Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Rangers star's confession condemns former club chief

With his admission yesterday that he believes Motherwell’s Cedric Kipre deliberately tried to hurt him, Ryan Jack has indirectly confirmed Graeme Murty must never again darken Rangers’ doorstep again on any level.

Jack’s career was put seriously at risk when the Steelman lived up to his club’s nickname and smashed his knee, forcing him to miss the rest of the season, and making rehabilitation a complete nightmare.

It was a troubling ‘challenge’ that didn’t even receive a talking to, never mind a booking, while Jack himself was red carded for far less in other matches.

But it’s his admission that he believes it was malicious, as well as revelation that his manager had not consulted him prior to the outrageous comments he made in the media post-match where he defended the assailant.

The bad feeling inside the Hummel Training Centre should Murty return (and despite rumour and innuendo, nothing has ever been confirmed about this) would be a worrying counter to the positivity Steven Gerrard and the new regime have generated, and we are deeply concerned how Jack, Lee Wallace and a number of others would feel if they bumped into the former manager again on their travels at the HTC.

And the signal the club would send to the players is they back the guy who didn’t back them while gladly informing the world of the greatness of Brendan Rodgers and the claim that Parkhead was better than Ibrox would also be incredibly negative and counter productive.

In one public statement, Jack has 100% condemned Murty from inside – it is the first time a player has spoken publicly against Murty, even if  he chose his words very carefully and diplomatically, which we respect.

But, of course, we don’t have to choose our words as carefully as we’re independent and aren’t on Rangers’ payroll nor subject to the same scrutiny as Jack for the same reasons.

But reading between the lines, Jack is strongly condemning the challenge first and foremost, and Kipre, plus secondly the manager for not backing him and defending the man who wrecked his season.

And that, for us, is pretty final.

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