Steven Gerrard reveals status of high profile defender

Steven Gerrard reveals status of high profile defender

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard today confirmed 100% that thanks to the upholding of former captain Lee Wallace’s appeal, the left back and his dispute with the club is over.

Following months of bitter recriminations after the fateful events at Hampden, Wallace (and Kenny Miller) found himself ditched to the outside and banned from Auchenhowie, and not considered for selection on match day.

However, the independent panel upheld the appeal, and unless Rangers’ board wants to look petty and silly and continue the façade onwards, the situation is now completely resolved and Wallace and Miller won.

It marks the formal end to a very ugly saga which dominated headlines in a way we just don’t want to see coming out from Govan, and we can be relieved that frankly the correct outcome was reached and we have a very decent option again fully available for left back.

We do suspect for his part Wallace would probably like to move on, and that probably would have happened this summer, but due to the dispute he was still engaged in not to mention his injury concerns, finding a new employer would have been nigh-on impossible.

For Steven Gerrard’s part we feel the new manager has handled the situation extremely well, not taking sides but subtly hinting at praise towards Wallace, and he will be glad the silliness is over and we can concentrate on football again.

As we say though, he is probably not overly likely to play a huge role going forward (Borna Barisic to name but one is clearly rather ahead of him as an option at left back) and he will probably seek a move out in January.

And he’d go with our very best wishes.

Just a shame the board took someone else’s side over a man who sacrificed pretty much everything for a third division Rangers.

Que sera.

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  1. Hopefully our supportes will show their appreciation of both Wallace and Miller given the chance.
    There should have been places for both of them Wallace still has something to offer as a pleyer and Millwr should be on the coaching staff with Wallce following him when his playing days are over.
    The way the clb has treated them is shocking.

  2. Nothing but admiration and Pride in Lee Wallace
    When it came time to stand up and be counted he did
    while our Captain and others swiftly made their excuses and left
    this was an important part in his career and THERE IS NO DOUBT it affected his International Career
    I look at fans cheering McGregor , Lafferty etc and saying how great it would be to have Steven Davis back
    As i continue to say and will ALWAYS say they all left for Greed
    If we were in the Trenches they would all have deserted
    Lee Wallace stand Proud young man you will always be respected among the Gers fans
    and held in the highest regards

    • Couldn't agree more Scim Bob. Some people will never be forgotten, because they answered the call. They stood by their club. Super Ally held it all together. Big Jig stood beside him, with Wallace and few others. They will go down as heroes to rank with Struth, Littlejohn, Greig and so many others.

      An honourable mention to those who came from foreign lands and publicly stood beside the club. People from USA and Romania whose loyalty was not the result of boyhood devotion, just self respect and integrity. They could have gone on tour to Japan, but their integrity was real. Behind closed doors they explained they could not play 4th Division football and destroy their careers, but they engineered their moves respectfully.

      Those with no loyalty to or history with the club can be forgiven for lacking the professionalism of Bocanegra and Goian. They were just weak. Steven Whittaker, I am looking at you.

      I will not name the betrayers, because I undertook that I would not attack a serving Rangers player. I have faith, integrity and moral standards. Perhaps someone in the dressing room could explain the meaning of those words to those that don't understand them. That stands until they leave. And not a minute more.

      All the best Lee, your faith will never be forgotten. I don't know what happened in that dressing room, few do. Now that the matter is closed, perhaps we should be told.

  3. Gerard will want players like that in his squad. I’m sure he will want Kenny back as coach when he hangs his boots up. There’s no problem with players talking down there team mates after a such a bad game. In fact I would imagine Gerrard would have done the same in there positions. We’ve got a team of captains and leaders now which will make the difference going forward

  4. There should still be a place at the club for Wallace!
    Good strong Reliable LB
    …Good Back-Up for Barisic

    Wallace. And Miller were treated Disgracefully by the Club.

    Would like to see Kenny Back as a ST Coach 🤔…once he hangs up his boots

    Would be a Brilliant Mentor for young lads like Hardie, Rudden, Middleton etc

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