Is key consultation going to be the difference for Steven Gerrard?


With The New Saints tonight, Bury
on Friday and the Europa League underway less than a week later, thought has to
start focusing on what system Rangers manager Steven Gerrard is likely to
As we know every manager has a ‘favoured’
formation and system, and often this contributes to their downfall. Mark
Warburton refused to shift from his Barcelona
model, while Pedro’s obsession with 4-2-3-1 hardly helped his cause.
In itself this is not a bad thing
– every manager will have a preferred setup they’ll primarily deploy, but good
ones also have alternatives. They manage by game, and change their system and
personnel when needed. Walter was the master of this – the king of 4-4-2 in the
90s, he’d happily send out six or even seven defenders when a big match came
along, or use the one up top in his second spell.
And that flexibility is key –
Stevie is set to have a word with Uncle Walter about the job, and there is no
better person for a manager to talk to about managing Rangers.
And that willing to learn from
someone who knows his stuff is a perfect example of why and how Gerrard is
doing things right and preparing for the mammoth task properly. Past managers
were ludicrously arrogant and treated Rangers poorly and with no respect – Gerrard
might not be one of us yet, but he is showing utter class in how he’s going
about business and he’s doing the right things.
And one of the right things is
consulting with a true master about how to approach the job.
Gerrard is his own man, a leader,
strong willed and a true warrior – but getting some vital tips for his first
foray into management from someone who’s seen it all, done it all (twice) is a
wise move to make.
And one of the tips Walter will surely
give him is to manage per game, rather than rigidly sticking to one system and
never altering regardless of the opponent.
Stevie has picked a brutal start
for life in management, but he is approaching it with the best groundwork he
Will he be a success? Who knows.
We can have no clue yet as to whether Steven Gerrard will be more John Barnes
or Graeme Souness. But he is 100% laying the framework perfectly, and if he
doesn’t manage to succeed, it will not be as a result of a lack of preparation
and will.
And we look hugely forward to
seeing how he gets on, starting tonight.


  1. The game has vastly moved on since Walter last tasted success, let the poor guy enjoy his retirement and have Stevie G stand on his own two feet m.

  2. If SG is looking for advice in how to cram players into the starting 11 regardless of natural position, Wattie is the man.

    History looks favourably on Walter, rightly so, but I for one don’t forget the numerous ludicrous team line ups, anti football tactics, players out of position and fear to play younger talent.

    Let’s hope SG doesn’t go down that road.

    • Points win prizes m8 and Walter certainly won plenty of prizes. You could argue that playing against Celtic with a similar style to them would be a disadvantage. We can only guess atm but defence can be the best form of attack, though i doubt Stevie Ger will play defensively. Its going to interesting to watch that's for sure.

    • Walter Smith is a legend! He turned our fortunes around post PLG and with very limited resources, including taking us all the way to a European final which I’ve no doubt we’d have won if it wasn’t for the intervention of the ‘sporting integrity’ mob and a less than supportive Football Association. If Stevie G can bring back half of the success of Walter then he can put together all the ludicrous line ups he wishes.

  3. It now looks like Selltic are going down the road of selling there Crown Jewels and BR is now looking at some older Mercenary players who can mix it and play hard ball,its going be a good watch and i say bring it on.

  4. Walter managed when expectations meant we had to win the league I.e. beat Celtic,to have a go in Europe which was the sacred chalice of measuring success and added income streams.We came close to achieving that top category but ultimately failed. Not Walters or Advocats fault. To little serious competition week in, week out, meant we had two sides, and styles, one for grinding out results every Saturday,and another formation for Europe.
    Unfortunately for me, at least, Walters legacy was Ally and look where that got us.

  5. Walter is Rangers Best Ever Manager Period!
    Great Plan by SG, Going to Walter for Advice

    In My Opinion…He is Only Second to Mr Struth

    RTID <3

    • I must agree walter was the best ever,With SG going for Advice from walter SG can always say if it went ass up he is not the only one to take the flak he has had the Advice from Rangers best manager WS i just wished it was done with out them knowing then after we turned them over he could have said he got the Advice from Walter we do not need ever one known what we are doing.

  6. Walter was yesterday’s man. If he can pass on some words of wisdom regarding our club, the fans, the media here etc then I’m happy with that.

    Advising SG on modern football matters? You must be fucking having a giraffe.

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