Is Andy Halliday still “One of Our Own”?


When Rangers signed Andy Halliday, most fans were delighted. ‘One of Our Own’ was coming home, and someone who knew all about the club, being a die-hard fan himself.

He was signed as an attacking midfielder and yet thanks to injuries ended up in defensive midfield instead, and remained there for good under then-manager Mark Warburton.

He wasn’t great in the role, but he did the best he could, and happily admitted he’d play anywhere for the club. Think of Josh Windass’ primadonna demand to play as striker, and now look at Halliday who will do what the club asks, without question.

He’s played as winger, AM, central midfield, defensive midfield, and left back, and never complained one iota.

He was forced out by Pedro last year and ended up in Azerbaijan, but never gave up on his club and was back the instant he could get home.

Now we have the Gerrard regime. Is Andy Halliday good enough for this new blossoming era? No, probably not – he isn’t up to the standard we seek to attain in order to restore the level of Rangers we expect. He himself knows this better than anyone.

What we are getting tired of though is a player, who has never shamed his club, who has always been there when we needed him, filled in where asked, and has never complained, being pillared by the same fans who once idolised him.

It’s unacceptable. Every time his name is mentioned now it’s genuine knashing of fangs and petted lips of disgust that this guy would be near the squad. And frankly it’s completely unfair.

Sure, we’re not thrilled that he ended up on the pitch over Greg Docherty, but that’s SG’s call not the players’. Halliday didn’t walk into anyone’s office with a gun and demand selection.

He’s in because he’s versatile, and can play about six different positions. None remarkably, true, but it’s about time fans stop being spoiled little weans about every player they dislike and give the guy a break.

He knows now he’s become very unpopular with fans through no fault of his own – and yes we have better players to select. And that’s great. It’s a marvel to watch the club bloom.

But get off Halliday’s back and let him and the manager get on with it, for goodness’ sake.


  1. I think last season a lot of the players took flak and rightly so – Andy Halliday being one of them. Some of the performances in the 4 0 and 5 0 games were hard to swallow and nothing will convince me that he will ever be good enough at this level the SPFL is just a standard to high when we need players that can run over Celtic. But in times like this we find ourselves now relying on Andy for Thursday due to Barisic and Flanagan being ruled out. So I will be giving him my support massively as the boy will put in an honest performance. Hopefully the standard of player being better might actually improve Halliday this season.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Andy Halliday is a Rangers man through and through–AND HE IS A BETTER PLAYER THAN MANY GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR. I still remember the game, 2 or 3 years ago when he completely dominated Scott Brown–and not many manage to do that. I bet that Brown would not want to face him again in the midfield. His worst posiyion is left back–he knows it–we know it–but he is still prepared to play there if the manager asks him to. He would play in goal if Steve Gerrard asked him to. He is not a primma dona like Windass and others. Gerrard was right to say that he is a great squad man, and he WILL HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY WHEN OTHERS GET INJURED AND WHEN GERRARD WANTS TO REST A FEW. Great shout of support for Andy. He should be seen as a hero–not to be shouted at.

  3. When Rangers signed Halliday we were in the championship , he played very well in the 1st season out of position. He should have kicked on but high expectation in the top division soon showed his weakness. If he is not good enough to play for Gabala he is certainly not good enough to play for us. I would love a chance to play for Rangers, I would give my all and never complain. Difference is i am rotten , but just because he is blue doesnt mean he deserves a free ride. I dont dislike Halliday but i do dislike being told how to feel or act towards a certain player. We all have opinions and a bluenose or not in my opinion he is not good enough for the reserves never mind the 1st team. Halliday should be judged as a Rangers FC football player , not a Rangers FC fan.

    • He couldn’t play for gabala since they were over their forgein player quota. But the game he did play he got mot

    • Martin, I judge him as a player and don't think he is god's gift. But he is a decent filler across a number of positions. Supposed to be an attacking midfielder, has covered CDM and LB for us. Do you think Windass, who I have supported, would have done that?

      Would never tell someone else how to feel about a player, but once they cross the white line, I think they deserve and need our support. Unless someone can show that screaming abuse at one of our players will improve them.
      I suspect he will move on when we have 23 better players, but its not yet. SG hasn't made many(any) mistakes yet

    • 100 percent Scot. My post reads worse than I thought. Halliday is a professional and living the dream. Nothing against him and will support him as I would any match day squad. Utility player I get. I was maybe to harsh on reflection.

  4. He is that bad we couldn't give him away for free, granted he has lived the dream but nowhere near good enough, should've been the first one shipped out

  5. Thank you IN for the article. I know he is not god's gift, but he stands and does his best. A fan in a jersey. If SG rates him to keep when he sells Windass, I am not going to argue
    Can you run a poll for me?
    Irrespective of talent, ability, wages or anything else
    Q Do you think Halliday would have walked or stood by us in 2012?
    Amazed if you can even find 3 Halliday haters out there to vote walk

  6. Very positive article which I fully support. No one tries more for the jersey than AH. His confidence was knocked last year but Stevie G must see something to keep him onboard and I wouldn't be surprised if his form gets turned round to be a helpful utility man. When "one of our own" has their name chanted by the manky mob it hurts and he deserves our support !

  7. Tge gaffer says hes never missed a session, and more importantly he trusts him.
    Well, i trust Stevie G, so thats good enough for me.
    Something special is happening, and me for one is glad One Of Our Own is part of it
    ive been one of his critics, but let's give the guy a break and get behind him.
    Stevie knows better than me or anyone else.

  8. Don't rate him, but lets see how he does at left back on Thursday night where he will no doubt be playing, explains why SG was biging him up after Sundays game.

  9. Damn right he's one of our own! He's constantly played out of position but never complains, he does what any of us would do and be proud to represent Rangers! I'd love to see him get a shot in his natural position in this team. He may know he's not popular with some fans but I hope he knows these arseholes that give him abuse don't speak for us all! No doubt he will be at left back again on Thursday and he will give it his all as per usual!

  10. YES!…He will always be one of our own!

    I know He isnt Messi or Iniesta (😂)
    …But I dont Care
    I still like Halliday as a Man and a Player ☺⚽💙

    Also I think with the squad improving, if he was given a run of a few games in his natural position, It might improve his ability/performance

    He is also no-where near the worst to pull on the blue jersey in the last 20yrs

    And also we need squad Fillers/backups such as Halliday when it comes to injuries/suspensions and saving the better players for bigger games 👍

  11. Although he is never going to be a "Rangers Star" Halliday is a good squad player. When he pulls on that shirt you KNOW he is going to give 100% effort and will get on with whatever task he is given, even if it is to his detriment. I am not entirely surprised by SG giving him a chance. Stevie had said continously the type of player he wants and how he says he wants to see them play i.e. closing down, harrying, 100% effort etc. Halliday ticks a lot of those boxes.
    As a previous comment said he doesnt get the credit he deserves at times. I think he is judged on the realms of being a type of player he is not…. If you are going to mark him on footballing excellence, brilliant distribution etc, then yeah he isnt a "Rangers Great"… Judge him on what he is and what he is tasked to do.
    I sometimes wonder what some Rangers fans want at times…. Windass did help win us games and did score goals etc, but vanished for much of the game, was a bit of a prima donna at times etc etc ad nauseum and he got pelters, despite the goals etc. Halliday does what he is asked to the best of ability, gets the bus done and can cover a lot of positions for the SQUAD, as a squad player, ges his head down and just does it, yet he gets pelters. Can we have it both ways??

  12. Halliday isn’t anywhere even close to the quality of player we need. As for ‘one of our own’….that’s a load of pish. Get him and his 10g a week to fuck and get someone in who adds positively to the squad.

    Andy Fuckin Halliday….PFFT. Jeezo.

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