Rangers to lose key duo for next season; developing


Rangers fans have been hit by a
potential double blow after last season’s strike force of Alfredo Morelos and
Jason Cummings looked doubtful to remain in place at all next season.

Ibrox Noise already confirmed
some weeks ago that the Cummings situation had briefly sparked back to life
when STV’s Raman Bhardwaj reported negotiations to be ongoing, but the
disparity over the fee made it a non-starter. Forest are said to want a seven
figure sum for a player they paid a similar amount to Hibs for, while Rangers
don’t want to pay much more than a six-figure total, roughly around £500,000.
Subsequently some agencies have reported
the deal is dead in the water.
However, his (former) rival/partner
at Ibrox, Morelos, now finds himself at the centre of yet more Turkish chaos as
Fenerbahce’s DoF Damien Comolli reportedly travelled to Glasow for talks over
bringing Rangers’ star striker to the Mediterranean.
We weren’t clear on whether the
interest from the Turk giants remained ongoing, with Morelos himself looking so
happy in training recently, but it seems they remain in the hunt to secure the
There had been claims an ‘unnamed
Chinese team’ had outbid them for the 21-year old, but with Comolli now in
Glasgow to take negotiations to the next level, it seems that may have been inaccurate
and Fenerbahce have been returned to pole position.
They are said to be trying to
sign him in time for UCL qualifiers which take place on the 8th of
August in their case, but equally Steven Gerrard won’t want to lose his star
man before the Europa League gets underway in earnest next week.
Either way, as things stand,
Rangers could have a completely new strikeforce next season.


  1. If that is the case then we need a new striker pronto. Morelas is the only attacker we have and i think he can only improve. If we are serious about catching Celtic then he has to stay in my opinion. Say we sell him and somehow manage to convince Ings to sign and he relapses on his fitness we are fu_ked. Morelas has proven he can score,can stay fit , can fight SPL defences and work hard. Yes he started to lose confidence at the end of the season but i think we will find it really hard to replace him. Cummings didn't impress me much last year and he is defo not a lone striking option. Unfortunately i dont see a future for him. Overall happy with our signings so far but getting a wee bit concerned regards all the loan signings we seem to be linked with. We are Rangers , we should have one or two loans but not in the starting 11 in my opinion. We are better than that. Mcgregor , Tav ,Goldson , katic, John , Jack , Docherty , Arfield , Daniel Can , Windass and Morelas is the starting 11 i am hoping for though happy to replace windass with someone more suited to the CAM position. Looking forward to seeing how we look on Friday. WATP

  2. Morelos should not be let go for less than £5M

    We should not pay more than £750K for Cummings

  3. It makes no sense whats being reported, Ferbe want him on loan, to me thats cut and dry… send them packing…Bid 10 million then it's a discussion otherwise jog on.

    It seems the manky mob have bid a derisory 1.5 million for Mcginn. I don't rate him more than 3 million but if we had bid that can you hear the media frenzy created by a low 'test the water' bid like that, you'll notice no-one has raised an eyebrow. I hope they get him as I really don't want another MOH at ibrox.

    • Stuart Johnston No offence, but are you seriously saying McGinn would be overlooked at Ibrox and not picked to play?

      He's a very good player. End Of

      We need good players.

      Btw Cummings was no better than rank average.

  4. Never a dull moment,as long as we a secure a good price for him

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. We need better than Cummings if we are to win the league and get to the later stages in Europe. Monies received from the sale of Morelos, (should it happen), together with new investment monies and monies from new sponsorship deals should be given to Gerrard to bring in the quality needed. We need at least one, most likely two new strikers and we still need a bit more quality in attacking midfield.

  6. The manager has certainly lived up to his promise as far as recruitment goes.
    We now have four reliable goalkeepers, a solid back-line selection and an abundance of options in midfield.
    Whilst it remains uncertain who will line up in the forward roles, it should not be forgotten we finished up top scorers in the league last season.
    We should persevere with Morelos…what is basically required is a target man for him to feed off. At present, he is essentially a McCoist without a Hateley.
    I firmly believe he would excel, if that were the case.
    Perhaps someone who can speak his own language on the field, given his lack of English….that would freak out the opposition.
    Which basically rules out Jason Cummings.

  7. It’s no surprise to me Cummings isn’t yet at Ibrox. Forrest have a full month to run until they need to submit their playing squad names. They also know we are on a far shorter timescale so the onus is on us to make it happen. Not good from our negotiating position. When Forrest have named their squad and if Cummings is not in it, the pendulum swings.

    He’s not that great that we should throw money at them, or him.

    Morelos is different. We need him for the Euro qualifiers and beyond so unless the money offered is bonkers we should also hang on to him. That said, I do get the impression he wants to go. He does have several suitors so we must play that to our advantage. £10M before we even chat about it. Take it or leave it.

  8. Imho… If Morelos goes so does our chance of the league… he has Huge potential and must stay. Cummings is not Rangers class… end of.

  9. Get rid of moaning face Morales forget about loan signings and bring in mcburnie Lafferty and Cummings the latter can only get better with more game time

  10. SG & MA will get it sorted in plenty of time not concerned in the slightest, we have Sadiq coming as well, expect more signings soon regardless if Morelos stays or goes

  11. We must keep Morelos for the same reason we must keep Windass – there is no one to replace their goals. Even bringing in new faces doesn’t guarantee goals.

    • Windass can go in my book, Dean is keen and i actually dont have a place for windass in my starting 11

    • Aye ok.

      What else being back Kwiss Boyd.


      Windass go IF we get £5m to replace him
      Morelos. Same but double the fee

      Cummings? We've not replaced Broxi so…..

  12. Keep Morelos unless we get offered silly Money!
    As Much As I Love Cummings, Im not Bothered if He goes Somewhere Else

  13. Get Lafferty back and play him upfront with Morelos and Murphy left and Danny Can on the right and forget about McGinn not good enough for our midfield

  14. Keep Morelos but yeah we need strikers and CB in. Cummings is a potential target but i think SG will be a no nonsense boss and the likes of Cummings just wont gel with his vision. Id rather give our harder working youngsters a chance rather than a joker…dont get me wrong..we need someone in there who can bond a team just by antics but who do you play Cummings with? I think there is plenty of others out there under the radar who can easily replace him and that we just dont go back to the same pld suggestions. Ps…i would take Lafferty back. He would score plenty in this high pressing, higher attacking team.

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