Stevie Ger in snappy slapdown of well-known journalist

Stevie Ger in snappy slapdown of well-known journalist

In a slapdown of Jock Wallace-esque proportions, Rangers manager Steven Gerrard scolded Sky Sports’ Charles Paterson at his pre-Dundee presser by biting back over repeated questions and provocations about referees.

The Sky journalist raised Allan McGregor, the standard of refereeing and general questions related, but Rangers’ manager was having absolutely none of it.

The exchange certainly alluded to more than a touch of steel on the manager’s part and made for fascinating viewing:

CP: “Allan McGregor wasn’t cited…”

SG: “That’s two weeks ago, I’m not really interested in the Allan McGregor situation. I’m not interested in talking about referees or the SFA. I’m here to talk about the Dundee game, a game we’re really looking forward to and excited about.”

CP: “Appreciate that, the same time though the fact that the association…”

SG: “I appreciate you’re trying to do your job. I’m doing my job and my job is to talk about Dundee.”

CP: “Are you concerned at all about the way the referees…”

SG: “Nope, not concerned at all.”

CP: “Since you came to Scotland have you been impressed with the standard of refereeing?”

SG: “I’m not here to talk about referees…!”

As far as Gerrard is concerned, he’s not here to talk about referees, apparently!

We wonder if Paterson will try again with Gerrard in the future with touchy topics like this…

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  1. Short of telling him to "F*** off" Stevie G, once again showed his professionalism and experience in dealing with press conferences.

    Looking into my crystal ball however, their is a very good chance that "certain" members of the Scottish Gutter press, and those who let their as**s do their talking for them i.e. Fartson, Mr. "Controversy" Sutton et al, will attempt to deride the comments he made….

    Stevie will soon find out no matter how neutral, or how positive comments he makes are they will ALWAYS be twisted to try and mean something else.

    For example……"Yeah well, what else could Gerrard say about refereeing, as he knows the refs/SFA are positively discriminating for Gers. Why would he say anything negative about them, despite the fact the rest of Scotland KNOW the referee's are not up to scratch"

    • It was a fair point by the journalist. Stevie did state that the refs were bias against rangers. Then Jack said the ref from the Celtic v rangers game should be dropped down the leagues because of his performance.
      Steve Clarke makes a similar comment.
      Nothing happens to Stevie G or Jack.
      Steve Clarke gets charged.
      You can understand why everyone thinks we get treated differently to everyone else.
      I think that's down the the real poor refs in Scotland and the SFA who aren't fit for purpose

    • Scott Brown kicks out in retaliation in every other game he plays and is it highlighted for weeks on end by the celtic press , Sutton , Hartson and all the other arse holes in the anti Rangers media ? Is it fuck . They've been endlessly discriminating again'st us for the last six years and their determined to continue it . Stevie Gerrard only spoke the truth and your right , Jock Wallace would have put them right in their fucking place .

    • BigBaws…. I agree its a fair point to make, BUT the wrong time, particularly AFTER Stevie G says he aint going to answer questions on that subject.
      I believe Steve Clark has been "wronged" so to speak and yes people can draw conclusions…. BUT that has NOTHING to do with Rangers or Stevie G.
      The real POINT that everyone seems to miss from all clubs is, THE EXACT POINT, you yourself made, and I BELIEVE 100% to be correct….. Refs are not good enough and SFA et al are NOT fit for purpose. Everyone saying they are biased against this club or that club or whatever, is creating a smoke screen for them to hide behind. Ex-Players are also helping create that smoke screen by the garbage they spout and their short memories of what others have gotten off with, usually in relation to their EX clubs.

  2. a rangers manager needs to show strength like
    souness etc. did.

    we are the most successful club in the world.

  3. Sounds like one of that lot somewhere along the line. Quality responses from the man. A clear sign to me we have got the real deal here in this manager. Another sign of progress, we’re not taking no shite. Long may it continue. Fuck them all.

  4. Didn't Celtics Mc Donald kick McGregor in a previous old firm game. I remember Hartson having Bob Malcolm in a head lock at Ibrox. Where was the outcry from the media then. This bring back memories from a George Cadette non goal which the anti rangers biased Scottish media ran for five years

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