Is Gerrard set to restore Warburton signing from the cold?


A number of things have stood out
about Rangers’ pre-season camp in Spain – many of which we’ve
discussed here on your Ibrox Noise.

But one has been simmering for a
number of days, and we held back from making a deal out of it but the more it
rumbles on the more intriguing it gets and we wonder really just how serious it
Andy Halliday has been a hugely
prominent member of the Malaga training camp despite most Rangers fans not
rating him – not only has he been heavily featured in the publicity shots and
video sequences, but he has even had his own interview, which this pre-season
has seemingly been reserved for those who the manager sees as significant.
Is Steven Gerrard set to defy
expectation and use Halliday not only more than expected but ‘at all’? Compare
that with the previous speculation that he not only wouldn’t play much of a
role but in fact had been informed by Gerrard that he was surplus.
Indeed, information from various
sources claimed both he and Jason Holt had been told they were no longer
needed, but with Halliday still prominent at training and fresh claims that
Holt himself actually sought a move out despite Gerrard reportedly telling him
he was wanted, has Halliday now
affirmed himself as part of Gerrard’s squad?
The fact is everyone deserves a
clean slate, and while most supporters don’t rate Halliday, they didn’t rate
Stuart Munro much either. And older Bears will remember how integral he was to
the start of 9IAR.
Dave MacPherson too was hardly
Paolo Maldini but he was also a huge part of a title-winning Rangers. And in
more recent times Kirk Broadfoot didn’t quite emulate Franco Baresi but he did
a turn and managed to look a better player than all of our XI combined in a
recent trip to Rugby
And with the sheer prominence of
Halliday in pre-season, it really does suggest that far from being shipped off
to Barnet or Blanco Pan B Select, he could well be someone Gerrard seeks to
keep as an important squad member.
Quite the turnaround.


  1. We Can forget challenging for the title if Halliday is in the team… astonished IF this is true.

  2. I can only hope that he is being put in the shop window to be moved on, although I like him for being with the cause and solid Blue..he is not good enough sorry

  3. Maybe it’s just no one wants him. Don’t get me wrong the guy is as passionate as they come but he just doesn’t have the skill to match and when you look at the options in midfield there is no space for him. Maybe as a squad player but even the. Who would he be in place of??

  4. Halliday would struggle to get a game for a pub team, if he stays, our dreams will be in tatters, Halliday does not deserve a clean slate, he is up there with the worst signings ever, he couldn't even lace Franny Jeffers boots this guy is so bad, Quarabag couldn't get rid of him fast enough, classed as the worst signing in Azerbaijan, l couldn't give a fuck what Gerrard sees, the guy is fucking garbage

    • Hi Bluebear, respect your opinion, but bear in mind Halliday couldn't get a game for Gabala because they had overspent their foreigner quotient. He was essentially ineligible. He was the unwisest signing due to their oversight, not the worst due to his ability. Furthermore we're very worried if our fans angrily dismiss Gerrard's opinions, whatever they are, because the season hasn't started yet and you slready sound like you're aggressively turning on him.

    • We are supposed to be moving forward and have been making great signings to do it, possibly winning the league, hopes sky high then l read this, if you think Halliday is good enough to even sit on our bench or SG does, im just lost for words

    • You clearly aren't reading what's there, just what you see. We're only reporting the story, not forming our opinions on them – as news SHOULD be reported.

    • With you 100% BlueBear. If Gerrard thinks Halliday is a player, then his inexperience as a manager shines through like the blinding sun! And that would worry me come the start of the season. I've always said I'll reserve judgement till I see action on the pitch,however, Halliday can be well and truly judged as a lower than average player who is now stealing wages, as is Windass. We need to get rid of the dead wood, not play them and come 3rd or worse in 3 seasons in a row, because thats what will happen if we keep them!!!

    • Let us all make a clear break from negativity and whether Halliday starts or stops in Gerrard's team! Rangers fans at Ibrox who boo the team are the worse than the Celtic fans who were laughing at us. Get behind the new manager and get behind the new team. Do it right or go away!

  5. Two seasons ago haliday was our main man in the middle. Yes it was the championship but we brushed aside a number of spl teams in the cup run including Celtic, and in each game haliday was the man in the middle pulling the strings. The only difference between those games and the last two season (in the spl) was haliday was in the middle with a decent dm behind him. If he wasn’t one of our own then I’m sure he wouldn’t get anywhere near the stick as he has been. He’s always the one that’s been hung out to dry just like the Celtic game where he was hooked… and at that point he def wasn’t the worst guy on the field In my opinion

  6. I hate the way the "support" get on his back! Leave that crap to the opposition. How many times have we actually seen halliday in his natural position? Never! He has been played out of position ever since he signed. He's a victim of his own willingness to play anywhere for rangers- would we all not do the same? If Stevie wants him as part of his squad then get behind him! His attitude has always been 1st class! – one of our own!! Let's Go!

  7. I dont think a week in Malaga is gonna change Halliday into a superstar ffs,
    This could be Stevies first regret,i thought we we're getting rid of all the logs

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Don't like the way some bears react to these kinda stories. Its speculation.we all know he won't be anywhere near what we need but do we honestly need to destroy the boy ffs.he's one of need for the nasty shit.same ppl probably praising KM and he played for that mob.thank the boy for his effort and send him on his nonsense. We are rangers after all

  9. Dont Get Me Wrong,
    I Love Halliday as a Player but for the Direction this club is going
    …He isnt good enough

    Think we should either out him down to League 1 in England or put Him to Someone like Dundee/Hamilton etc





  11. Loved wee Holt and his attitude. Gave 100% every time but he was just simply not good enough and the fact he accepted that to move aside for new signings and to move to England is admirable.

    Halliday I can only imagine is using the training camp to keep fit – he will not get anywhere near the team if we keep McCrorie, Jack, Rossiter, Arfield and Dorrans fit hence why Holt probably accepted his fate that he would be 5th/6th choice with Halliday.

    The decent thing for Halliday to do is to move on for the sake of Rangers if he truly loves the Club as he's not going to win you the league. Even he knows that. Him kicking about the training centre doesn't really benefit any party and I want to see us sign 1 more creative midfielder anyway so I hope Gerrard has another in mind. We have Flanagan Beerman Wallace and John at left back now too… But wish Andy all the best.

  12. Shocking. Hes a pure riddy. Nowhere even close to the quality needed. Get him papped in wi the boys or give him his money and tell him to jog on.

  13. You are so called Rangers supporters. Name the instances where Andy Halliday has let the team down. Name a moment when he was "rank rotten". Name a moment he didn't give his all for the team. Give the guy a break. Does anyone remember his goal in the 6-2 game against Hibs.His goal v Hibs SC final. His penalties and free kicks. Rangers fans have short memories or the commenters on this article are not fans or are under 10 years old. This footballer has been played out position for a club he loves. He only went on loan cause he voiced his opinion and Pedro didn't like being told what you need to be a Ranger.

    • Couldn't agree more James. I'm not saying Halliday would be in the starting 11 but as far as I'm concerned he has done us proud playing out of position constantly. These "supporters" will be the same ones who shout and sing about honour and loyalty…they couldn't spell loyalty, absolute embarrassment to the real rangers support! #one of our own #LetsGo

    • Season ticket holder for 35yrs. Travel to a lot of away games and work trips…….Halliday is rank rotten. Lightweight, slows play, poor tackler, first touch so bad his second is often a lunge, easy to play against, lacks technical ability. Apart from that ….

      He was sent out on loan to the back of beyond, now back, been told he’s not in plans and he continues to hang around like a bad smell. He’s a riddy. Get him to fuck ASAP. Offer to pay a % of his wages if he goes to another spl club on loan. Whatever it takes to get him out.

    • Talk pish! He's not a tackler! He's a left mid! Nothing wrong with his 1st touch, doesn't slow play. Fact is he's been used as a scapegoat by caxinha by murty and by people like you! Only thing that's a riddy is your support! 35 years of that? Sit in and watch it on Tele!

    • Dino velvet you say you have a season ticket yet you sound like a Tim. Why don't you just trash the whole team and management before the season starts.

  14. God himself couldn't make a player out of Halliday.
    Problem is no fuker wants him, loan him out could be our only option, but who will take him?? I wouldn't!!

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