Has Kenny Miller revealed the truth?


On breaking his silence today, Kenny Miller has made a very strong defence of his conduct at Parkhead, and has confirmed there was no violent altercation in the dressing room and the events which took place were entirely verbal.

Speaking out for the first time, Miller is launching action against those who suspended and fined him, and it has to be said, the fact he has gone public with a very clear statement about what did and did not occur suggests it is the truth.

If Kenny Miller (and Lee Wallace) did not have a case, not only would taking action have been very ropey to say the least, but Miller would never have made a public statement with regards it.

A public comment which was untrue would undermine any case presented, as the old legal reading of rights which suggest that it will harm your case if you do not mention now something you rely on later.

It is extremely telling that Rangers have never made any comment about events, other than to confirm the suspension, while Miller now has.

He has stated the incident was purely vocal, and as a result he feels entirely defamed by those who have taken this action upon him, while still praising the club.

These are very strong words for a guilty man to make – which more than intensely implicated he is not guilty of anything which merits the action the club took.

We are talking a legal minefield here – whether this will go to court we’re not sure – it is certainly elevating to PFA, but we would not be at all shocked if Rangers settle this one privately and with a low profile.

Miller has, quicker than expected it has to be said, more than subtly revealed what happened:

“It is something that happens in every dressing room. These things happen with people who care.”

In short, he and Wallace spoke out against the manager and his actions. That is Miller’s clear testimony. Whether that is 100% true only Miller knows, but to launch action against the punishment suggests it is.

It’s a telling development in this tale.


  1. Very sad to see two servants of the club treated like this. Hopefully Wallace will be back under Gerrard and all sorted

  2. If Murty went whingeing to board they had no option but to support him. But would say it all about Murty.. But he is still working for us despite Gerrard bringing in his own people. Why?

    • I totally agree with you Alan. And I wonder why Ibrox Noise have not covered the fact Murty has returned?!
      Murty and his family are all Celtic fan through and through. Murty came 3rd in the league and totally embarrassed us in the old firm games!!! He is a Celtic mole,,look how all the Celtic player, ex players and fan came out to support him, yet we take him back? FFS, wake up Rangers. Who made that decision? Gerrard?, dont think so!!!
      He should have never been offered to return, WHY?? How can our development squad take him seriously after his shambles of season.
      As for Kenny Miller and Wallace, they challenged Murty because they probably saw what I did when we lay down against Celtic, at least the showed fight for our club, when Murty was giving his family a good Celtic day out!!!
      Wallace and Miller should be applauded, not chastised!!
      Get Murty TF!!!

  3. It saddens me to say, we have history, the only fines handed out that day should have been to the manager and the 11 who disgraced our club. I would like to see kenny go to hearts, anyone other than hivs or sheep. lest we forget wee man, rtyd!

    • Scooby I totally agree.
      Miller has nothing to lose with making a statement whereas Wallace should still have a career at Ibrox, albeit as a squad player to hopefully back up better defenders.

      But I'm not buying into because he went public he's a goody goody. We'll have to sit back and see if ANYTHING is revealed by the Club.
      Which incidentally should be kept behind closed doors as with all disciplinary procedures.
      Miller's and Waldos treatment in my view is shocking.
      Miller did have a set to with Pedro too.
      Telling the truth hurts managers who are pish poor

    • Think his Totally Disgraceful that our beloved Rangers would treat two Fantastic Servants! Of the club in this way.

      Think its pathetic that Murty went Crying to the Board when Wallace and Kenny told him its fucking unacceptable to be getting walloped 4-0 by them every week!

      …I hope Wallace Stays

      He has been one of my favourites since he Signed.

      When Kenny moves on I hope its do Dundee.

      RTID ⚽💙👊

  4. The length of time the Board took to deal with the matter itself speaks volumes about the lack of professionalism in the way that the club is run at the top. Think back to the days of Souness and Walter – the player was simply called into,the Managers office and it was dealt with there and then. The player either had a future or they didn’t. Now we seem to let things drag on while the tabloids have a field day. For me the way both players have been treated is a disgrace. I hope that Wallace is given another chance – but have to say I wonder if he even wants it the way he has been treated. Whoever Miller goes to I hope that he receives the ovation from the Rangers supporters first time back at Ibrox that he should have been given with a proper send off.

  5. Why does what is in actuality, a "storm in a tea-cup" get blown out of all proportions. Happened with Barton, too. We all know that Miller is above all, an honest man. I just don't understand, why this could not have been sorted out with a trip to the pub and some man-to-man clearing of the air. Why does it always, have to end with lawsuits and incrimination?? There has to be a better way.

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