Kenny Miller and the Ibrox return…

Kenny Miller and the Ibrox return…

Tomorrow afternoon marks the first return to Ibrox for Kenny Miller, not only since leaving but since the Hampden debacle left he and Lee Wallace banned from the club.

After his bizarre spell at Livi, Kenny made the trip to Dens Park and joined up with his old team mate Neil McCann at Dundee, and tomorrow’s fixture has a great deal of added emotion in it with the controversial nature of both his departure, and the continuing legal action by he and Wallace over the action the board took on them.

We have little doubt Kenny Miller will be received like a hero – while he’s in the dark blue of Dundee, he is still one of us and while naturally we want him and his team to have a bad day in the interests of Rangers’ success, a comfortable home win and a goal for Kenny wouldn’t necessarily be the worst outcome.

We all remember the past incidents well – the Pedro debacle, the Murty mayhem – we are unlikely to ever know the truth, albeit Miller himself described the latter as the typical thing to happen inside dressing rooms – curiously no one from the club ever disputed this version of events.

But naturally unless the club does ever clarify it, or Wallace does, or someone inside that dressing room breaks rank and talks, we are probably not likely to get to the bottom of it.

Either way, Miller was a big contributor to Rangers – he deserved a much better exit than the frank disgrace that he got, and while we don’t pretend he was an angel (who is) he did far more good at Ibrox than bad.

He will be home tomorrow, presumably making the starting XI, and we hope the crowd, while sportingly against him (he is of course an opponent) and his team mates, show the respect towards him we’d say he’s earned, and preferably do not show any serious hostility.

End of the day, we shouldn’t boo our own.

Welcome home Kenny.

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  1. 100% deserves an Ibrox ovation for the service and performances he has given our club. (Especially the goals against them!) Mark my words he will be back as boss 1 day! – enjoy your day Kenny but I hope your team take a gubbing!

  2. Would rather be seeing Kenny in the Royal Blue of Rangers. He still has a lot to give and would have been a valuable squad member at the very least.

    Sad to see him leave and you just know he's going to score tomorrow.

  3. Absolute Rangers Legend!
    Bern Treated Very Badly by The Club

    Wouls have been Beautiful if he xould have Finished his career in the Royal Blue of Rangers.

    Would have been a good Squad Member/Back up to have and would have been a good Mentor for Sadiq/Rudden etc

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