The best in Scotland, and Wigan helped prove it…


If there was one thing we learned from yesterday’s ultimately emphatic win over now-Championship side Wigan, it was that the right man is between the sticks in Rangers’ goal.

There was of course never any doubt that Allan McGregor would be number one; the manager and the player himself did tried to ‘play down’ the notion the 36-year old Scotland international would be automatic first choice, but naturally we all knew quite blatantly he was the first pick as the last line of defence.

And we must say, while the defence did a solid job of keeping Wigan at bay, both Jak Alnwick and Wes Foderingham rather highlighted the inferior goalkeeping standard Rangers fans have put up with since 2012.

I should assert – this is not an attack on either of them – we at Ibrox Noise have always admired Alnwick in particular, and his displays during the split last season were impressive and stopped some bad results being even worse. Meanwhile Foderingham is an average shot stopper, we suppose, but honestly we can’t think of much else that’s good about him when we compare him with the man who’s taken his mantle.

But the pivotal point is both Alnwick and Wes are so far off being Allan McGregor, and the ex-Besiktas stopper really is the kind of level Rangers fans should expect, rather than the arguments over the past six years trying to justify the likes of Foderingham and Bell as being good enough.

The difference in the four matches featuring McGregor compared with the slightly shakier displays yesterday from both Alnwick and Wes sum up what Rangers have now and what we deserve.

While Wes saved an (atrocious) penalty, he fumbled a grass cutter too and struggled to gather – something he’s done so much over the years but not until the safe hands of McGregor did we notice such weakness was absent. With Wes’ return yesterday his failings screamed out like a sore thumb.

We know this sounds like a hate fest, it isn’t. It is true we’re not fans of Foderingham, but he and Jak only showed yesterday how much better McGregor actually is.

Alnwick is an honourable enough deputy, but McGregor really is in a different league to anything else in Scotland and we are lucky he is one of us.


    • What a ridulous comment! He’s 36 – hardly Methusula for a goalkeeper. Already demonstrated in two Euro away matches what we’ve been missing.

  1. A goal keepers prime years are 30-40. If Shagger looks after himself we will get 4 more years out of him.
    Our young keepers will benifit by learning from him also

  2. Spot on with this one I.N,he is the no1👍
    Wes was a nightmare with them nervous kickouts

    LETS GO WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. He is 36 and even better than he used to be. He is different class and the defenders love him behind them.

    • Sure hes a baloon but the guy who ducked away as quick as he could is to be applauded i dont care how good u lot think he is i dont want him in the team

  4. Pity the ‘illustrious’ shagger shat on us before. How we can big him up now is disgusting, sickening. Winning doesn’t come at all cost.

  5. Not sure if my comments get posted now as obv pissed off IN but Shagger is a far superior keeper… Too old Alan Calder sit yourself down 😂😂😂😂

  6. Allan as No.1
    Jak as No.2
    Young Robbie as No.3 but Fighting for No.2

    And Sell Foderingham! …and then when McGregor eventually retires, Keep him at the club!! And he could mentor the next line of Goalies coming through 👍

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