoric too thickly as eventually he’ll lose fans’ trust that he can actually get it right.

We’re behind you Stevie, just try to keep the balance!
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