POLL RESULTS: Rangers fans make decision on Kyle Lafferty


With the Kyle Lafferty deal still in the balance, Ibrox Noise took to the polls to ask you loyal readers your opinion on the whole affair.

As we know, Rangers have had a minimal £250k bid rejected, and then an apparent marginally higher one with Lee Wallace thrown in similarly dismissed, but Hearts are reported to want £750,000 for their star player and we asked you guys if you wanted us to pay that much or if we should keep haggling and risk losing him.

The answer was emphatic.

87% of all Rangers fans polled confirmed they want the club to cough up an acceptable fee for the ex-Norwich man, with only 13% content to haggle and try to get a bargain, while risking losing him.

It was, in short, a complete landslide and the fans have made their clear minds up that Lafferty is worth pushing the boat out a little to ensure he arrives before the September 1st deadline.

Rangers need him, we want him, he wants us, and would only strengthen the team.

Let’s get this done, Rangers.


  1. Unfortunately there wasn't an option for "forget him he's a fanny". Don't forget he blamed us as his reason for leaving, despite the real reason being blatantly obvious. I was on Govan front during the Mulgrew incident and I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Fanny through and through. No doubt you'll filter this like you do all my comments anyway.

    • Simon
      Agree. You could argue he has matured, though. But he was, is and always will be, a traitor. Can't undo that.
      If people think we should forget the past, our history, what's the point in supporting a football club? The club is its history. And Lafferty is one of the shameful members, like Bheasts at another club. Don't want to remember and acknowledge them, but have to.
      If he comes, I will support him because its my club. But I will never forgive and I will never forget.
      Alan McD, I can understand that. He is not a bad player and it looks like he has matured. He has apologised for his betrayal, says he was ill advised.
      Question for all you forgivers – How many of you started supporting the Bheasts when we got relegated? If you did, you are on the wrong site. If you didn't, if you stood by your club when you are buying a season ticket on minimum wage, how can you find it acceptable to do what Lafferty, Naismith and so many others did? If you can stay through the misery and still stand up for what you believe in, Glasgow Rangers, how can you forgive those who ran? When people like Goian stayed and "lifelong fans" ran? I have no problem with those who stood by us and said, "get me sold", but those who ran? I will be iceskating in hell first.
      Rant over 🙂

    • Yes, but all emotions aside, how can you ask someone to potentially sacrifice thier career? Perfectly entitled to feel however you want to feel, but I think it's time to make peace with what happened in the past. The players who left under those circumstances had every right to feel let down by the club, and with the looming uncertainty I can't honestly blame them for going somewhere where they could pursue their ambitions as quickly as possible. It seems pretty selfish to me to demand a player to stick around in those circumstances. Especially when your prime years in this game are so very fleeting. What would you do? I know what you'd like to think you would have done, but what would you and 90% of everyone else in that situation have actually done?

      At any rate, if he comes and bangs in 20 this year, and pumps a winner in there against Celtic, you'll be wearing his shirt by the end of the year….

    • Mark

      Fair point, deserves an answer. Bocanegra, Goian and others stood up and said "I stand by my club" Behind closed doors they said "I am not playing 4th division football – get me sold, or loaned, or free me after the transfer window closes. I will stay loyal until then"
      If Naismith, Lafferty and all the other TBs (Traitorous B*st*rds) had done that, the money would have been stolen by crooks. But, the fans would have remembered them and hailed them. Naismith and Lafferty would have joined us last season and returned to a Hero's welcome.
      I never blamed Whittaker, he wasn't a Rangers fan. But there was a young boy that, like Naismith, we nursed through 2 years of injuries. Forget his name, as I have so many. They have sunk into obscurity.
      I repeat, public loyalty when we were at our lowest ebb, and a transfer demand made behind closed doors is all that was required. It was not too much effort for captain of USA and Romania who had no connection to Rangers but did have class, but it was too much for "lifelong Rangers diehard fans".
      When Hell freezes over – not before

  2. Rangers MUST BUY KYLE LAFFERTY. He could be the difference between winning games and just coming away with a draw after dominating the play. He knows the score in Scottish Football. He is big, physical, and does NOT MISS AS MANY GOAL CHANCES AS MORELOS. Celtic are terrified of Lafferty, as he has scored against them so often over the years–and he is NOR AFRAID OF BROWN AND OTHER CELTIC DEFENSIVE BULLIES. BUY HIM ASAP.

  3. I think at one stage in Laffertys time with us previously that I was his only fan. Most punters around me disliked him, but I doggedly defended him. I didn’t condone his temperament, petulance and childishness, but he was always played wide left, never through the middle yet scored goals. I always admired his technique in striking a ball, free kicks he scored for us was an example as I remember him actually passing a ball along the ground around the wall into the keepers right hand side, implement. His goal at the weekend emphasised his ability. We should sign him, hopefully he has matured and at 30 he still has two or three years left in him.
    Pay the fee, get him to Ibrox.

  4. The fans are definitely right….Rangers MUST sign Lafferty, if they want to win the Scottish league…with better players, he WILL score more goals…the price is right too.
    atop class striker for less than a million, think about this Rangers…he also WANTS to be on our team…..Do the necessary….!!

  5. A lot of fans seem to forget that these players are like most of us "earning a living". So if your employer was going down the tubes would you stick around. I`ve supported Rangers for around 70 years thro thick or thin but I really thought hard about cancelling my overseas subscription for the last couple of years(you know why) glad I Didn`t.Let`s just look ahead `cos tomorrows the day you worried about yesterday "Onward & Upward'

  6. Just Hurry up and get the Deal Done!

    Hes a Proven SPL Goalscorer who wants to wear the blue Jersey Again

    Why can SG & MA not See This??

    £750k is Not Unreasonable!

    Id Rather pay £750k for a Proven SPL Scorer who is also a fan than signing some unknown foreigner for £1.5-£2m who might end up not suiting the scottish game

  7. Maybe it was unwise to hold the poll a day after Lafferty scored the only goal in a defeat of Ceptic. We desperately need more strikers so for that reason I would like to see Lafferty back but not for more than £500k. However, look at his scoring record over the years and you'll find it's not as impressive as you might think.

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