Monday, 25 June 2018

Steven Gerrard drops huge hint about his plans for Rangers...

On the back of Head of Performance Jordan Milsom confirming manager Steven Gerrard wants to play an aggressive style of football both on and on the ball, the boss himself has hugely alluded to that during his verification that Rangers are trying to clinch Roma striker Umar Sadiq on loan.

The 21-year old is said to be in discussions with Gerrard, Allen and  co with regards a year-long deal to join the revolution in Govan, but Gerrard’s words on the negotiations more than dropped a hint that Sadiq’s style will very much support the idea of an aggressive, physical Rangers.

He said:

“We’re a fan of Umar Sadiq but there is nothing to report on that yet in terms of progress but we do like the player. We’ll have to see how that one materialises. He’d bring us a forward option - height, power, presence. He’s a player that works too hard believe it or not. He does tons and tons of running. He’s very enthusiastic. He’s the type of player who gives you just as much out of possession as he does in possession which is very important."

So obviously Gerrard confirming interest which effectively implies that a deal is imminent, but his emphasis on height, power and presence are very strong indicators that Milsom was not just playing lip service to the notion of aggressive football, but that Gerrard is very much going that path.

His praise of Sadiq confirms just how much stronger and more robust his Rangers will be compared with the wet feeble one of the past six years, and even if we are yet to see the talk turn into the walk, the promises are definitely there to fix what was wrong, rather than arrogantly stride into Govan and claim a monopoly on the best way for Rangers to play.

We await this strong new Rangers with interest.

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