Steven Gerrard moves for Roma striker to Ibrox


Rangers were last night linked with Roma striker Umar Sadiq. Reports claim Steven Gerrard has made a bid to take the 21-year old Nigerian U23 international to Ibrox on loan for a season from the Stadio Olimpico, with the youngster having had an outstanding season on loan at Dutch giants Breda with five goals in twelve league appearances.

A tall forward at 6ft 6, this colossus is truly impressive with his feet, with astonishing balance and composure for his size – and naturally his aerial ability is truly stellar.

Known also as a strong and powerful forward, he modified his approach in Italy to take on the higher demands tactically required, and such an intelligence has led to his impressive loan spell in Holland.

This is a kid who really does have barrowloads of potential – he is on the cusp of being a full Nigerian international and unfortunately for him Roma have the outstanding Stephan El-Shaarawy and Edin Dzeko ahead of him, hence limited chances for the striker in Italy’s capital.

This would be a shrewd acquisition from Gerrard and Mark Allen, and if he impresses in the SPL as much as he has in the very similar Eredivisie, he could light the league up.

More as we get it.


  1. I enjoy this site more than most but rehashing HITC garbage is just tragic gents as they are serial bollocks producers. If wrong I'll happily apologise but I'm betting this young man and Rangers FC never cross paths. HITC= zero credibility.

    • Hi Donald, this story didn't come from HITC. We have never taken any stories from sites like them or Football Insider.

    • Fair play I apologise for that terrible slant, just sick of people who know nothing about the Gers printing lies to get supporters hopes up.

    • No apology needed – these aggregation sites collate existing stories and there's rarely to never anything original in them. If a story on Ibrox Noise mirrors one on one of these, it's coincidence. We also find they use negative stories and headlines frequently purely for hits. If we have anything critical to say, it's because we're actual fans and it's with a heavy heart.

  2. slightly off topic, what has happened to the defender that was on trial with us recently from Bayern?

    • Hi SJW, last we heard Thomas Isherwood was due to return for a second trial. Unclear if that came to pass.

  3. ANY bid doesnt mean hes defo coming to ibrox,you can bid on a thousand players and only end up with 2,lets stay calm and see what progresses,would be a cracker if the big man can pull it offπŸ”₯

    LETS GO WATP πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  4. Good article IN I have seen this lad on Dutch Football BT Sport he is a player !! If we could land him it would be a great move one which could well take him to the EPL

  5. Looks a beast of a boy but I just wonder if Gerrard will risk a signing on him. I think he'd rather have Solanke if another loan striker is what he was looking for seeing as he knows what him/Ojaria are about.

    One thing I'm assured of Ibrox Noise and have seen with my own eyes is how desperate Oli McBurnie is to get to Ibrox through a friend.

    He's briefly spoken with Gerrard and his agent has held talks with the Club and Swansea. But even though the boy has 12 months left the American Owners won't accept anything below 4.5 million and would rather keep him in the Championship if it's means they lose him for free next year. They're hard negotiators and he reckons they mean what the say because they wouldn't accept anything less than 50 million for Sigurddson last Summer and thinks he's in the same boat.

    Rangers apparently have ended the talks unless the price comes down which is sensible by the Board but it's a player I'd love to have seen here. He did an interview recently in America and this interview was AFTER Rangers dropped their interest so hes one desperate to come.

    • I'm sure he is but Β£5m is wary too much for an unproven youngster. He could come here and bang in goals for fun and we still wouldn't recoup our Β£5m.

  6. Β£5m is Too Much for McBurnie!
    Get him Free Next Year πŸ˜βš½πŸ‘

    This Lad Looks The Business! But think id Rather Have Solanke πŸ€”βš½πŸ’™

  7. Jack Marriott the Roma boy morellos plenty attack minded midfielders all young with sell on value team really started to look the business

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