Steven Gerrard drops big hint about former signing target


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has suggested signing target Kean Bryan rejected a move to Ibrox. Following media reports the Manchester City defender had arrived at the Hummel Training Centre, and taken a medical only for the move to ‘fall through’, (according to the Sun) Gerrard made no mention of this and implied instead the Etihad starlet had turned Rangers down.

He said:

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an agreement with Kean. He wants to keep his options open and we respect that.”

Various media reports had implied the stopper had failed the medical, but it appears by Gerrard’s testimony that he is only the second player this summer following Harry Wilson to outright say no to Rangers.

Whether it was down to wages, or another club coming in for him we’re just not sure, but either way, Rangers’ search for that fabled third centre back continues, and has become even more important with the confirmation of Fabio Cardoso’s departure.


  1. Course he’s going to say that. U don’t go and say he’s failed a medical publicly. If he did Man City would be furious and that may cost is in signings in the future.
    And for anyone complaining that we didn’t do enough to get him.. remember the last guy that failed a medical at rangers… he went to Italy played 5 games and that dodgy knee that his English club had said was fine went and he ended up getting his contract paid up..

    • I thought the last one was Hartson. Surprised Rossiter didn't trip on the treadmill and injure himself.

  2. It is ALL DOWN TO A LACK OF MONEY–LET US BE HONEST. No one would be turning Rangers down if they were being offered good money. In addition, it is nor saying much about the state of Rangers finances that we cannot even buy Kyle Lafferty. Hearts say they want a million pounds–or something close to that. Rangers ough to be able (easily) to pay £ 800,000 and get him. What is your problem, Mr. Allen and Mr. King. (NOT STEVEN GERRARD'S FAULT–but he is being frustrated by lack of money. One day he might just walk away if the Board at Ibrox makes his job impossible. It will serve King, Allen etc. right–and we should be calling for THEM TO DO A PROPER JOB AT IBROX.

    • most people have a price but are they worth it. We could throw our entire budget at this guy but what if we then don't get another striker? it's more complicated then just saying pay the money. Do we really think a 30 year old Kyle Lafferty is worth £1,000,000 when he only has 1 year left on his contract? I don't.

    • The money is there, their just not prepared to follow the example of walker, mclean ect. given they were let go for much less than we offered.jordan jones 1m quid! I'll crack the jokes's only septic who think like that, their CL mney will no last forever eiher, they exploited us for their own benefit rather than the interests of competition and scottish football as a spectable. The end is near we can smell the FEAR!

    • Unknown, Caixhina was handed £M's and totally wasted it, consequently there is less money to give to SG.
      Come to think of it, are the visionary's who hired Caixhina still at the club, not seeing much flak flying their way.

    • The money is there for the right player,we decide what lafferty is worth and will make the offer,and it wont be 800k

      LETS GO WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. It's important we spend our money wisely. Lafferty would be a back up striker and doesn't represent value for money at £1m or anywhere close. Just because Hearts ask for it doesn't mean we have to give them it.

  4. It's the mhedia here that said he failed a medical,it's quite obvious the player's got better options in England,as for lafferty 400,000 max he's over 30 no sell on value plus hearts got him for nothing and suddenly they want a mill,that's the same lot who took a loss of nearly 400,000 rather than sell a player to us, fuck them they now have an unsettled player on their hands,we still have some players that need to go to free up wages,lafferty is a decent player and would do a job this season but for me go and get Moult from preston .

    • All true olly/c. I agree on Moult if no Lafferty..but now Preston are saying 'no sale' as well for Moult. That English market is packed with TV cash and everyone wants a big pay day no matter the player.

  5. We've already spent over 10M, so it's not due to lack of money with Lafferty.
    I'd not be signing him as his best days are now behind him and first time around he wasn't even so good. Like others come time to renew his contract Kyle tried a lot more.
    Surely we can bring in a better goal-scorer than having to go back to Lafferty ?
    I Hope so !

  6. I agree with olly/c…… just go and buy Moult for 300K. Moult terrorised ALL defences in the league when with murderwell and with the service we can provide now, he'd score Loads of goals And smash a few septics as well 🙂

  7. Absolutely Sick of how our "Blue Pound" is treated in Scotland!

    Absolutely Sick of How Our Board Pisses About with Crap Offers we know that the Selling Club are never gonna Accept!

    Just F***** Bang in 600-700k for Lafferty …Done!

    1. He Can Score Against Celtic!

    2. He Scored 19 for a Poor Hearts imagine how many he would Score with Players like Murphy and Arfield around him …(25 Easy)

    3. One of Us and Better than Herrera, Sandaza etc

    Also those Pining for Louis Moult
    Hes done bugger all at Preston and yes ok whoopdeedoo he scored a few goals when he was up here…He aint that fckin Brilliant …Id Rather Laff!

    Also …To Replace Cardoso…

    We could have Had Bartley …Gone
    McAuley …Gone
    Cooper …Not Interested
    Beevers …Stayin at Bolton!

    Who the fk do we get now?

  8. A million pounds for Lafferty? lmao (good one) How come every club in Scotland, tries to extort, Rangers? I'm sick of it. I say it's time we got tough. If that's they way they want it, two can play like that. Levein, you beardy top-hat!

  9. Ok maybe we have ran out of money to buy in players to run a club of our size it takes lots of money and not just for players and there wages there comes a time when we got to be happy with what players we got in,and start look forward to the season ahead do we need two or three more players just now we should only add one player at a time if we need to not just buy buy buy like children in a sweet shop.

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